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Madlib net worth is a hidden number. He is renowned for his outstanding DJ performances as well as is one of the most well-liked DJ artists in the business. He has become well-known in the industry thanks to his associations with notable musicians like Freddie Gibbs, MF Doom, as well as J Dilla.

He is also well-known in the rap scene, where he has performed in numerous events. He is also a talented musician. Although Madlib is his stage name, his real surname is Otis Jackson Jr. He has performed for well-known record companies like Madlib Invazion and Stones Throw. The audience has praised him for his outstanding performances on his solo album “The Unseen,” which he published in 2000.

He has collaborated on several albums with the artist, which has advanced his career. “Soundpieces: Da Antidote,” his joint debut album with DJ Romes and Wildchild, was released in 1999. He samples some instruments, such as the bass guitar, keyboards, sampler, as well as turntables. Within a week of years of experience, he has become a well-known figure in the music business.

The most well-known American DJ Madlib is thought to have a net worth of around $4 million, according to many online resources (Wikipedia, Forbes, Bloomberg). Madlib’s versatility helped him establish himself as one of the most well-known figures in the music business. He has worked with renowned musicians like MF DOOM and J Dilla.

What is Madlib net worth
What is Madlib net worth

He became well-known for his collaborations with this artist, which led to favorable opportunities for his musical career. As a musician, he has also given live performances. Since he first entered the music industry, Madlib’s career has developed significantly.

Madlib generates a sizable income from the music business. Additionally, he is well known for his DJ showings. Acting as the DJ at live concerts is Madlib’s leading source of income. For issuing songs and albums, the record label pays him well. He also receives payment for the albums he produces in collaboration with other musicians, which is another income source for him. In 2022, Madlib will have a net worth of $4 million from his professional life in the music industry, and he’s currently earning thousands of dollars from it.

  • Early life

Madlib is now 49 years old. The American city of Oxnard, California, is where Madlib was born. He was raised in the predictable routine of his parents, Dora Sinesca, as well as Otis Jackson, Sr. His parents inspired him to get into music. His parents and other family members work in the music business. His parents both come from musical families and then were raised in them. Michael “Oh No” Jackson, his younger brother, is a producer as well as a rapper. Jazz trumpeter Jon Faddis is his uncle.

Early life 2
Early life 2

He was brought up in Oxnard, where he also started playing music. He has been using the internet for music when he was a small kid. 

He began playing the piano when he was a teenager and learned most of the techniques from his grandparents and other family members. His uncle Jon Faddis is a well-known trumpet player, and his younger brother is also a producer and rap artist in the music business. He has been working in music for a long time, becoming well-known for his outstanding performances, and is currently among the most prominent musicians.

  • Career

1993–1998: Early career

Madlib established a loose-knit collective of rap artists who collaborated with him in his Oxnard, California, “Crate Diggas Palace” studio at the beginning of the 1990s. This group, which was primarily made up of his friends, adopted the name CDP. Affiliated performers in the crew included Oh No, the younger brother of Madlib, Kankick, Dudley Perkins, aka Declaime, M.E.D., aka Medaphor, and many others. The rap group Tha Alkaholiks was the subject of Madlib’s first industrially released music, which was created in 1993.

Madlib Career
Madlib Career

Later, he collaborated with the band Lootpack to record he possess music. On a label also named Crate Diggas Palace, Madlib’s father published their 12-inch EP Psyche Move in 1995. The group was signed by Stones Throw Records’ founder, Peanut Butter Wolf, in 1998 after this album caught his attention.

1999–2009: Stones Throw Records

With the release of Lootpack’s new album Soundpieces: Da Antidote in 1999, Stones Throw began a decade-long series of releases centered on Madlib’s production work. The album received favorable reviews and was listed by Spin as one of year’s top 20 albums.

A series of updates from yesterday’s New Quintet, a jazz-based, hip-hop, as well as an electronic-influenced quintet, thought up of Madlib’s alter egos or fictional musicians, was released in 2001 as Madlib transitioned away from hip-hop music. The increasing number of aliases and fictional players became recognized as yesterday’s Universe over the following few years through numerous record updates on Stones Throw as well as other labels.

Stones Throw Records
Stones Throw Records

Afterward, in 2003, Madlib was allowed to remix songs from the Blue Note Records vault, which he did and released as Shades of Blue. The album also featured freshly recorded renditions of Blue Note originals, some of which were attributed to Yesterdays New Quintet members, in furthermore to the remixes. 

2003 saw Madlib return to hip-hop music and announce two group endeavors. He formed the Jaylib duo with hip-hop producer J Dilla, who published Champion Sound. Madlib then formed Madvillain, a collaboration with rap artist MF DOOM. Their 2004 album Madvillainy, which was produced using a Boss SP-303 as well as a turntable, was eagerly awaited and received favorably, topping numerous critics’ year-end lists. In addition to his hip-hop projects, Madlib continued to produce jazz music throughout the remainder of the decade.

2010–present: Madlib Invazion, Madlib Medicine Show

To publish a music series titled Madlib Medicine Show, Madlib announced the creation of his label, Madlib Invazion, in 2010. It would take the series more than two years to wrap up, with 13 album releases as well as several vinyl-only EPs covering jazz, hip hop, remixes, as well as various genre DJ mixtapes. Beyond the initial series, the label has kept on releasing music. 

With the publication of the EP Thuggin, Freddie Gibbs, as well as Madlib, revealed their intentions to collaborate on an album. On June 28, 2019, the duo, who became known as MadGibbs, published a follow-up album called Bandana.

In a 2010 interview with LA Weekly, Madlib asserted that Kanye West had put five of his heartbeat on hold once more for a song he was beginning to work on. 

Madlib Invazion
Madlib Invazion

He was also widely speculated to be a part of Jay-Z, and Kanye West’s joint album Watch the Throne, but he wasn’t. In an interview for the Stones Throw documentary Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton from 2014, West discusses operating with Madlib and his desire for more of his beats for upcoming works.

Madlib produced the song. The track reportedly came from the 2010 recordings of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

While being interviewed for Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton, West also recited a few lines from the song. By thanking Madlib for having to send over six beat CDs, West also suggested via Twitter that they might work together again in the future.

On February 20, 2019, a Chicago producer named Thelonious Martin claimed that Mac Miller, as well as Madlib, was allegedly working on an album titled MacLib at the time of the rapper’s passing. On March 19, 2019, Madlib responded to this statement, saying that although he had captured an EP with Mac Miller in 2015 as well as 2017, he had no plans to release the EP.

But Madlib got to add in a June 3, 2019, conversation that he would release the EP if Mac Miller’s estate permitted him to. A MacLib song was done leak on February 8, 2020.

Logic, a fellow rap artist, as well as Madlib, collaborated on “Mars Only pt. 3,” which was published on April 23, 2021, on Logic’s YouTube channel underneath the name Madgic.

  • Personal life

He is not currently dating. He is not dating anyone. There is little information available about His prior relationships or engagements. Our database indicates that he is childless.

  • 3 facts about Madlib

He views looking for new beats as a difficult task.

Even though Madlib is passionate about making music, he finds looking for new beats quite overwhelming and exhausting. He claims that looking for albums or used music vinyl in record stores, followed by hours of intense listening, is how one finds new beats. Although his job is exhausting, the hours he spends searching for new beats give him a sense of peace because he shuts out the outside world and concentrates on his work.

Madlib and MF Doom shared a unique bond

Madlib and MF Doom shared a special musical bond before MF Doom’s passing. The 2004 hip-hop masterpiece Madvillainy was co-written by Madlib & MF Doom. In addition, they discussed their families and other facets of their lives. He acknowledged that MF Doom’s passing surprised him.

He was named the top hip-hop manufacturer alive in 2019 by Complex

Madlib was named the most significant hip-hop producer alive in 2019 by the media and news of Complex Entertainment. In a February 2020 interview with Complex News, Madlib expressed his appreciation for receiving recognition for his contributions. He was surprised by the news since he did most of his work in the shadows and had no idea he had such a significant influence on the music industry.

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