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Rapper Tyga is from the United States and is thought to be worth $8 million. He shared a Grammy nomination in 2011 for the track “Deuces” with Chris Brown & Kevin McCall. Tyga net worth – What is it?

American rapper Tyga has a 6 million dollar fortune. American rapper-singer Tyga has had a very successful and well-known career thus far and has received significant critical acclaim. Michael Ray Stevenson goes by the stage name Tyga, a clever way of saying Thank You God Always.

What is Tyga net worth
What is Tyga net worth

Tyga is a fantastic person with a highly successful rap career. Since Tyga began his career in 2004, he has held the top spot for a considerable amount of time. He has since participated in tours and movies, released a ton of amazing albums and singles, and more. His job on television has also resulted in some excellent pieces.

  • Early life

Thank You God Always is the abbreviation for Tyga. His real name is Michael Ray Nguyen Stevenson. He was born in1989, in Compton, California. Tyga is of Vietnamese as well as Jamaican descent. He spent his first 11 and 12 years of life in Compton. He changed to Gardena later.

Tyga graduated from Gardena High School with a high school diploma. He started working as an expert rap artist after graduating from college and was agreed to sign by numerous recording studios.

Tyga Early life
Tyga Early life

Although Tyga has always claimed to have been born into a lower-middle-class family instead of a low-income family, later videos showed him and his parents leading respectable lives and operating range rovers. That sparked some rumors about him, but nothing happened after that.

Tyga was passionate about music and enjoyed listening to various artists, including Lil Wayne, Eminem, and others. Tiger Woods got his nickname because his mother included to call him that.

  • Career

Tyga’s professional life in the hip-hop business began early, like that of many other artists. Tyga has enjoyed a fruitful professional career thus far, reaching some significant career milestones. Tyga loved singing as much as he loved rapping, as shown by the reality that he liked Lil Wayne and Eminem’s music. Tyga started singing when he was 14 years old.

Tyga Career
Tyga Career

Tyga initially gained notoriety thanks to his numerous singles as well as solo hits. His new album, No Introduction, was released in 2008 after he later signed with many studios. In addition, according to Celebrity Net Worth, his track “Coconut Juice,” which he co-wrote with his cousin Travie McCoy of Gym Class Heroes, made its debut that year when he was 19.

Many of the new songs from his second album, which he released in 2012, peaked at the top of the United States charts. As a result, he received a record deal, but his career took little time.

He had to wait a few more years before achieving mainstream success, but when his song “Rack City” came out, he did. He soon began dating fellow artist Blac Chyna, as well as the two eventually broke up a few years later. But Tyga persisted in penning popular songs, as well as his albums kept doing well.


Seven of Tyga’s solo albums and an album with the other musicians have been published. Additionally, he has appeared on television in some movies and programs, including Dope, Welcomes to My Life, Scream Resurrection, etc. Only the MuchMusic Video Award has Tyga ever received a prize.

The media has been covering him as well as his connection with the star of Keeping Up with both the Kardashians since he began dating Jenner in 2014, of course. Even though they split up in 2017, Tyga has kept up his musical output, and his most recent album, “Legendary,” has done well. 

  • Awards

Tyga has achieved many significant career milestones as well as a very top pro career. Tyga loved Lil Wayne and Eminem’s music, which is a sign of his intense passion for singing and rapping. Tyga started singing when he was 14 years old.

Tyga Awards
Tyga Awards

Tyga initially had a ton of singles and solo hits that helped him gain attention. Later, he made deals with other labels. His new album, No Introduction, was released in 2008.

A number of the songs from his second album, which he released in 2012, climbed to the top of the United States charts.

Tyga has published seven albums on his own and one album with some other musicians. Just one award has been given to Tyga, and it came at the MuchMusic Video Awards.

  • Personal life

At the start of October 2011, Tya attended Chris Brown’s “F.A.M.E.” trip after-party at Miami’s King of Diamonds club.

kylie jenner tyga
kylie jenner tyga

He first met Blac Chyna at that time. They were identified as a pair a month later. King Cairo Stevenson, a son, was born to them in October 2012. The end of 2012 saw their engagement. 2014 saw their breakup.

For a while, Tyga, as well as Kylie Jenner, were involved in a relationship. They became official just a few days now since Jenner turned 18. But the two allegedly got together when Jenner was 16 years old. It was completed in April 2017.

Tyga owns and operates Last Kings, a clothing store in Los Angeles. He reportedly spent $120,000 on interior store decoration.

  • Tyga Assets

Home: American rapper-singer Tyga has received a lot of praise for his work thus far. Tyga is renowned for leading a very opulent and luxurious lifestyle. His home is one of many real estate assets he owns, along with others in Compton, Los Angeles, New York, and other cities. 

Real Estate: Numerous reports claim Tyga owns a $6.5 million mansion in Calabasas, California. He reportedly got it for Blac Chyna when their child was born.

Tyga Assets
Tyga Assets

This is false. Tyga has resided in a number of rentals royal palace in Calabasas, California. In some of these residences, Tyga could have been a better tenant.

Through June 2015, perhaps one of Tyga’s former landlords sued him for failing to pay $80,000 in rent. After fees and penalties, the total amount due was $124,000. Tyga was sued in July 2015 by a different landlord for failing to pay $50,000 in rent at some other Calabasas property.

Car collection: Tyga owns a sizable group of vehicles, some of which are among the most exquisite and exotic. He drives a Ford, Chevrolet Camaro GT, Dodge SRT Viper, and an Audi Q5. Additionally, Tyga recently acquired a Range Rover, which he enjoys driving.

  • Financial problems

Tyga has experienced several tax problems. Tyga received a bill from California in September 2015 for $19,000 in taxes owed. Tyga was slapped with a $120,000 non-payment tax bill by the IRS a year prior. In early February 2016, it was revealed that Tyga’s G-Wagon was just being taken back. According to reports, Tyga hadn’t paid anyone in many months. Tyga filed a lawsuit against Cash Money, Young Money owners Birdman, and Lil Wayne in August 2018 for not paying him royalties over several years.

  • How Tyga’s unusual business ventures made him rich by $5 million

But Tyga has always maintained a full schedule, from his early years as a member of the Young Money collaborative to his existing business endeavors, including some unexpected income sources. Hip-hop fans may disagree about the caliber of his music, but they can’t argue with Celebrity Net Worth’s estimate of his net worth as $5 million.

Live performances

Tyga Live performances
Tyga Live performances

According to Forbes, Tyga makes most of his money in the music industry not from the music itself but from live performances. According to the publication, Tyga earned more money per show in 2014 than any other artist on its list of “cash princes,” except for J. Cole and A$AP Rocky.

Clothing & Watches

The Mirror claims that at the height of his fame, Tyga owned his garments, sneaker, as well as watch line. He invested $1.5 million to launch the TRAWW line in 2013 in partnership with Reebok. Additionally, he had his watch brand, Gold Pharoah, and clothing line, Last Kings.

Adult Entertainment

Tyga revealed in December 2020 that he had entered the burgeoning adult entertainment market, which had taken off thanks to OnlyFans’ popularity during the pandemic. Tyga opted to cash in on the adult movie craze by launching Too Raww, a style of living, amusement, and property manager for men and women going to look to earn a living in the industry, according to HotNewHipHop, after making more than $7 million for some improper photos. He was once among the highest-paid celebrities on the console, so that he would have some knowledge of that. He removed his OnlyFans account in August 2021 to launch Myystar, its rival, as AfroTech had previously reported.

Chicken Franchise

Tyga opened Tyga Bites, a new chicken series, in July 2020, according to AllHipHop. But Tyga came up with a creative solution to his plan rather than owning a chain of eateries. To share his secret recipe with employees and help them stay alive during the coronavirus pandemic, he decided to offer the franchise to owners of 500 currently operating restaurants in the United States. Tyga also provided Tyga Tots, which are his hold on “tater tots,” chocolate chip cookies, soft drinks, as well as potatoes because no chicken meal is comprehensive without them.


That’s all about Tyga net worth. Tyga’s ascent to fame has yet to be free of obstacles. The rapper has faced several monetary and legal obstacles that have occasionally threatened to end his career. But he has been able to recover because of his tenacity. And even though his wealth has yet to reach the levels of his heroes, his $6 million net worth isis insignificant.

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