MF Doom net worth – What happened after the English rapper’s death in 2020?

Millions of lives were impacted by MF Doom during his time on Earth. The masked rap artist was well-known for his distinctive instrumental flow and moving poetry. Although MF Doom was mainly an underground artist, his reputation allowed him to live very comfortably. But how much MF Doom net worth had left over when he passed away in 2020?

An English rap artist, songwriter, as well as a producer by the name of MF Doom. According to Celebritynetworth, MF Doom had a $1 million net worth just before passing. But besides being mainly an underground performer, the rapper’s mainstream-exposed and devoted fan base helped him become a genuine millionaire. MF Doom has stated that money has been his primary motivation for music, even though some artists brag about their love of hip-hop.

What was MF Doom net worth
What was MF Doom net worth

MF Doom reached his goal because of his alleged $1 million net worth. MF Doom net worth was about $2 million a year before he passed away. Sales of his albums, as well as live performances, account for most of his income. 11 studio albums, ten instrumental albums, and several singles have all been released by Dumile.

  • Early life

1971 saw the birth of Daniel Dumile in England to parents from Zimbabwe and Trinidad. He moved with his family to New York, when he was a young child. He was grew up In New York and started DJing when he was in the grade 3.

Under the alias Zev Love X, Dumile began his career in 1988 as a participant in the band KMD. Moreover, after his brother DJ Subroc passed away, the group disbanded, ending its brief existence. He was devastated by the loss of his brother and spent the rest of his life sleeping on benches, walking the streets, and being homeless.

MF Doom wears a mask because much of his life is hidden from view. Even his birthday came under debate at one point. Despite online sources claiming that MF Doom was birthed on January 9, 1971, Reddit discovered that the rapper was born on July 13, 1971. Later, he, as well as his family, made a move to Long Island, New York.

Early life
Early life

Throughout his legendary rap career, Doom went by many names. Zev Love X was one of his earliest stage names, which he adopted after joining the rap group KMD in 1988. The band issued KMD singles like Who Me?, Peachfuzz, as well as The Gas Face.

After his brother passed away, Doom left the rap scene in 1994. He only surfaced again in 1997, when he adopted a new identity. Dumile changed into MF Doom, a character who was partially modeled after the Fantastic Four villain Dr. Doom, by donning a mask. Operation: Doomsday, Doom’s debut studio album, was widely praised when it was released in 1999. However, his 2004 album Madvillainy, which received positive reviews from The Rolling Stone, Washington Post, as well as The New York Times, punctured his mainstream popularity.

  • Career

Doom has earned admiration over the years for his originality and creativity. MF Doom’s use of impersonations was one of his most distinctive characteristics. MF Doom was recognized for having to send out pretenders to conduct live hip-hop performance results when they were going to wear MF Doom masks whenever the real villain has been far away. Marvel’s Dr. Doom, who frequently dispatched Doom impersonators to engage his adversaries, served as inspiration for this. Rapper Talib Kweli allegedly confronted Doom about using impersonators in a Hotnews hip hop article.

  • MF Doom persona

Dumile formed the MF Doom persona as a musically accessible alter ego with such a backstory. The supervillain Doctor Doom from Marvel Comics, Destro, as well as the Phantom of the Opera, all incorporated into the persona, as is Dumile’s use of the 3rd person while speaking as these characters. On the cover of Dumile’s 1999 new album Operation: Doomsday, Doctor Doom, who is shown rapping, shares a similar mask to the one that served as his signature.

MF Doom persona
MF Doom persona

Except for brief glimpses in videos and older photos with KMD, Dumile decided to wear the mask while performing and could only be captured with it. Later, iterations of the mask were modeled after a Gladiator movie prop. According to academic Hershini Bhana Young, Dumile “positions oneself as an enemy, not just of the music business but also dominant constructions of individuality that relegate him as just a black man to second-class citizenship” by wearing the Doctor Doom mask.

Dumile occasionally sent substitutes to act in the mask, which he thought was a “logical extension” of the idea but infuriated spectators. Dumile initially stated that he appeared and sounded different because he had lost weight.

An interloper was booed off the stage at a 2010 performance in Toronto before even being restored by Dumile. Dumile claimed to be the “writer and director” of the personality in an interview with The New Yorker, adding that he “might send a white dude next… That whoever plays the personality plays the character.”

Flying Lotus, an electronic musician, announced that Dumile would join him onstage for his achievement at the Adult Swim Festival in November 2019. However, the masked performer who appeared on stage was funnyman Hannibal Buress. It is unknown if Dumile took part in the joke.

  • Personal life

Islam, as well as the Afrocentrism held by African-American Muslims, shaped Dumile’s view of the world. His parents brought him as well as his brother up as Muslims in a religious black nationalist group with Islamic influences – the Five-Percent Nation.

The lessons that Dumile’s daddy told him about pan-African history—studies that he later attempted to teach to his peers—included learning about historical figures like Marcus Garvey as well as Elijah Muhammad. Dumile and other KMD representatives identified as belonging to the Ansaar Allah Community, later called the Nuwaubian Nation, even by the early 1990s.

Personal life 1
Personal life 1

In a recent interview, Dumile differentiated Nuwaubianism from Five—Percent beliefs, which KMD members used as the basis for their religious message. Dumile, as well as other KMD members, wear kufi caps inside the video clip for “Peachfuzz.”

Dumile attended Nuwaubian events, including the Savior’s Day commemoration at the Tama-Re compound in Georgia, even though he was no longer purely observant by 2000. He also had a favorable opinion of the group.

Dumile was wed to Jasmine Dumile for an undisclosed time before passing away in October 2020. According to different sources, they had two to three kids, one of whom was a son named Malachi. Malachi passed away in late 2017 at 14 due to unknown causes, and Dumile paid tribute to him online.

After completing a European tour in late 2010, Dumile was denied re-entry. It was only his second tournament tour; he had never left the United States before, but he had obtained a British passport in advance of the tour.

He had thought that he would be able to obtain reentry thanks to his extended residence and family ties. Due to the rejection of his request for reentry, Dumile was forced to live apart from his wife and their three children, seeing them only occasionally over video calls or even during their brief trips to the UK. When they relocated to London in 2012, he reconnected with his family. Dumile declared he was “done with the United States” that same year. King Malachi Ezekiel Dumile, who was 14 years old, passed away, according to a statement made by Dumile in December 2017.

  • His death

Such as his life, MF Doom’s death is also a mystery. On December 31, 2020, word of his passing was released. However, his wife, Jasmine Dumile, reportedly revealed that Doom passed away on October 31, 2020. His death was a deliberate swerve to fans, similar to that of his impersonators, trying to add to his mystique.

MF Doom Death
MF Doom Death

“I appreciate all you’ve taught our children, our family, as well as me”. On Instagram, Jasmine posted. “Thank you for showing me how to forgive people and give them another chance instead of passing judgment and writing people off quickly.”

Jasmine remained mum regarding Doom’s cause of death, though. The precise circumstances of Doom’s passing remain unknown as of this writing. Somebody else claiming to be Doom’s cousin once claimed that the rapper passed away from an embolism on Reddit. However, the post was later taken down.


MF Doom has been around for a while, but his numerous stage names may have affected how dedicated he has been to his art. Despite his past struggles, he has progressed to become a legend in the underground music scene and, more recently, in the mainstream.

Under the various names he has used, Daniel has amassed a sizable cult following thanks to his persona and rhyme scheme. Together with live performances, record sales, and contracts, this has contributed to MF doom’s net worth growth.

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