Young Nudy net worth: How rich is the rapper?

American-born Young Nudy is a newbie to the Atlanta rapper who is gradually but effectively building a following. He once belonged to the PDE rap group. Since he contributed to the song “Air It Out” by 21 Savage, his prominence soared. Subsequently, he started to work on his tracks with producer Pierre Bourne. The very first mixtapes he published were “Slimeball 1” as well as “Slimeball 2,” but his breakthrough came with his subsequent project, “Nudy Land,” which was published in 2017. You can find out everything about Young Nudy net worth right here.

With the release of his debut mixtape “Paradise City” in 2015, the Atlanta rapper made his debut in the city’s music scene. He began his rap career with fellow rap artist and sound engineer Pi’erre Bourne. They first connected in Cory Mo’s recording studio, which he shared with Pimp C. He first became well-known across the country after appearing on the song “Air It Out” by 21 Savage, which has received over 47 million views on YouTube. The Young Nudy net worth is $900,000 as of 2018. Since it is impossible to determine Young Nudy’s true wealth, WealthyLeo concentrates on his estimated wealth.

Young Nudy’s “Off the Head” was his initial song to be posted to YouTube, but it did not receive the desired response. It took him a few years before he began to release popular songs with high viral potential. His singles initially received little attention and failed to garner half a million views, so he worked hard to become famous.

how much is young nudy net worth
how much is young nudy net worth

His song “No Clue,” Pi’erre Bourne manufactured, received over 3 million SoundCloud plays in 2017. He published the video for the song “Yeah Yeah” in July of the same year, and an astounding 5 million people watched it. “Barbecue” and “Hell Shell,” debuting at the end of 2017, are two of his other well-known songs.

Young Nudy and 21 Savage created the music video for “Since When,” one of his biggest hits, in March 2018. Thus far, the clip has received close to ten million views.

Young Nudy provided the song “Loaded Baked Potato,” which received over 3 million plays when it was shared.

Young Nudy released the official video for “Friday” at the start of the fall, which received almost a million views in its first month. The remix of Young Nudy’s song “Zone 6,” which included Future and 6lack, was published the following month.

  • How did Young Nudy acquire his wealth and money?

Young Nudy, an American rapper born on December 17, 1992, in Atlanta, Georgia, is the cousin of 21 Savage. He developed a thrilling aspect of hip hop while growing up by listening to a variety of artists. Though he can’t recall when he first began to compose music, he tried his hand at rapping in his early adolescence. Rap music in bed to certain other people’s beats quickly developed into a pastime, which he has kept to this day.

Despite his rap talent, he never really enjoyed school. Young Nudy ultimately left school before finishing high school. Then, for still-unknown reasons, he was sentenced to prison. When he finally regained his freedom, he could support himself by continuing to work at a nearby Target, but that did not last for very long. He lost his job a month after starting it because he wouldn’t clean up his bathroom mess. 

how did young nudy acquire his wealth and money
how did young nudy acquire his wealth and money

In the end, he didn’t start to “take rap seriously” till he was in his early twenties, to 21 Savage’s encouraging words. He merely “didn’t see [himself] as a rap artist” long ago. When he finally decided to pursue his dream, he created the song First Day Out, which received over 80,000 views online. This was enough to inspire Young Nudy to keep doing what he had done.

The Atlanta rapper gained notoriety in the hip-hop scene in the autumn of 2015 due to his inclusion in 21 Savage’s hit song, “Air it Out.” The song, which first made him well-known, went viral online and received millions of streams. On Soundcloud, it has received over 11.3 million plays as of 2017. Additionally, its official song video on YouTube has gotten over 698,000 views.

The two collaborated once more for the song Slime afterward that year. The track from 21 Savage’s song Slaughter King was made accessible for streaming on a few websites, such as Datpiff as well as Soundcloud; since about 2017, the former site reported that it had received over 1.1 million listens. The song served as a lead-in to Nudy’s solo debut and another demonstration of his talent.

On January 1st, 2016, the Atlanta rap artist released a single titled Too Real to kick off the new year. Shortly after, he released Crack on February 15, 2016, as a follow-up. 

too real to kick off the new year
too real to kick off the new year

However, he didn’t begin to gain notoriety till the October 2, 2016, publication of his debut tape, Slime Ball. The mixtape’s manufacturing was managed by Pierre Bourne, Metro Boomin, as well as other artists, and HoodrichKeem held it. With fourteen songs, it made a strong debut.

The playlist was posted to Soundcloud and has received over a million views. According to the number of streams, Yeah is the most-played song, with over 818,000 listeners. The official music video for one of Young Nudy’s most well-known songs has amassed over 813,000 views on YouTube.

Slime Ball 2, the second game in the series, was launched on February 21, 2017. It served as a follow-up to his 2016 tape as well as included a few cameos from Juicy J as well as his blood cousin, 21 Savage. Thirteen songs were included in the project, which was manufactured by Pierre Bourne, Richie Souf, as well as Metro Boomin—most of whom he had previously collaborated with. 

The mixtape was well accepted; within just a few days had thousands of streams. The track list has received over a million plays on Soundcloud since that time, with EA, the most played song, receiving over 671,000 listens. More than 1.2 million people have listened to the song’s formal audio on YouTube.

  • Career life

Someone in Young Nudy’s life has helped him become well-known around the world. 21 Savage assisted young Nudy in building a successful career. He is a recent addition to Atlanta’s rap scene. Young succeeds in creating a buzz in a concise amount of time. Any well-known rappers or singers didn’t particularly influence him. He was going to listen to Cash Money, and that song inspired him to begin a career in music.

career life young nudy
career life young nudy

In 2014, he published his first song track called “Off The Head.” Rapper Nudy is known for songs like “Tell Em Again” as well as “Sex Appeal.” Additionally, he recently published a song on YouTube that has already received 70 thousand of views in a short time. He has developed an online following due to his dramatic rise in success. He has also played in the rock group PDE. When he contributed to Air It Out, his popularity skyrocketed. Slimeball 1 and Slimeball 2 were Young’s first mixtapes, which he independently released. Even so, Nudy Land followed his mixtapes in 2017.

  • Personal life

Young Nudy was birthed in Atlanta, Georgia, on December 17, 1992. His grandmother and mother raised him, and when he was 17 years old, he as well as his father reestablished their bond. Young Nudy now refers to their union as a “partner relationship.”

At the time of his expulsion from school in the tenth grade, Young Nudy had no regrets about that now. Ashley is the name of his older sister.

Young Nudy’s daughter exists. Young Nudy’s cousin is the Atlanta rapper 21 Savage. His hair is undoubtedly the aspect of his appearance that stands out.

personal life young nudy
personal life young nudy

Young Nudy and 21 Savage were on tour together in March 2017. Although Nudy was raised by his mother, he felt a stronger connection to his grandparents than to his mother. He is of Jamaican ancestry.

How old is Young Nudy?

As of 2022, Nudy will be 30 years old. He was born on December 17, 1992.

  • Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
  • Life path number: 5
  • Chinese zodiac sign: Monkey

Young Nudy’s Height and Weight

Nudy weighs 74 kg and has a Sagittarius height of 1.88 meters (188 cm). His photos also give the impression that he has a tall stature. Besides, he has dark brown eyes & black hair.

Career Highlight

The list consists of Young Nudy’s career-high points:

  • began rapping in 2014 with Pi’erre Bourne
  • released “Paradise City,” his debut mixtape (2015)
  • released the mixtape “Slimeball” (2016)
  • Paradise East Records and I signed a record deal (2017)
  • released “Do That,” his smash hit (2018)


Nudy enrolled in high school and yet later left. In one of his last songs, he claimed that because his “mama didn’t have a job,” he had to find other ways to support himself.


Nudy frequently showcases his daughter on his Instagram. Since Nudy prefers to keep his relationship status a secret, little is known about his mom and dad. Even so, as soon as new information becomes available, it’ll be updated.


On February 3rd, 2019, a targeted operation in DeKalb County, Georgia resulted in the capture of Thomas as well as 21 Savage. Savage was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement on suspicion of entering the country illegally from the U.k., while Nudy was accused of aggravated battery.


On February 24, 2020, RCA Records published His First Studio Album Anyways. The album made its debut at position 109 on the US Billboard 200. The “No Go” single, posted on January 28, 2020, came next.


Again for Mixtape Sli’merre, which RCA Records published on May 8, 2019, he collaborated with American music producer Pi’erre Bourne. 21 Savage, DaBaby, Lil Uzi Vert, as well as Megan Thee Stallion make cameo appearances, and Pi’erre handled all aspects of production. In the US Billboard 200 music charts, the album peaked at position 63. The mixtape has the songs “Mister” as well as “Extendo” as its soundtrack.

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