Q-Tip Net Worth (2023 UPDATED)

You can find out about Q-Tip net worth and a lot more information on this page. Millions of aspiring rappers are inspired by an American musician, music producer, actor, rap artist, entertainer, as well as composer known by his stage name, Q-Tip. He applies his diligence and resolves. He is well known for his esoteric and reflective lyricism, which never fails to inspire.

American rapper, as well as record producer Q-Tip has a $6 million fortune. He makes a living as a rapper, record producer, DJ, as well as singer from the United Kingdom. Of all the rappers, he has one of the most famous characters.

He is renowned for founding a production group called The Ummah and working with A Tribe Called Quest. A famous solo artist, Q-Tip has also released albums such as “Amplified” & “The Renaissance,” the latter of which got him a Grammy Award nomination.

What is Q Tip net worth
What is Q Tip net worth

Additionally, he is a well-known DJ who has long-hosted “Abstract Radio” on Apple Music 1. He started instructing jazz as well as hip-hop at New York University in 2018. Q-Tip is regarded by many as one of the most prominent names in hip-hop history; a few even refer to him as the best rapper ever.

  • Early life

On April 10th, 1970, Jonathan William Davis was born in New York City. After being brought up in Harlem by a family with Caribbean and African American ancestry, Jonathan, as well as his family, eventually moved to Queens. Jonathan and his childhood friend Phife Dawg began rapping extensively when he was nine. They had both recently heard “Rapper’s Delight” of The Sugarhill Gang for the first time. He was further motivated by his father’s extensive jazz music collection, and in the age of 12, he started DJing and producing beats using pause tapes.

q tip Early life
q tip Early life

Davis frequently listened to his father’s jazz collection throughout this time. He made many new friends in high school, and together they started the Jungle Brothers, a new hip-hop crew. He competed in several rap battles under the aliases J Nice and MC Love Child during this time. He and Muhammad established an MC as well as DJ duo in 1985, & they started recording demos using the tools that Muhammad’s brother had lent them. They were eventually joined by Jarobi White, a neighbor, who not only rapped, as well as Phife Dawg. Together, they were recognized as Quest. Davis’s father died from emphysema when he was 16 years old.

  • Career

Jonathan got his start in rapping at a young age. Phife Dawg, as well as Jarobi White, later joined them, and the group eventually took the name Quest. The name “A Tribe Called Quest” was later given to the group by the same performer. The group had previously released its debut album, “Straight out the Jungle.” Q-Tip, as well as his contemporaries, gained a reputation for their Afrocentrism during this time.

A Tribe Called Quest renewed their agreement with Jive Records in 1989. Then, under their new name, they released their debut album, “People’s Instinctive Travels as well as the Paths of Rhythm.” This album contributed to Q-Tip’s reputation as one of the generation’s best lyricists. He also contributed to the Deee-Lite house song “Groove is in the Heart” during this time, becoming a worldwide smash hit.

Q Tip Career
Q Tip Career

“The Low End Theory” was a success and allowed Q-Tip to display his aptitude for jazz production. Q-Tip proceeded with his production work over the ensuing years with several other musicians, including Apache and Tupac Shakur. Alongside Shakur in the movie “Poetic Justice,” he also made his film debut during this time. However, he continued to perform with A Tribe Called Quest and released a third debut album, “Midnight Marauders.” Their most commercially successful album to date, it received high marks from critics.

Having already achieved multiple platinum album releases with A Tribe Called Quest, Q-Tip started looking for more significant challenges beyond the group in the mid-1990s. He founded The Ummah, a new production company, in 1995 with Detroit producer Jay Dee. Then, Dee and Q-Tip founded the Museum Music record label as well as quickly signed Vinia Mojica.

During this time, Q-Tip also helped Mobb Deep create their 1995 album “The Infamous” by discovering them. After converting to Islam, Q-Tip adopted the name Kamaal Ibn John Fareed. He also grew distant from the other A Tribe Called Quest members, particularly Phife Dawg. While they had already broken by the time “The Love Movement” was released, the group released one more album.

Hit songs like “Vivrant Thing” as well as “Breathe and Stop” can be found on this album. Ultimately, the album received favorable reviews and was certified as gold. Later, “Vivrant Thing” received a Grammy Award nomination. For the 2001 film “Prison Song,” in which he went on to star, he co-wrote the script. He also provided the film with several songs. “Kamaal the Abstract” was the next solo album, but due to label issues, it was not published until 2009.

Through Universal Motown, he published “The Renaissance” in 2008. Toward the the end of the decade, he kept writing new solo songs and working with musicians like Demi Lovato, Danny Brown, and Eminem,….


His production was eventually added to the music “Lift Off” and “That’s My Bitch” on Jay-Z as well as Kanye West’s collaborative album Watch the Throne in 2011. The next year, Q-Tip prepared to release The Last Zulu again and joined Kanye West’s GOOD Music label through Def Jam.

As the opening number for Kanye West’s Yeezus Tour in 2013, Q-Tip revealed that A Tribe Called Quest would play their final show. The very next year, he generated the Mariah Carey song “Meteorite” as well as co-wrote the song “Ain’t That Easy” as well as “Sugah Daddy” from D’Angelo’s Black Messiah album.

Q-Tip was chosen in March 2016 to serve as the Kennedy Center’s 1st artistic director for hip-hop society, curating several events for the venue. Phife Dawg passed away from diabetes-related complications the following month. Within a week of their Tonight Show appearance, A Tribe Called Quest secretly started working on a new album, which they finished after Phife Dawg passed away, according to information provided by Q-Tip in October of that year. The the last album from of the community, We Got It from Here, was released the next month. Thank You 4 Your Service received overwhelmingly positive reviews.

The Last Zulu, AlGoRhythms, and Riotdiaries are three solo albums that Q-Tip disclosed he was starting to work on in 2019. Additionally, he was working on projects with Danny Brown as well as Mary J. Blige. U Know What I’m Sayin? album, that also came out in October 2019, has been him. Later that year, on Gang Starr’s song “Hit Man” from of the artist One of the Best Yet, he also made an appearance. Q-Tip appears in the melody “Hi-De-Ho” from Jack White’s 2022 song Fear of the Dawn.

  • Personal life

In 1985, he as well as Muhammad started recording performances as an MC as well as DJ duo using equipment that Muhammad’s uncle had given them. Afterward, Phife Dawg, as well as Jarobi White, decided to join them, as well as the group eventually adopted the moniker “Quest.” He wed Michele Daves, an actress best known for her part in Spencer’s Mountain, on November 10, 1990. 

  • Q-Tip assets


He currently owns a residence in New York City. She makes most of her money from her songs, albums, movies, productions, and promotions. As a result of the numerous mega-hit songs he has written—both independently and with others—and the numerous awards he has received for them, he has established himself as a singing sensation among his devotees.

Art Collection

Q-Tip became well-known in 2019 for his art collection, and he will demonstrate this drop in a non-selling exhibition in New York. It is named “Q-Tip: The Collection” .

Art Collection
Art Collection

The exhibition is the first time the entirety of Q-Tip’s collection will be accessible to the general public and takes place in conjunction with Bonhams’ inaugural Contemporary: Art, Editions & Design sale.

Street artist Fab 5 Freddy, movie director Harmony Korine, and artists Jeff Elrod, Torey Thornton, William Vilalongo, as well as Hebru Brantley are all represented in the collection. Several pieces by Richard Prince would then be included in the exhibition, including an unnamed 2015 painting that served as the album for the 2016 album We Got It from Here by A Tribe Called Quest. The group’s long-awaited farewell album, Thank You 4 Your Service, was their first joint effort in 18 years.

In a declaration, Q-Tip said, “It is a privilege to be given a chance to showcase as well as recognize a few of the greatest artists who have inspired me personally and professionally.”

Q-Tip has made previous forays into the world of art. 2016 saw the appointment of the Queens-born rapper and producer as an artistic consultant at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC, alongside Renee Fleming as well as Yo-Yo Ma.

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