Sonya Miller net worth – Updated in 2022

Sonya Miller is a professional actor, singer, as well as a businesswoman in addition to being mainly remembered as the ex-wife of rap star Master P. By reading on, you can discover Sonya Miller net worth, career highlights, and current activities.

Sonya Miller is thought to have a net worth of $1 million, the kind she acquired through her singing career and the support she received from her ex-husband as part of their divorce.

Sonya maintains her financial privacy and has not disclosed any information regarding her homes, cars, or other investment opportunities. She can unquestionably support herself as well as her family as a result of her hard work, though. On the other hand, Sonya’s ex-husband, rapper Master P’s net worth is $360 million.

sonya miller net worth
sonya miller net worth

Master P’s net worth at the time of Sonya, as well as Master P’s divorce settlement, was $200 million.

Sonya claims that Master P abandoned her and left her penniless but was still required to pay $27,000 per month in spousal support as well as $10,000 per month in child support. Both parties have been largely silent on the subject since announcing their divorce.

  • Personal information

Sonya was born in 1970. She is American but hasn’t revealed the precise day.

Sonya has achieved some achievements as a songwriter and singer, and she has put out an album like “Tru 2 Da Game” as well as “Married to the Mob,” though she is best known for being the ex-wife of Master P.

Miller has aimed and emerged in several movies and TV shows, such as Material Girls (director 2005), Weekend Mechanic (executive supervisory producer, 2004), as well as Black Supaman, even though we are aware of no significant roles for her (producer, 2007).

personal information sonya miller
personal information sonya miller

Sonya’s early childhood is not well known, much the same as her financial affairs, but it’s thought that she spent her formative years in New Orleans.

  • Music Career

As a member of the TRU group, Sonya started out her rapping career. However, she established a name for herself with her solo album.

Even though she received criticism for the coarse language in a few of her songs, Sonya persisted and published “Married to the Mob.” The intricate lyrics and catchy beats on this album earned rave reviews from critics everywhere, enhancing Sonya Miller’s reputation as a gifted female rapper. Both the album’s sales, as well as the reviews it received were only average.

At the time, she had a lot of success with her songs as well as music videos, such as “Life Ain’t Nothing But a Game,” “Bitches Die in The Dope Game,” “No Credit,” and others.

music career sonya miller
music career sonya miller

Her subsequent albums, “True to the Game” from 1997 as well as “Da Crime Family” from 1999, were released. The Best of TRU, her most recent album, was released in 2005.

As soon as Sonya made the decision to stay at home to her growing children, her rapper profession was put forward indefinite hiatus. However, she gradually disappeared from the music scene after getting married and having kids.

Sonya C is well-known for her participation in the music business because she married Master P, a renowned rapper. She has nevertheless made significant advancements in Hollywood as well.

Sonya is well known for several notable film roles wherein she played significant roles, such as Catalog This! (2004) and Material Girls, despite getting a little criticism for earlier roles (2005).

  • Married life and her ex-husband

Master P – her ex-husband

Master P., Sonya’s husband, was given the name Percy Robert Miller at birth on April 29, 1970.

The businessman, action star, basketball player, and patron of the arts are well-known.

He spent a significant amount of his foundational years in New Orleans, where he did attend both Booker and Warren Easton T. Washington High School.

master p her ex husband
master p her ex husband

Basketball excellence earned Master P a scholarship just at the University of Houston. Yet, he soon changed schools to Merritt College in Oakland, California, where he completed his business administration degree.

It is well-known what Master P. did after finishing school because of his enormous success in the music business.

He published his first album, “Get Away Clean,” in 1991, as well as his second, “Mama’s Bad Boy,” the the next year.

Master P. didn’t stop making music; his upcoming business idea was starting No Limit Records with his wife.

He collaborated with Silkk the Shocker to create the album “The Ghettos Tryin to Kill Me!” in 1994, which was released.

Every several years, Master P. kept himself busy in the music business during the 2000s. Late in 2015, his most recent album, “Empire, From the Hood to Hollywood,” was made available.

Sonya Miller social life

Sonya is used to being involved on social media sites like Instagram, where she currently has over 3,000 followers, due to her background in the entertainment industry. To demonstrate to her followers what happens in private, she often shares photos of her private life via social media.

In one of her most recent articles, which also includes a picture of herself and her father, she writes, “Thank God for currently, I was able to spend this with my dad, family, and my adorable champs.” She has also uploaded a number of pictures of herself having a good time at the beach, and it seems that her followers enjoyed seeing these as they later paid her compliments on how she looked.

Sonya and Master P’s divorce

In 1989, Sonya and Master P married and had seven kids together.

One of the children, Romeo Miller, follows in his father’s rap professional life path.

Many kids are involved in the entertainment industry, including two boys who are aspiring basketball players and a reality TV show about family.

Sonya and Master P. co-owned the record store No Limits Records for their entire 24-year union.

The couple eventually split up in 2002 after things soured in their relationship. However, they didn’t get around to completing the divorce until 2014.

Miller has been coy about the specifics of their divorce but has stated it was brought on by their inability to get along.

She might have chosen to save all the visual information for a shocking revelation in her autobiography.

How did Master P pay his wife?

Their public battle over financial assets, as well as the airing of dirty laundry, made Master P as well as Sonya’s divorce ugly. According to Sonya’s allegations in the divorce petition, the rapper owed her money for her assistance in building up his $200 million fortune through his record label.

She tried to sue him for 40% of the real property owned by the community, such as cars and houses. And that’s not the end of it. The eldest son of the ex-couple was the target of a lawsuit brought by his mother, who claimed he was a pawn in his father’s asset-hiding scheme.

A judge eventually mandated that Master P pay Sonya placed above a white $825,000, which was the total amount of his wage for season 2 of his television program Master P’s Family Empire. The sum was intended to pay for current support obligations and future spousal and child support payments. The court also mandated that Master P pay Sonya’s lawyer $15,000.

After Master P filed paperwork in court asking the judge to proclaim him legally single, they finally divorced in 2022. This occurred several weeks after their daughter’s passing. His single legal status expired on May 19, 2022.

Sonya Miller Children

To his ex-husband, Master P, Sonya Miller is the mother of seven kids. Due to his absence from a custody case in 2014, Master P played four of his youngest kids to Sonya Miller. Master P was also required to pay Sonya Miller’s $75,000 legal costs.

sonya miller children
sonya miller children

Percy “Romeo” Miller was born in 1989, Vercy Miller “Young V” was born in 1991, Tytyana Miller was born in 1992 and will live until 2022, Inty Miller was born in 1993, Itali Miller was born in 1999, Hercy Miller was born in 2002, and Mercy Miller was born in 2005.

Sonya and Master P’s relationship in present

One of the lengthiest marriages in the entertainment business belonged to Sonya Miller and Master P. But when they decided to part ways in 2013, everything fell apart. Nine years have passed since the year they made the official decision to separate, and both of them are still living their separate lives while sharing parenting duties.

  • Where is Sonya Miller now?

After getting divorced, Master P, Sonya Miller, spoke candidly about her living in a question-and-answered session with She claimed that she could rise above the accusations of drug abuse and public humiliation. She enrolled at Pepperdine University once more, this time declaring a Theatre Arts major with a minor in Journalism and a focus on Photo Journalism. Additionally, she was accepted into USC or UCLA’s honors program for the 2018 summer.

Along with writing a book for her publicist Tammy Ty Page, constructing a modeling portfolio, and predicting her forthcoming reality TV show with the other women who had experienced the same thing, Sonya also made mention of these endeavors in 2017.

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