Playboi Carti makeup has changed over time

Playboi Carti undoubtedly follows his own 808 rhythms. One of the hip-most hop’s prominent nonconformists, Carti continuously tests the limits of what it means to be a traditional rap star, both musically and in terms of visual style.

Playboi Carti rocked the standard SoundCloud rap artist’s new pack when he first entered the rap industry around 2015: dreads, Jordans, Supreme t-shirts, as well as skinny jeans. The self-described “thrift store kid” has developed his appearance over time. His transition to designer clothing from Raf Simons as well as Balmain was swift, and then in 2017, he even walked in Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 5 runway show before being dubbed “a leader of the youth style” through GQ.

From there, as Carti transitioned into his rock star phase, his appearances only became more diverse. The Whole Lotta Red rap artist has started to shift toward dark subject matter to match his vampire persona. Tight, black leather, masks, horns, pentagrams, as well as makeup, are frequent themes in the eccentric artist’s clothes. Carti has already been emulating Kansas City rap legend Tech N9ne by donning the Joker’s face paint while performing. Let’s look at the top 5 Playboi Carti makeup that surprises fans.

Not inevitably for his songs but rather for his distinctive style. The “Sky” rap artist, who is notoriously elusive on social networks, gained attention last week after he shared a picture of himself before his achievement at Kanye West’s Donda 2 listening party in Miami with no caption. He was wearing unsettling, Joker-like makeup.

The Atlanta lyricist posted a flurry of recent pics of his new appearance on Instagram on February 28. This time, Carti is seen sporting bright red lipstick and dark eye makeup. He’s also sporting combat boots, a furry black jacket, as well as loose, baggy jeans.

Playboi Carti is breaking the internet with new makeup filled Instagram looks
Playboi Carti is breaking the internet with new makeup filled Instagram looks

He can be seen required to wear a fishnet sweatshirt beneath his bulky coat in other pictures in the picture carousel. In the comment thread, fans discussed Carti’s new appearance and made predictions about the release of an album based on his fresh gothic swag.

One irate supporter wrote, “Carti, what u on, bruh.” He “certainly got stuff forthcoming if he is going to post so much,” some other person wrote. In 2021, Playboi Carti released his eagerly awaited album Whole Lotta Red. With looks from Kanye West, Kid Cudi, as well as Future, the album made its debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.

Rapper Playboi Carti is the latest newest to wear a lot of makeup. Once NBA YoungBoy admitted to DJ Akademiks in an interview that he additionally liked wearing makeup—a look he wholeheartedly accepted in his “Black Ball” music video—he offended his fans.

“I enjoy doing my face, painting it, or applying makeup. Everything that I can see in the mirror, including my eyes and crap, is what I like to see. said YoungBoy. “That’s true. I’m just myself there. In some ways, I’m at ease.

  • Playboi Carti has gone viral after debuting a daring new look

Playboi Carti has attracted attention with his Instagram posts. The 25-year-old Atlanta-born artist continued to share similar makeup makes it look on his Instagram account after debuting a Joker-like face makeup at Kanye’s Donda 2 festival in Miami while also going to perform their Donda song “Off the Grid.”

Carti was seen with heavy makeup on his lips and eyes and dark red makeup around his eyes. In the pictures he shared on Monday, he wore it alongside a furry black jacket, baggy jeans, as well as combat boots (February 28). Two posts remain on his Instagram page, and fans wonder if his new appearance signifies an upcoming album.

Carti is not the only rapper who recently debuted a striking makeup style. NBA YoungBoy surprised his audience when he admitted that he enjoys wearing gothic makeup. YoungBoy revealed that he wore makeup for his “”I want to do my face, I like drawing my face or applying makeup on,” she stated in the “Black Ball” video to DJ Akademiks. I enjoy looking in the mirror as well as seeing nothing but black—including my eyes and crap.” Added he, “That is true. I’m just myself there. In some ways, I’m at ease.”

Playboi Carti has gone viral after debuting a daring new look
Playboi Carti has gone viral after debuting a daring new look

Many were compelled to respond to the post. One supporter enquired, “Carti, what u on, bruh?” @playboicarti, you’re running in 2022, one user lamented. In the meantime, a third person joked, “Carti about to fk up Robert Pattinson inside the new Batman movie.”

YoungBoy acknowledged in a DJ Akademiks interview that he enjoys “painting my face and wearing makeup.” He continued, “I enjoy seeing everything in the black mirror, including my eyes. That is a true statement! I’m just myself there. That is some merchandise I made my technician purchase from MAC Cosmetics. It makes me feel gothic and rockstar-like.”

YoungBoy stated emphatically that he could not give a damn about the criticism, despite being given it. The “Bandit” artist allegedly texted DJ Akademiks, “Tell them to stop liking me.” “I don’t care because I got what I wanted. And if you’ve never liked me, what difference does it make?”

  • Fans are divided over whether Playboi Carti’s new joker look is on fire

Playboi Carti’s style has undergone a few iconic stages since he first rocked the music industry with “Magnolia” over five years ago. However, the most recent one appears to have fans reconsidering their steadfast support.

Carti used to undertake his relentless #1 album “Whole Lotta Red” on celebration stages while wearing masks similar to the one below, which he wore at Lollapalooza 2021 whenever the show was interrupted in the center of his set.

This trend was embraced and supported by musicians like Kanye, Drake, as well as Pooh Shiesty. Ye served as the show’s executive producer as well. After performing at Lolla for almost a year, Carti, aka “King Vamp,” is again drawing attention with his daring attire. However, the 25-year-old is choosing face paint as well as makeup this time.

First, he ended the Wireless Festival in London, which, according to The Guardian, was his best weekend performance. Then he traveled to Portugal’s Rolling Loud.

Fans are divided over whether Playboi Carti new joker look is on fire
Fans are divided over whether Playboi Carti new joker look is on fire

He even made an appearance at the Balenciaga Haute Couture show in Paris & gained notoriety for his Joker cosplay, shown below. While some viewers thought the look was “hard,” everyone else retaliated and contrasted Carti with the Joker and the late professional wrestler Jeff Hardy.

Carti claimed in an interview with XXL this year that Tech N9ne, a rap artist known for painting his face in the 2000s and early 2010s, was “the pioneer of what I got happening right now.” “He endorsed the rock star, punk s**t in hip-hop, but it’s fire,” the man continued.

Lil Uzi posted a picture of Playboi Carti makeup, so he is riding the goth-clown wave. Although Uzi, as well as Carti’s careers have diverged since releasing singles like “wokeuplikethis*” in 2017, there’s no doubt that they are two of the most boisterous festival performers in the industry.

Carti is also shaping the upcoming generation of hip-hop celebrities. Ken Carson, a member of Carti’s Opium imprint, recently released his sophomore album, “X,” which was executively produced by his role model.

Putting your cell phone down, man, was the best piece of advice Carti ever gave the 19-year-old, according to Montreality.

  • Playboi Carti debuted a dramatic new look in Miami

Playboi Carti revealed his most recent appearance on social media, suggesting that he has fully realized his transition into a goth satanist.

The 25-year-old musician, raised in Atlanta, has already been making waves for years and has revived the genre with his most recent studio album, Whole Lotta Red. The rap artist began his output with a characteristic on Ye’s Donda 2 album, which is only accessible on Stem Player, getting his fans excited about the prospect of hearing another brand-new entire project this year.

Playboi Carti debuted a dramatic new look in Miami
Playboi Carti debuted a dramatic new look in Miami

Carti appeared at Ye’s sold-out show in Miami while sporting a heavy makeup application and screaming passionately throughout the performance. Carti stood out from the other attendees, who were all dressed in black, thanks to his colorful arm accessories, and it appears that he will be sticking with this look for the foreseeable future.

Carti started this new era just five days ago by erasing his whole Instagram feed and posting a close-up photo of himself performing with Ye while sporting dramatic face paint. The rap artist debuted a new look on February 28, donning dark makeup over his mouth, on his nose, as well as around his eyes. He wore a shaggy black jacket, vinyl gloves, baggy jeans, as well as black boots to complete his look.

While some song fans make fun of Carti’s new appearance, others applaud him for defying gender stereotypes. Rappers have a history of conducting makeup experiments and face painting, with NBA YoungBoy being the most recent to do so a few months ago.

  • Playboi Carti has debuted his new gothic look

His first characteristic of the year was on Ye’s Donda 2 album, which has fans hoping for the release of a new album. Last week, Ye performed at a sold-out event in Miami while wearing a full face of makeup and screaming loudly. The “Sky” singer made an appearance during that performance. He also wore colorful arm decorations to distinguish himself from the rest of the group, dressed in black. It appears that the rapper is starting a new era.

Playboi Carti has debuted his new gothic look
Playboi Carti has debuted his new gothic look

Last week, Carti began this new era by deleting his whole Instagram feed and posting a photo of himself performing with Ye while decked out in intense white, black, as well as red face paint. On February 28, the rap artist revealed yet another appearance, this time donning dark eye, nose, as well as mouth makeup. A shaggy black jacket, vinyl gloves, a pair of baggy jeans, as well as a pair of black boots finished off his ensemble. While some song fans mock Carti’s new appearance, others applaud him for defying gender stereotypes.

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