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Rapper, activist and businessman Talib Kweli comes from the United States. His musical career spans at least twenty years. It’s fascinating that he has remained popular for so long because his music appeals to most listeners. In addition, he is a fearless activist who is not afraid to call attention to social injustices in the world, like racism and police brutality. In this article, you can learn about Talib Kweli’s net worth.

Talib Kweli is a rapper, businessman, and activist with a $4 million net worth. He first gained notoriety when he joined Mos Def in the hip-hop team Black Star. He later enjoyed success in his solo career and worked with musicians like Kanye West and Pharrell Williams, as well as Just Blaze.

  • Early life

Talib Kweli was brought up in the Park Slope district of Brooklyn after being born in New York City, New York, in 1975. His mom taught English, and both of his parents are administrators at Adelphi University. Jamal, his younger brother, is his name. Kweli attended Brooklyn Technical High School in his early years before enrolling at Connecticut’s Cheshire Academy. He pursued an advanced degree in experimental theater at New York University.

Earl life
Earl life

Kweli wrote poetry and short stories as a child. His literary talent developed over time. He was a huge fan of Native Tongues Posse as well as De La Soul at the time. Later, he ran into Dante Smith, better known as Mos Def, a childhood friend who wanted to introduce him to the hip-hop scene. When he met Tony Cottrell and DJ Hi-Te, his love of music only grew. Emceeing was another talent Tony found in him. Later, he asked him to MC a gathering to increase his public profile. This is specifically how he caught people’s attention.

Kweli was initially drawn to Afrocentric rap artists in his youth, including De La Soul as well as other Native Tongues Posse representatives he had met while in high school. Kweli attended the Connecticut boarding school Cheshire Academy. He had attended Brooklyn Technical High School. At New York University, he later attended exploratory theater.

Kweli decided to make his recording debut in 1997 on the Mood album “Doom,” where he made several guest appearances. Additionally, he collaborated on unreleased tracks such as Reflection Eternal with rap artist and producer Hi-Tek. Early songs by the group included “Fortified Live” as well as “B-Boy Document 99/Chaos.”

  • Career

Working together with Mos Def

Together with fellow Brooklyn-based rap artist Mos Def, Kweli started the hip-hop crew Black Star. When “Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star,” their sole album, was released in 1998, it received a lot of positive reviews. Kweli as well as Hi-Tek worked together to release the albums “Train of Thought” as well as “Hip Hop for Respect” to Mos Def, which were both released precisely two years later. The former was created in response to recent acts of police brutality, particularly when Amadou Diallo, an unarmed man, was shot 41 times by the officers as he attained for his wallet. For each and every shot fired, 41 artists contributed to the EP.

Talib Kweli and Mos Def
Talib Kweli and Mos Def

Kweli as well as Mos Def both provided songs for the 2001 mix tape “Red Hot + Indigo,” the thirteenth installment in the Red Hot AIDS advantage series. It raised funds for organizations dedicated to battling and raising awareness about the disease as a tribute to Duke Ellington. Then, Kweli collaborated with the artists Jorge Ben, Bilal, as well as Dead Prez to produce “Red Hot + Riot” in 2002.

Javotti Media and individual projects

In 2002, Kweli released Quality, his debut album as a solo artist. It made its debut the fresh Kanye West-produced piece of music “Get By,” hit record highs at number six on the R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart, as well as went to number 21 just on Billboard 200. Going to follow this, Kweli issued the album “The Beautiful Struggle,” which made its Billboard Hot 100 debut at position 14. Then, in 2005, he released an initial mix called “Right About Now: The Official Sucka Free Mix CD.” A commercial success, “Eardrum” debuted at two on the Billboard 200 two years after its release and gave rise to the single “Listen!!! The mixtape “Focus” was released by Kweli in the same year.

Kweli established Javotti Media, his possess independent record label, in 2011. His 4th solo album, “Gutter Rainbows,” was made accessible by the company. He then released “Prisoner of Conscious” in 2013, including cameos from Busta Rhymes, Nelly, and Kendrick Lamar. “Gravitas,” “Fuck the Money,” as well as “Radio Silence” is later albums. In addition to these albums, Kweli also collaborated on “Gotham,” “The Seven,” “The Indie 500,” as well as “Habits of the Heart” with Diamond D as well as 9th Wonder.

Other Projects

Kweli worked with buried producer Madlib on nine songs for their 2007 album, “Liberation,” among numerous other projects. Later, Kweli collaborated with Idle Warship to create the mixtape “Party Robot.” He collaborated with Reflection Eternal to release “Revolutions Per Minute,” their sophomore album, in 2010.

Other Projects
Other Projects

Kweli appeared on television on Dave Chappelle’s “Chappelle’s Show” several times. Additionally, he participated in Dave Chappelle’s Block Party, which has been turned into a 2005 music documentary. Kweli has appeared in other media pieces, including episodes of the MTV shows “Made” and “Trippin,” as well as an advert for the Big Ten Conference of the NCAA as well as the computer game “Marc Eck’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure.” 2019 saw the launch of “The People’s Party,” a once-weekly podcast hosted by Kweli and Jasmin Leigh. Through 2020, Yasiin Bey and Dave Chappelle launched the podcast “Midnight Miracle.”

  • Activism

Kweli and Mos Def were the organizers of the Hip Hop for Respect CD as well as the video, which was released in 2000 and advocated against police brutality and then, in particular, the killing of Amadou Diallo by New York City police. The CD’s sales were donated to the Hip Hop For Respect Foundation, a non – profit organisation that encouraged celebrities to engage with their followers. For each shot the police fired at Diallo, there were 41 artists represented in Hip Hop For Respect.

In May 2005, Kweli, as well as Mos Def, collected with followers at City Hall in New York to request that the national government eliminate political activist Assata Shakur from the terrorist watch list as well as withdraw the $1 million bounty it had placed on her head.


In October 2011, Kweli went to the Occupy Wall Street camp to endorse the demonstrators. Kweli gave a speech at a rally held at city hall on October 1, 2012, calling for an end to the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk practice.

On August 7, 2013, Kweli journeyed to Tallahassee with both the Dream Defenders, a group of teenagers who scripted a sit-in just at Florida attorney general’s office. 

Kweli went to Ferguson, Missouri, on August 19, 2014, to join the locals in their protest against Michael Brown’s shooting.

Kweli collaborated with South African musician Cassper Nyovest on the new remix of “Doc Shebeleza,” a song that pays homage to the same-named Kwaito music legend. On his album Tsholofelo, Nyovest released the original. The remix was created by Anatii and made accessible as a downloader on November 3, 2014. Common, Bun B, Pharoahe Monch, and many other artists were on the lineup for the “Ferguson is Everywhere” benefit concert.

  • Controversies

Res, a former teammate of Kweli’s, offered a song featuring Kweli in return for fan charitable contributions in 2014 on a crowdfunding website. Res shared screenshots of Kweli’s regret for trying to kiss her on her Instagram profile in 2018. She also claimed that if she refused Kweli’s advances, he would threaten her professional life. Judge Carolyn Wade ultimately decided to dismiss the case.


In July 2020, Twitter user Maya Moody tried to accuse Kweli of pestering her after she planned to criticize Talib and other well-known musicians for only dating or wedding light-skinned black women. Kweli was not particularly mentioned by name in a tweet by Moody. After leaving Twitter “for the green pastures of Patreon,” Kweli announced it on Instagram. Kweli’s account had already been permanently banned “after multiple violations of the Twitter rules,” according to a Twitter spokesman.

  • Personal life

The renowned lyricist is a devoted father. Who is the wife of Talib Kweli? DJ Eque, his wife, is his wife. Since 2009, the pair have been wed. Talib Kweli and DJ Eque do not currently share a child as of the time of this writing. Even so, the rap artist has a daughter and a son from the previous union with Darcel Turner. Amani Fela Greene, 24, as well as Diani Eshe Greene, are their names (21 years old).

Closing up

American rapper, businessman, and activist Talib Kweli. He has amassed a sizable sum of money thanks to his singing career. He has his record label, Javotti Media, and it has contributed to numerous musical endeavors. By 2020, Talib Kweli’s net worth is anticipated to be $4 million. The music industry, which contains hit songs, album sales, ticket sales, concerts, and much more, is his primary source of income. The singer has composed eight solo albums, mixtapes, and joint albums. At the moment, he has a honorable salary from his job. With his salary, he is happy.

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