Wallo net worth and salary in 2022

American rapper, as well as record producer Wallo267, hails from Queens, New York. His most well-known singles are “No Hook” as well as “No Sleep,” both of which reached the top spot on the United States Billboard Hot 100 chart. We’ll talk about Wallo net worth in this blog article as of 2022. Let’s start now.

  • What is Wallo net worth?

Hip-hop artist Wallo267 is a shining star in the genre. He hails from New York City and goes by the name Wallo Smith. He gained notoriety when his song “No Hook” became popular on YouTube. He has since put out several additional songs and mixtapes, as well as performed on tour with well-known musicians like Lil Uzi Vert as well as A$AP Rocky. He is presently under contract with Atlantic Records.

what is wallo net worth
what is wallo net worth

Wallo net worth is projected to be $700,000 by about 2022. Wallo267’s net worth is expected to rise significantly over the following 12 months, considering both his past success as well as the state of the economy.

  • How much money does Wallo267 make in a year?

Wallo267 is expected to earn between $200k & $250k per year. We understand that reading Wallo267’s annual income may be perplexing, but the facts remain the facts. Furthermore, Wallo 267 may have additional revenue sources, such as social media.

  • What is Wallo267 monthly salary?

We still don’t know so because musician’s annual and monthly earnings haven’t been revealed. Nonetheless, Wallo267 used it to earn between $30K and $50K per month. Although Wallo267’s daily as well as yearly earnings vary depending on labor, as previously stated, the same logic would apply. According to our information, Wallo267 may have extra, hidden income sources.

  • What does Wallo267 earn daily?

The same logic undergirds how Wallo267’s six-figure compensation is greatly affected by the projects he worked on and how his annual and monthly income are affected by their assessments also applies here. The precise daily revenue of Wallo267 is challenging to estimate.

  • 10+ facts about Wallo 

Wallo267, also known as Wallace Peeples, is gradually becoming a well-known identifier in the entertainment sector. At the age of 41, Wallo has experienced a great deal. He has faced numerous other challenges throughout his life. His brother was shot and murdered outside their grandmother’s house. North Philadelphia, where Wallo was born and raised, significantly influenced the kind of person he is today.

10 facts about wallo
10 facts about wallo

Here are 10+ fun stats about Wallo267 you might not be aware of:

Wallo born and raised in Philadelphia

Wallo was brought up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he was born. In a question and answer session, he once stated that he saw people who were his heroes every time he left his house while growing up in Philadelphia in the 1980s. Some children play with toys as well as visit Toys “R” Us to see their favorite characters. On the corner was one of my heroes. They wore designer clothing and jewelry and drive expensive vehicles.

Wallo is a published writer and public speaker

Among other things, Wallo is an arrogant orator and a published author. He published his biography, “The Mind of Wallo267,” a few months ago. He’s also appeared on numerous panels to inspire young people, including TED Talks, his Youtube account, and others.

He and Gillie Da King co-founded the podcast

Through streaming services, Gillie Da King with Wallo released their top-rated podcast “Million Dollaz of Game” in 2019. The pilot episode aired on April 22, 2019, but since then, they’ve published more than eighty episodes. They have previously hosted special guests like Pinky, Freeway, as well as Deion Sanders, among others.

Wallo and Gillie Da King are first cousins

wallo and gillie da king are first cousins
wallo and gillie da king are first cousins

The fact that Wallo and Gillie are first cousins shouldn’t be shocking. These two natives of North Philadelphia seem inseparable, and their social media platforms and podcasts have a significant impact. It’s highly improbable that a discussion about Wallo won’t bring up Gillie’s name, as well as vice versa.

Wallo was imprisoned for 20 years

Most of Wallo’s individual life has been spent behind bars. At 17, Wallo was detained for armed robbery and given a 20-year prison term. He’s on parole now that he’s served his sentence. Wallo was imprisoned alongside his brother, stepfather, as well as other inmates. He acknowledges that he was exposed to negative influences at the time, which led to his criminal life. He had a history of frequent involvement with the juvenile justice system as a child, contributing to his aggression and ongoing delinquency before his sentencing. He was changed by the prison’s rehabilitation program and became a new person.

He developed a keen interest in everyday life while he was incarcerated and frequently inquired of new arrivals inmates about how things were going. He was able to lay the groundwork for a career now since his 20 years had expired, thanks to this learning streak.

Wallo the Businessman

Wallo was very involved in starting his own business after serving his sentence. He acquired reading and learning habits while incarcerated. He took the time to observe people in prison to understand their attention spans, what even his fellow prisoners found interesting, and what they found boring. As he watched tv ads, he took the time to think about the thought pattern of an ad agency because he was very keen on marketing since he has established marketing and advertising alliances with well-known companies like the NFL Network as well as Global Citizen.

He discovered social media while incarcerated

Social media played a significant role in the factors that made Wallo famous. He was in prison when social media emerged, so he actively prepared to rule this new world when he was released. He committed to creating a name for himself, and it worked. On Instagram alone, he has 1 million followers, not even to mention Twitter as well as other sites. By showcasing his interests, life experiences, and personality, he could take off quickly.

Wallo is a political activist

wallo is a political activist
wallo is a political activist

The fact that Wallo is a well-known activist is yet another thing about him. He uses his systems as forums to talk about significant social issues, particularly those to which he can relate. One of these is education, where he wants to build the infrastructure and technology necessary for underprivileged children to get a good education. Giving disadvantaged youth a different point of view will help them grow into better, more successful adults in the future.

Speaker on motivation

Wallo is a public speaker in addition to his work as a youth advocate. To empower young people and point them in the right direction, he has invited them to various schools, youth organizations, and other locations. These seminars have grown to play a significant role in how he gives to the community and uses his influence. He has also given two TED Talks in which he challenges listeners to become better versions of themselves and shares how he forgave his brother’s murderer.

Still on probation

Wallo was free from prison, but he is still on probation for an additional 27 years. Wallo’s supporters have started a petition called “Free Wallo” that asks for his freedom from the legal system.


In addition to hosting Where’s Wallo, Wallo267 conducts interviews with musicians to learn about their backgrounds and ascent to fame. On Where’s Wallo, well-known performers like G Herbo, Lil Baby, as well as Jadakiss have made appearances.

Wallo Merch

Finally, Wallo offers hats as well as hoodies for sale on his webpage wallo267.com. The “THE MIND OF WALLO267” book series, in which he is also a published writer, is offered at his online store.

He became a business mogul in less than 3 years

Wallace Peeples, alias @wallo267, was found guilty of armed robbery in Pennsylvania throughout the late 1990s and was given a 20-year sentence. He resisted having his mind recorded while he was incarcerated. In prison, he developed a love of learning and reading. He was curious about life outside of the prison walls because he was in a location where time stood still.

he became a business mogul in less than 3 years
he became a business mogul in less than 3 years

He would inquire about current events in the world from each new prisoner that entered the facility. He recorded all the data he learned in a journal called “The Book of Life.” He learned about Google, YouTube, as well as social media through his interviews with prisoners.

He started preparing a strategy for his release to inspire the masses after realizing the influence of the Internet and social media. He was eventually released 34 months ago after 20 years behind bars. After being freed, he got the right to work. He spent a few hundred dollars on t-shirts, which he then sold to passersby in North Philadelphia while also growing his social media following by posting daily motivational videos.

His social networking brand has allowed him to collaborate with NFL Network, Global Citizen, Foot Locker, Puma, as well as Philly Union in just 34 months. He has also made a name for himself as a premier lecturer, giving talks at Yale, Penn State, and The University of Maryland, as well as Penn State. Additionally, he spoke as a guest lecturer at the renowned Ted Talk.

He now co-hosts @mworthofgame, one of the most popular podcasts in the world, to his cousin @gillie da king. Their program occupied the top spot on Apple’s songs podcast charts for over 16 weeks. He and Gillie agreed to a lucrative multi-year contract with @barstoolsports this week to host their show on the illustrious podcast network of Bar Stool.


That’s all information about American rapper Wallo net worth. Wallo267 first became public attention when his song “No Hook” went viral online. Since then, he has put out several mixtapes and EPs, as well as performed on tour with musicians like Lil Yachty and 21 Savage. 

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