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The Playboi Carti emoji is an excellent way to express various emotions in your texts and social media posts. Besides, use Playboi Carti emojis to express your love for the artist or show that you’re a rapper fan. Use it in a t-shirt, sweatshirt, mug, or laptop. 

Playboi Carti emojis are pop culture emojis that will make you want to text or tweet them out. They’re at the center of every moment, so why not show your support with a shirt, hoodie, mug, or other merchandise featuring these great designs? Those are the perfect gift for that special someone who loves hip-hop music!

Playboi Carti emoji in T-shirt, sweater, and hoodie

With over 14 million followers on Instagram, 21 million YouTube subscribers, and 8 million followers on Twitter, Playboi Carti is one of the most successful hip-hop artists in rap music. So, Playboi Carti is the hottest rapper out right now. Shop Playboi Carti merch in t-shirts, sweaters, and hoodies. 

Playboi Carti Emojis t shirt
Playboi Carti Emojis t shirt
Playboi Carti Emojis hoodie
Playboi Carti Emojis hoodie
Playboi Carti Emojis sweater
Playboi Carti Emojis sweater

Get your hands on killer emojis featuring Playboi Carti. You can get a T-shirt with him on it, or maybe a hoodie or even a sweater. These Playboi Carti emoji sweatshirts make great gifts for every occasion and let you show off your favorite rapper in your daily life. Show your support for the young rapper with these Playboi Carti emojis sent to your clothes.

Playboi Carti emoji in mug café

Playboi Carti Emojis mug cafe
Playboi Carti Emojis mug cafe

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  • 20 Signs You Love Playboi Carti

Playboi Carti operates on his timetable and has described himself as the “Jay Electronica of mumble rap.” Although some fans have grown frustrated by his inconsistent release schedule, he has grown to become one of rap’s most well-known figures. Carti’s star power has increased with each partnership and co-sign from musicians like ASAP Rocky as well as Frank Ocean. But a lot of his life’s details are still unknown. 

With his self-titled debut mixtape, Playboi Carti, a 26-year-old rapper from Atlanta who has one of the hip-most hop’s distinctive voices today, opened up the world to his distinguishable flow, baby voice, as well as ethereal ad-libs in 2017. The debut LP, full of unapologetically subdued bars, divided critics as Carti emerged as the face of mumble rap. This term is frequently used to denigrate newer rap artists like Carti or to imply that the subject pays little attention to lyricism as well as wordplay. But it also helped him establish a loyal and sincere fan base. His first single, “Magnolia,” which was released in 2017, spent 20 weeks just on Billboard Hot 100 and turned into one of the year’s most enormous cult classic hits.

Carti returned in 2018 with the acclaimed album Die Lit, much to the joy of his fans. The album increased the prominence of the Atlanta native’s jittery ad-libs as well as mumble rap style. In a black-and-white video clip for “R.I.P.,” he raps, “Bought a crib for my mommy off that muttering shit.” Carti’s status as a creative artist to reckon with was further cemented by massive co-signs as well as characteristics from Travis Scott, Nicki Minaj, Young Thug, as well as other industry heavy hitters.

Carti, however, has been unusually quiet since Die Lit, only making cameo appearances on a few features as well as mysteriously teasing his eagerly anticipated follow-up album, Whole Lotta Red. Fans who’ve already patiently waited for WLR for two years will finally hear his new song, “@ MEH,” on April 16 after a dispute with his longtime partner Lil Uzi Vert. However, more than just enduring his music hiatus contributes to Carti’s distinctive fan base. Here are 20 indications that you like Playboi Carti.

Speak on a Child’s Tongue

Once you’re rapping along during Playboi Carti’s distinctive high-pitched, mumble raps, it’s difficult to avoid adopting a baby voice.

When you experience a stomachache, you have said your stomach hurts.

It’s an allusion to Carti’s three-minute rap about how his “tummy hurt,” which sounded fire. This is the only way to discuss that pain if you’re a fan of Carti.

Arrive Late Everywhere

Carti has a reputation for releasing music late after taunting his second album, Whole Lotta Red, for the last two years. His admirers imitate him as a result. True fans of the Atlanta native understand that arriving late to the party is the most brilliant move.

Kneel in a Clock Position to Indicate That Something Is Average

True Carti enthusiasts kneel inside a clocked role on the cover image for his debut song, “@ MEH,” which can be interpreted as the word “meh” meaning “average” in its direct translation. It is presumed that “@ MEH” refers to calling an individual out on social networks. On the other hand, the placement might also be a reaction to the song, which many fans of Carti criticized for being unremarkable.

Keep a set of chopsticks in your car

Carti raps, “I ride with a chopper, the stick, yeah,” on the track “@ MEH.” However, because of his smooth delivery, many fans thought Carti was trying to say, “I ride with chopsticks, yeah.” Users of TikTok uploaded videos of themself rapping along after “@ MEH” with chopsticks in response to the confusion.

*+ Communicate in Cartinese

Only true fans of Playboi Carti can understand Cartinese, the rapper’s original vocabulary. The emoji of the blue butterfly, as well as the symbols **+ and *+ are the most widely used forms of Cartinese.

Hearts should be used instead of Cartinese

In many of his recent tweets and Instagram captions, Carti substituted red hearts for his customary cartinese symbols, spurring some followers to declare the previous system obsolete and make the exact change.

Perform Front Flips Into Bed

It is no surprise that the rapper participates in the crowd at his concerts by leaping onto it and even throwing a few ‘bows in a mosh pit. Carti fans can reconstruct the famous Die Lit cover art by performing front flips into the plush landing of a bed.

VLONE and Louis Vuitton daily

Rock VLONE and Louis Vuitton Daily
Rock VLONE and Louis Vuitton Daily

It’s no secret that Carti has a soft spot for Louis Vuitton as well as VLONE. In 2018, he participated in the first Louis Vuitton runway show as a model, and to honor VLONE, he got a V tattoo on his neck. True fans of a rap star are aware that this is the Carti-certified drip whether they are sporting both brands or have it drawn on their walls, notebooks, and other surfaces.

Spend Time Aromatizing Coffee

Fans paid attention when Carti famously uttered “wake up and sniff the motherfucking’ coffee” on “Long Time (Intro)” from his Die Lit album, as to if he meant it basically or figuratively. For fans of Carti, the aroma of coffee is the favorite moment of waking up.

Make No Plans for Monday

Carti hinted at the release of new music last month in a tweet on April 16 that began, “. MoNDaY,” but he didn’t do it the following Monday. Carti’s fans know that making commitments on “. MoNDaY” is the same as abandoning all plans.

Pose pigeon-toed while performing a rock ‘n’ roll as well as a peace sign for photos

Pose for Pictures Pigeon Toed While Doing a Rock n Roll or Peace Sign
Pose for Pictures Pigeon Toed While Doing a Rock n Roll or Peace Sign

The portion of Carti’s aesthetic involves standing pigeon-toed and waving a peace or rock ‘n’ roll sign. Carti fans know that when the webcam keeps flashing, this is the iconic pose.

While on the phone, spit out ad-libs

Some might claim that Carti’s ad-libs are impossible to understand, while others might regard them as pure magic. Fans assert that he employs them to convey incredibly nuanced, emotionally loaded messages for receivers to decipher. Tossing them out in phone conversations with friends is better, of course.

Attempt to Levitate

Try to Levitate
Try to Levitate

This is a reference to both the body-in-the-air album cover for Carti’s Die Lit album as well as the numerous photos of Carti leaping into the air while performing. According to the fans, Playboi Carti can levitate, which is why people try to imitate him.

Drink Tap water with a Spoon as if it were a Special Soup

Like their leader, Carti followers are distinctive people who seek purpose and novel encounters in everything they do. One is drinking the water with a spoon as if it were a special soup.

Mystic Choreography will have you dancing around your living room

When you have a Playboi Carti verse and a Pi’erre Bourne beat constantly playing in your head, it’s the only way you can move.

When you say hello to someone, flip your hair back

Flip Your Hair Back When Greeting Someone
Flip Your Hair Back When Greeting Someone

Playboi Carti will flip his hair back throughout a conversation at least once if you’ve ever had the chance to be in his company. Like the rapper, doing the same has become a daily ritual for Carti fans.

Participate in Every Twitter & Instagram Post

A true fan enables post alerts for Playboi Carti’s Instagram and Facebook accounts. Even though he doesn’t frequently post on both social media sites, when he does, it’s a commemoration of whatever he’s chosen to share online.

Dream Stops in the Middle of It

Wake Up Still in a Dream
Wake Up Still in a Dream

Most of Carti’s well-known Pi’erre Bourne-produced heartbeats have a shimmering performance that gives the impression that everything is bathed in a dreamy golden light. The Carti supporters never really awaken. The dream is life.

For the Past Two Years, You’ve Been Tweeting On Whole Lotta Red

Suppose you’ve been obsessively tweeting about Playboi Carti’s Whole Lotta Red album’s status since he started teasing it in 2018, including during performances and interviews. In that case, you understand you’re a ride-or-die fan.

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