Taxstone net worth – Estimation of the rapper’s salary income in 2022

Daryl Campbell, better known as Taxstone, was born on August 14, 1985, in New York, USA. He is an American television personality, a Twitter user, and a former rapper. The Loud Speakers Network podcast Tax Season, as well as Taxstone’s Twitter account, are the two things that make him most well-known. He joined the Bloods gang as a young man but rejected any involvement. Taxstone net worth – How much he has?


As of 2021, Taxstone net worth is predicted to range between $1 million and $5 million. This includes his possessions, funds, and earnings. His work as a television as well as Twitter character and former rapper is his primary source of income. Through his various sources of revenue, Taxstone has amassed a substantial fortune, and yet he chooses to lead a simple life.

  • Personal life


Since he was a young child, Taxstone consistently received top performance marks. Taxstone decided to enroll in high school when he was 16. Taxstone obtained a bachelor’s degree from a general populace US state university after completing high school.


Taxstone is of Afro-Honduran ancestry and was born in Brooklyn as Daryl Campbell. He gained notoriety through Twitter, in which he amassed a sizable fan base thanks to his candor and bravado.

taxstone Career
taxstone Career

The host of The Loud Speakers Network’s podcast noticed him. He was a guest on an incident of The Brilliant Idiots, a talk show hosted by Andrew Schulz as well as Charlamagne Tha God, on January 8, 2015. He has also referred to Combat Jack as well as Chris Morrow by Kid Fury, some other podcast host just on the network who helped him get his podcast, Tax Season. Just four months after Kid Fury first suggested him to the network, he published the first episode of Tax Season just On Loud Speakers Network in 2015.

Age and height

Taxstone was born in New York in 1985. He will thus be 37 years old in 2022. Taxstone has a typical height. He appears to be quite tall if his pics of his surroundings would be any indication of his height. Even so, his exact height and other body measurements have yet to be discovered to the general public. As soon as the data is captured, we’ll keep updating this segment.

Family and wife

We made an effort to learn more about his family, but we were ineffective because the public could not access this information. Therefore, it still needs to be discovered who Taxstone’s parents are. His sibling status is also known. As once data is available, we will keep updating this section.

Taxstone is not going to date anyone right now; he is single. It is unknown if Taxstone is married or dating someone because he hasn’t made their relationship public. Information about his partner will be revised as soon as it becomes available.


Taxstone in jail
Taxstone in jail

Ronal “Edgar” McPhatter was shot and killed on January 16, 2017, while he was serving as the bodyguard for rapper Roland Collins (Troy Ave.) at a concert in Irving Plaza for friend and fellow performer Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. Daryl was charged with receiving a gun via interstate trade and being a felon in firearm possession. Authorities claim that the nine-millimeter Kel-Tec semiautomatic handgun used for the shooting in the venue’s green room had Daryl’s DNA on its trigger guard, handgrip, as well as magazine.


The Brilliant Idiots podcast, hosted by Andrew Schulz as well as Charlamagne The God, featured Daryl on an episode on January 8, 2015, after Daryl caught their attention.

Kid Fury, a different network podcast host, had also given Daryl’s supervisors, Combat Jack and Chris Morrow, a recommendation, which helped him the land he possessed podcast Tax Season.

On March 18, 2015, Darlyn posted the first Tax Season show on The Loud Speakers Network. Only four months after Kid Fury’s initial recommendation of Daryl to the network.

  • Things fans didn’t know about Taxstone

He’s Afro-Latino

Taxstone hails from Brooklyn with pride, but his family has Central American roots. Taxtone disclosed that his family left Honduras for the United States in a Twitter post from August 2015. He didn’t say when they arrived or give any other details, though.

He was a rapper

Taxstone rapper
Taxstone rapper

Taxstone admitted that he used to rap when he was younger and never really took it seriously as an interview with DJ Vlad. Additionally, he decided to change lanes and try something different once he realized it would probably earn him little money.

He’s still active on social media

You might want to reconsider unfollowing Taxstone if you did that because you believed his social media profiles would be inactivated after he was arrested. 

He was an amateur actor

Many people are unaware that Taxstone was already well enough on his way to becoming a star before anyone knew who he was. Even New York Undercover, a well-known police drama from the 1990s, featured him. Taxstone, however, could not land any significant parts, and he ultimately decided to give up acting up.

He’s managed artists

Taxstone is the type of person who has been completely focused on his business and is adept at spotting profitable opportunities. Despite giving up on his music industry, he managed other musicians, most notably the rapper Manolo Rose from New York. 

He rarely discusses his private life

He has yet to disclose many specifics about his private life beyond the essentials. It’s simple to understand why he’s chosen to adopt a more personal approach, given that we are all aware of how things quickly can go wrong once people overshare.

He’s blind in one eye

taxstone blind
taxstone blind

Taxstone spent much time on the streets while he was younger, and that way of life had some drawbacks. “Mr. Campbell ended up going blind in his left eye after already being shot while he was youthful; the gun was so near to him that black powder burnt down his retina,” according to a New York Times article.

He likes to inspire others

Taxstone may appear to be a little rough, but it doesn’t mean that he’s not a good man on the inside. Taxstone genuinely enjoys using his platform to lend a hand to others. He has also made a conscious effort to use his platform to speak up for those who might not be able to talk for themselves since going to prison.

He played a crucial role in the song “Panda” reaching platinum sales

Taxstone enjoys introducing other listeners to the songs and musicians he finds appealing as a music fan. When Desiigner, a rapper from Brooklyn, decided to share the song “Panda” on all his social media platforms in 2016, Tax helped him garner a lot of attention. The song has since received a 5x platinum certification. 

What haters say is irrelevant to him

He has never given a damn about what others may think of him. With this attitude, he can say and do whatever he wants without worrying about negative consequences. This has been an excellent trait for his career, but it might not have been well received in other areas of his life.

Taxstone has previously served time in prison for robbery and weapons offenses

According to The Daily News, Taxstone had previously been found guilty of robbery and possessing a weapon. Before being granted parole, he served his entire sentence of 18 months. In 2010, Taxstone was sent to prison again for breaking the terms of his publication. Taxstone did serve eight months in jail for that offense. In 2012, he was sent back to prison for 11 days due to a different parole violation.

taxstone prison
taxstone prison

Taxstone claimed to have “spent his 20s in prison” to the Huffington Post. He explained that he became involved with crime in one of New York City’s most infamously neighborhoods, East New York because he was bored.

Lately, Taxstone and The Game’s supervisor, Wack 100, got into a heated argument. The controversy started when Taxstone objected to Wack’s promotion of the boxing match between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy.

On Christmas Day 2016, Troy Avenue was shot 

Troy Ave was shot on Christmas Day 2016 in the East Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn as he and a woman sat in his red Maserati. 

The rapper took blows to the shoulder and head. Troy Ave tried to drive himself to the hospital, but he ultimately needed a kind stranger to pick him up for the remaining distance. The following day after the shooting, he was released from Brookdale Hospital.

Rapper Troy Ave can be seen firing shots in surveillance footage from Irving Plaza on the day of the shooting. He insists that it was carried out in self-defense. The rapper is accused of trying to kill someone and having a gun without a license. 

Troy Ave’s attorney, Scott Leemon, told the Daily News after hearing of Taxstone’s arrest, “As I told you from day one, Troy was a victim. His bodyguard and friend were both shots, and they both died bravely.

Troy Ave was reportedly suing Live Nation, according to a Rolling Stone article from August 2016.


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