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Pooh Shiesty is an American rapper, songwriter, as well as hip-hop artist. His alias is Pooh Shiesty. But only a few people are familiar with his real identity. Now since his brother passed away, he chose this title for himself. Pooh was chosen to represent Gucci Atlantic, and then in 2021, Pooh Shiesty gained notoriety. He was able to reach this level of fame thanks to the assistance of other artists like Lil Durk. Pooh Shiesty net worth – Do you know how much is it?

Shiesty’s net worth is $3,449,446 as of March 2022. Pooh Shiesty receives millions of views from the rapper’s YouTube channel every month. He receives more than $3 for every thousand YouTube views of a clip. His estimated monthly net worth from his Youtube page is 198.19 thousand dollars.

What is Pooh Shiesty net worth
What is Pooh Shiesty net worth

He also derives income from a number of other sources. Additionally, he makes a lot of money from selling products, commissions, sponsorships, paid advertisements, online shops, working with other singers, endorsement deals, and other programs. Gucci Mane has dealt with Pooh Shiesty, who also benefits significantly from it.

  • Early life

His birthday is November 8, 1999. Memphis is the home of Pooh Shiesty. He was born with the name Mr. Pooh. Within the Can Creek apartment, he brought up. The southern side is where this apartment is. He as well spent time in Pflugerville. He rejoined and enrolled inside the summer course. He enlisted in this summer program to help him graduate.

Pooh Shiesty early life
Pooh Shiesty early life

Pooh’s dad, a rap artist and record label owner raised him in a musical family. He founded the Choppa gang in junior high because he was interested in it. Pooh used to perform for his friends. At the time of he life of 18, he dedicated himself entirely to music.

  • Career

Hell Night was his debut song. A rap artist from the United States, as well as the best guy both, contributed to it. After performing this song for five months, he released Shiesty Summer. In 2019, it will be accessible. He released the song “hell night” in 2019 that year. The song’s formal video was published on February 19, 2020. Its video clip succeeded it. It was showcased on American rapper moneybag yo, American music producer Tay Keith, and Evan 200k. In 2020, he released the ABCGE track and related music video.

He focused on the American rapper Gucci Mane after a few songs. Gucci Mane assigned him to 1017 Records and Atlantic Records in 2020. The two songs were made available in that year. It marked Pooh Shiesty’s ascension to fame and notoriety. Shiesty published “Monday to Sunday” six days later. It was presented by two American artists, Lil Baby and BIG30. The performance was slated for June 25, 2020.

Pooh Career
Pooh Career

These tracks all had music videos included in Mane’s fourth album. In 2020, Shiesty’s “SO Icy Summer” became avalible. In the first part, songs by Manes and songs by “New 1017” in the second were included. The final track on this album featured several fresh voices, including Shiesty, Big Scarr, Foogiano, Kshiday, Robby, as well as Enchanting. The album “Who In Him” features an awkward reunion. Around each other, they produced the video.

The release date of “Twerksu” was September 9, 2020. He released the entire 1017 auxiliary video clip on October 9, 2020. It looked liked the fifth album from Gucci’s “So Icy Gang” Vol. 1. However, this song features a variety of musicians, including Gucci Mane, Foogiano, and many others.

In 2020, Pooh Shiesty released a brand-new song. The song’s title was “Back in Blood.” It was an excellent song. The song, which appeared on “Lil Durk,” was Shiesty’s most well-known. A video of it was made available on January 2, 2021. This song did receive 40 millions views on YouTube through February 2021.

Pooh Shiesty
Pooh Shiesty

The advertising show Gutta Baby featured a character from Back in Blood. Additionally, Pooh Shiesty took part inside the song “Menace” from 2020, which was released. Pooh Shiesty’s “Guard up,” another popular song, has a formal YouTube video. Later, Shiesty also started to show up in Lil Durk’s tracks. The name of that track was “should’ve Ducked.” His tape, which included songs like “Back in Blood” as well as “Twarksum,” was published in 2021.

He’s pretty animated when it comes to his social media appearances. On Instagram, he has 2.2 million subscribers, and his Facebook page has more than 203 thousand fans. In addition, the rap artist has 546 thousand of subscribers on YouTube. The rap artist posts his original content and creative endeavors to his YouTube channel. He has also sparingly updated his social media profiles with pictures and videos.

  • Personal life

Pooh Shiesty is a 21-year-old man with a gorgeous vice. He stands 5 feet tall and weighs 75 kg. Being consistently active on his social media profiles has made him a well-known character. Pooh Shiesty ought to have a girlfriend because he is a skilled and respectable rapper. This isn’t the case, though. The rap artist is single and has been extremely busy in addition to his rap career. His consistent presence and professional successes make it evident that he holds his profession in high regard. Additionally, the rapper hasn’t mentioned any of his intimate relationships, either recent or past.

His brother passed away in 2021 due to a complicated illness, cancer. Since his brother passed away, he was given the nickname Pooh Shiesty. His brother had a similar passion for the music business. The police detained him for a considerable time after his arrest in 2019. In 2020, Pooh Shiesty was imprisoned for various offenses, including theft and robbery. After a few trials, he was released from custody.

The FBI arrested and charged the 22-year-old rapper in link with a pair of shootings that occurred in Miami-Dade County, Florida, in October 2020, and he has been imprisoned since June 2021.

Pooh Shiesty entered a guilty plea to one count
Pooh Shiesty entered a guilty plea to one count

A drug, as well as sneaker deal that went wrong is said to have led Shiesty, as well as two co-defendants, to shoot a man in the buttocks in front of a hotel in Bay Harbor Islands. Shiesty dropped a Louis Vuitton bag that contained $40,912 in cash as she exited the vehicle.

Pooh Shiesty entered a guilty plea to one count of conspiracy involving a firearm in January. If found guilty, he could spend up to eight years in jail. Before the prosecution agreed to drop three additional charges from his accusation, he faced a life sentence.

In his most latest court documents, Brad Cohen asserts that the which was before study from the Southern District of Florida is filled with errors, which makes the recommended eight-year in jail “illogical.”

According to the documents, Mr. Williams, who has a net worth of $3,449,446, scheduled a robbery, carried it out, and then shot a well-known drug dealer who did know him and could quickly recognize him.

No proof exists that Mr. Williams was involved in a robbery. There isn’t any text or audio documentation of a robbery. Law enforcement did not find or seize any drugs or weapons in Bay Harbor. There are no allies in this situation. There are no founder statements available.

Pooh Shiesty was going to drive a rented mint green McLaren, and Cohen questions the idea that he would “stage a robbery besides two other individual people over something as minuscule as a bottle of fluid codeine with such a market cost of a few hundred dollars, at the most, whenever a damage was done to the McLaren inside the procedure would have cost hundreds of dollars to repair.”

The defense also stated that it would offer “ballistics as well as forensic evidence” to show that Shiesty did not fire a gun or shoot anyone. They assert that the dealer was going to face Shiesty at the time of the incident and that, according to medical records, the man was “sitting in a prone position,” making it impossible for Shiesty to shoot him in the buttocks.

According to Pooh Shiesty’s legal team, their client must be given a sentence of no more than three to four years or a maximum of between 37 as well as 46 months. On April 7, once his trial date is set, the signee of 1017 Records will find out his fate.

  • Pooh Shiesty’s opulent lifestyle

Pooh Shiesty opulent lifestyle
Pooh Shiesty opulent lifestyle

Pooh Shiesty appreciates driving expensive vehicles and splurging on opulent goods. He made a sizable financial commitment to a Lamborghini Urus. The car is considered to be worth $200,000 or so. Gucci Mane also gave him a green Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk.

Bottom line

That’s all about Pooh Shiesty net worth. In particular, Pooh Shiesty is an American rapper, singer, as well as YouTuber best known for the rap songs Main Slime Remix as well as Shiesty Summer.

But he lived a wealthy life thanks to his pricey habits and successful career. Additionally, we discussed Pooh Shiesty’s net worth in detail here. Additionally, details about his early as well as personal finances, real estate investments, and other income sources. 

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