Tay Keith Net Worth 2023

American record production company, as well as songwriter Tay Keith. His collaborations with well-known rap artists, including Moneybagg, Blac Youngsta, BlocBoy, Beyoncé, Aitch, and many others, are notable. This post will share with you information about Tay Keith Net Worth.

What is Tay Keith Net Worth
What is Tay Keith Net Worth

Tay Keith’s net worth is $5 million. He earns money by writing and DJing music every once in a while. This young songwriter could have a record producer as well as other income sources. In addition, songwriters make $43k on average.

  • Early life

He was birthed in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1996 and went by the name Brytavious Lakeith Chambers. Along with his two brothers, he also had two sisters as children. Tay Keith has always loved music, so he began designing songs and uploading them to sites like YouTube as well as DatPiff.

Tay Keith studied at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), where he studied Media Management. Previous to this, he attended and graduated from White Station High School. Additionally, Tay Keith claimed that while attending MTSU, he gained extensive knowledge of royalties, mechanical royalty payments, achievement royalties, as well as copyright.

Tay Keith early life
Tay Keith early life

In addition, Tay began creating music at around fourteen years old, posting it to sites like YouTube as well as DatPiff. Along with writing songs, he also covered well-known songs on the piano. Tay Keith relocated to Raleigh in North Memphis when he was 14 years old, where he later met American rapper BlocBoy JB. The two then began collaborating on music.

  • Career

Tay Keith is a music producer as well as a music executive. After trying to break into the mainstream with the achievement of the Drake-assisted hit “Look Alive,” Tay Keith discovered his place inside the rap zeitgeist along with a lifelong friend as well as collaborator BlocBoy JB. Before scoring his 1st number-one hit to Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode,” the Memphis production company, which has previously worked with artists like Eminem and Lil Baby, followed up “Look Alive” with “Rover 2.0.”

At 14, Tay Keith found his talent for music production. He studied at home while posting beats to online audio streaming services. Within a week of moving to Raleigh, he proliferated close to and started working with the hip-hop artist BlocBoy JB. He also contributed the beats for Who Am I, the 2016 debut mixtape from the rapper.

tay keith career
tay keith career

The producer contributed to mixtapes by Blac Youngsta (F*ck Everybody), Moneybagg Yo (Heartless and Federal 3X), BlocBoy (Loco, Grape Juice, The Purple M&M), and Who Am I 3 by mastering that both clacking drawl of regional production styles as well as the lot faster of mainstream media trap.

The Memphis band members worked together on the 2018 single “Look Alive,” which also hit its peak at number 5 on the US singles chart within a week of attracting the attention of international star Drake. Additionally, this song spent four weeks inside the top ten on Billboard.

Tay Keith also wrote this song as a Middle Tennessee State University senior. Additionally, this song served as both artists’ introduction to worldwide popularity. With the duo receiving attention on a global scale, 21 Savage was quickly added to the remix track “Rover 2.0.” Additionally, Tay Keith has been featured in publications like XXL and Hype Beast.

The youthful producer claims that most of his industry knowledge came from self-study. Later, he recorded it himself on his computer after watching his brother’s hip hop as well as recording on Mixcraft.

Drumma Boy, as well as Memphis Track Boy, nevertheless gave him wise counsel. He also received help from producer Lil Lody. They all came from Memphis, and it had escaped, so they all tried to give Tay a great deal of advice. On his way to the production company, Tay Keith also ran into Memphis Track Boy as well as Drumma Boy at an Atlanta artist showpiece.

Tay Keith
Tay Keith

Another piece of advice from Drumma Boy that Tay still recalls today is to “essentially be cautious of whom you perform your publication with.” Be cautious about whom you choose to gather your publication from; each production company, as well as the artist, owns their publication as well as other things.

While Tay was generating for Blac, he and Balc Youngsta worked together on a song. When Tay first agreed to sign with CMG, it was already produced and on his tape. The second tape Tay Keith released, Young and Reckless, featured three beats. The following month, he dropped a mixtape named Fuck Everyone, on which Tay worked on the song “Lil Bitch.” Approximately four years ago, that took place.

For his contribution to “Sicko Mode,” Tay Keith received a nomination for Best Rap Song at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards.

  • Personal life

The youthful producer’s marriage is not known at this time. He might still be a young man and be single. Alternatively, it’s possible that he has a beloved but would rather keep them a secret. Tay Keith is making a lot of effort to advance his educational goals and his producer career at an early age. Additionally, Tay Keith has successfully avoided unneeded rumors and scandals in his professional and personal lives.

  • The 22-year-old Memphis production company Tay Keith wants to use music to bring his city together

Rap in Memphis is going through a unique time. From Blac Youngsta to Key Glock, a protégé of the Paper Route Empire, to BlocBoy JB, the city’s most promising young artists continue developing their unique visions of what Memphis hip hop can be and demonstrating that it can thrive outside of its geographic confines.

Tay Keith, a 21-year-old production company, is at the center of this latest influx of talent. He has not just provided heavy hitters and up-and-comers in Memphis rap with his spooky chords, thrashing bass and 808s, as well as wicked hi-hats, but he’s done therefore at a time whenever the city’s divisions are deep and widely reported.

He understands that he is in a unique position because he can put his intimate relations and music before beef and conflicts. He sincerely hopes to use this position to bring his city together and create the infrastructure and services needed for Memphis rap to flourish.

Rapper Tay Keith
Rapper Tay Keith

Keith currently has a lot of things going on: “Look Alive,” the mega-hit he generated for Drake, as well as his school friend as well as collaborator BlocBoy, spent four weeks in the Billboard top 10; he is also international travel to work with artists outside of Memphis; and he’s going to rock parties in the center Tennessee. All this happens while he finishes his high-ranking year at Middle Tennessee State University.

Keith took a moment over the mobile from Atlanta, where he had just completed a session with Wiz Khalifa, to discuss growing up in Memphis’ legendary rap scene, creating hits for his friends, the value of self-discipline, as well as his desire to bring his city together through music.

Keith was once a Rock Band microphone when he was around 13 or 14 years old to create music as well as upload it to sites like YouTube as well as DatPiff. After that, Keith began making his music even though he did not want to continue rapping over beats he downloaded from SoundClick. Afterward, he began receiving payment for the moments he was uploading to YouTube. He ultimately concentrated more on manufacturing after that started to give him a check. Mixcraft was in use by Keith. He owned his tools and a piano. He used to employ it to practice songs as well as create new songs. He can still hear Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop,” for which he used to play piano. He was somewhat motivated to carry on doing it after that.

Larger than Keith, he was using Mixcraft to record. Keith observed him rapping and recording. Then he started rapping using his computer. Keith is mainly self-taught, but Drumma Boy, Memphis Track Boy, and another producer named Lil Lody all offer him helpful advice. They are all from Memphis and have achieved success. Drumma Boy and Memphis Track Boy are also from Memphis. Atlanta’s artist showcase is where Keith first met Drumma Boy. They “met” while going to the studio, like Memphis Track Boy.

There was a lot of music from the south, primarily from artists like Yo Gotti, 2 Chainz, and Ludacris. The sound started in Memphis, particularly with artists like Three 6 Mafia, DJ Parlor, and DJ Squeaky. Juicy J and they both significantly impacted the entire Memphis sound. Keith resurrected the old Memphis music wave. Memphis needs to include a lot of things that Atlanta possesses. Two are creativity, and one is unity. In a way, Keith carried the Memphis sound to Atlanta.

They had recorded a song while Keith was working with Blac Youngsta as a producer. The music on Keith’s tape titled “Whole Life” was produced when he first signed with CMG. Keith performed three beats on his upcoming tape, Young and Reckless. Following that, he released a mixtape titled Fuck Everybody, and Keith produced “Lil Bitch,” the mixtape’s lead single. This helped Keith gain notoriety in Memphis and Atlanta, where he received numerous opportunities after the song’s release. A year and a half ago, that. From that point on, Keith kept working with Moneybagg Yo, Blac Youngsta, and Blocboy JB, and he continued to advance.

There were numerous difficulties. Moneybagg and Blac Youngsta had to be involved. Yo, Keith defined my sound with those artists because as their careers grew, he also continued to develop his sound. With its crazy bass and hi-hats, the “Gang Gang” record most definitely helped to define my sound. Additionally, Keith’s other work on songs like “Lil Bitch” and “No Dealings” for Moneybagg and Blac Youngsta helped to distinguish me from other producers.

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