The reason why Teyana Taylor brother pass away

Flearoy PC Mason is Teyana Taylor brother who has a different mother but the same father who died in 2021. According to the article, he arranges things and builds brands while working as a graphic and online designer.  Similar to Teyana Taylor, he also was born in Harlem, New York. On Mason’s social media pages, he shows his love of art. Not only that he also was an organizer and leader at Industreet Guerilla and is known as the promoter at Square Off Music Group and used to be Marketing Director at Double Up En. But what happens to him in May?

The reason why Teyana Taylors brother pass away
The reason why Teyana Taylors brother pass away

Who is Teyana Taylor?

 Not only that she is also known for being a talented choreographer, famous model and potential director. 

Who is Teyana Taylor
Who is Teyana Taylor

One of her best albums is “K.T.S.E”. Her 2018 studio album “K.T.S.E.” (Keep The Same Energy) gained worldwide acclaim after making its Billboard 200 debut at No. 17, and she provided vocals for Kanye West’s 2010 masterpiece “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy ” and one of the famous influencer Flearoy PC Mason is Teyana Taylor brother.

She had a strong affinity for music growing up and never had stage fright. In the early years of her work, Teyana was awarded a number of important assignments. She excelled not just in the music industry but also in modeling and acting. Teyana, a multi-talented artist, saw her career soar once she started working with Kanye West and his record label. But Star Trak Entertainment was the company that initially signed her, giving her a foothold in the business.

How many siblings does Teyana Taylor have?

For those who do not know, Teyana Taylor’s brother and her are not in one marriage. The rapper was a daughter in a marriage which was her father and her mother but her brother was a son in another marriage which was her father and Teyana Taylor’s mother.

In an interview with Vice, she described how her mother’s choice in music affected hers when she was a little child. She claimed: 

“My mum would play all these albums, the best songs from the ’90s, ’80s, and ’70s. I would actually have my ear to the wall while the kids played while singing all the songs. Who her father is is a mystery to the listeners.”

Despite the fact that he was thought to be a musician, they don’t know much about her biological father Tito. Because her spouse had two boys, one of which was a year older than Teyana and the other was a year younger than Taylor, the Junie James singer revealed that Teyana Taylor was not just her kid.

They erroneously believe that everyone shares a single roof. The fact that her father allegedly had a second child in 2010 is not publicly known, despite some sources claiming otherwise.

What happened to Teyana Taylor’s brother?

The reason for the death of Flearoy PC Mason, Teyana Taylor brother, is unclear; he passed away in his late 20s. She referred to him as Ray Ray with affection. Following Taylor’s tearful June 1st post including several images of her brother and expressing her sorrow over his passing, fans were made aware of the family death. 

What happened to Teyana Taylors brother
What happened to Teyana Taylors brother

Despite the fact that Teyana and her brother PC were only blood relatives on her father’s side, they were a dynamic team and had a close relationship. PC worked on product placement and brand development in addition to being a forward-thinking graphic and online designer. He was one of the most inventive people to emerge from Harlem and made a significant contribution to the culture of the neighborhood.

Although the rapper and her brother have a similar father and different mother, they keep their tight relationship. She considered that he was one of the most important people in her life and wanted to keep him in her heart. Unluckily, the bad news was informed in social media on June 1 that her most loved brother passed away.

He was unfortunately brought to the hospital in September 2021 to fight cancer. He had cancer, which forced him to stay in the hospital and abandon any professional goals. The Sun claims that it took him the final nine months of his life to be admitted to the hospital. 

What happened to Teyana Taylors brother 2
What happened to Teyana Taylors brother 2

He was upbeat in the interim and shared his cancer story with followers on Facebook. He claimed in one of his final Facebook postings that he had not even had a belly button when he had woken up that morning due to being so large. Count your blessings every time he appears. The body had the capacity to perform certain absurd tasks.

Mason was also upfront about the fact that, previous to his nine months in the hospital, he had received a cancer diagnosis a few months before. His followers are more confident in him as a person because of his optimism and love of life, even if he had to undergo several treatments.

At that time, his father also had many health issues but there was not so much information. It was so bad that the rapper had to face the worst time.  

He was still in mourning over the passing of his and Taylor’s father at the same time he was dealing with his own health condition. Despite the fact that he is a son who was raised by a different father, he has always had a great regard and admiration for him. He also shared how he managed his own sorrow on the social media site Facebook in a post that he published just before passing away: 

“Happy birthday to you, dad! In the previous photo I took of us, you were wearing a lovely sweater, which I am wearing today. You are much missed. This is something I find hard to believe I can say. Peace be with you.

Teyana shares breaking new

On June 1, fans around the world received the terrible news that Flearoy PC Mason – Teyana Taylor’s brother did not breathe. That made everyone stunned because he was a person who was so young but had a lot of talent and potential for music and was a great photographer and influencer.

Teyana shares breaking new
Teyana shares breaking new

The greatest dread that everyone has is cancer, which was Mason’s primary cause of death. After a protracted struggle with cancer and several difficult operations, Flearoy PC Mason died in May. Teyana immediately announced the tragic news of her brother’s passing on social media to the entire globe. Everyone in her fan base is aware that she had to experience sadness. She was distraught at the moment. 

However the rapper’s mother and Teyana Taylor’s brother did not live together, she would keep her love for the son who was not born by her. Not only that, but his mother, who was previously married to his father, also shared a few regretful posts on Instagram:

“No more comments are necessary. Simply brokenhearted My beautiful extended son, soar high. Forever and always, I love you. The tranquility of heaven is yours when you rest.”

Numerous admirers and friends immediately expressed respect and sympathies when she shared the terrible news on Instagram with the caption, “Sending you love and comfort.” Additionally, a lot of regrets were expressed on Twitter by Mason’s supporters.

Teyana Taylor sorrow at the death of a brother

Teyana Taylor’s brother was regarded as one of her closest friends. The loss of her sibling left her feeling incredibly miserable because there were many difficulties to deal with when you lose one whom you love so much. 

Not only that, the singer also had to opt to keep or forget all the memories of her and their brother. But the singer’s brother was in there none better than her, all the memories which were the most crucial things. On her social media account Instagram, the R&B singer posts updates on how she handled the situation. 

Teyana Taylor sorrow at the death of a brother
Teyana Taylor sorrow at the death of a brother

Numerous images of Mason and the singer taken over the years were available for everyone to view. She shared a few photos of herself with Mason on May 31 and added the following message to them: 

“Morning” stated, “I’ve been trying to comprehend all of this. I am broken, therefore I can’t. I lost a piece of myself that I will never be able to replace physically. I am not feeling well to bring them back to the memories they had of their youth.

Despite having a very successful career, Teyana Taylor, a 31-year-old R&B singer, said in a post on Instagram in December that she would be quitting the music business. She left the music industry because she thought she was not taken seriously and was not given enough credit. 

Kanye West is shown working with Taylor in the studio in the summer of 2017 when he was putting the finishing touches on five albums for the Wyoming Sessions in an exclusive outtake from TIME that was released in March. The duo can be seen in the video working on the unreleased song “Cold Blooded,” which was originally intended for Taylor Swift’s K.T.S.E. album but was ultimately deleted.

The passing of Teyana Taylor’s brother, Flearoy PC Mason, has left her in grief. Media Take Out has reported that the R&B artist posted a tearful tribute on Instagram after learning of his demise. 

Mason and the KTSE singer appeared in multiple pictures together during the course of his life, some of which were throwbacks to when they were kids and she was first starting out in the business.

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