London On Da Track net worth – How much he has?

London On Da Track is the stage name of Tyler Holmes, an American rapper, music producer, and songwriter. He is best known for his joint collaborations with Young Thug, an Atlanta-based rapper. London is the source of popular songs like “Hookah” or “About the Money.” By 2022, it is anticipated that London On da Track net worth will be around $2 million.

As of this year, London On Da Track net worth is projected to be approximately $2 million. His musical career has brought him a sizable fortune. London has a YouTube channel with the same name, with 128K subscribers and more than 52M views.

Research, as according London on da Track, was the secret to his success. He admitted in an interview with XXL magazine that he used to do thorough research before even entering the studio to create his beats. He claims that to figure out what they are specifically looking for. He used to hear all of their records as well as every song. He says, “Post-production is always involved when I introduce a song to the artist. It’s not a draft of my beat, either. He differs from the beat-maker in this way. He approaches his work methodically, striving for excellence.

London on da Track net worth
London on da Track net worth

He also appreciates Young Thug for offering him the chance to succeed in the music industry. This demonstrates the personality of London. He will never forget the route he took to get there.

There is still a long way to go for this musician London on da Track. He’s here now. He briefly had three of his songs simultaneously just on Billboard Hot 100 in late 2014: “Lifestyle,” “About the Money,” as well as “Hookah.” It is not an exaggeration to say that he is currently one of the most well-known and in-demand music producers.

  • Early life

London On Da Track has the real name: London Tyler Homes. The rapper London was born in Atlanta in 1991. More details about his family background, parents, or academic background are required.

London On Da Track early life
London On Da Track early life

London started rapping only with group Dem Guyz just at age of 16. To save money, he began playing piano just at church. His group had been purchasing rap beats from SoundClick for 99 cents. He quickly started producing beats for rap artists. Later, he used online software to hone his craft.

  • Career

London was innovative and resourceful sometimes when it came to earning and saving money. His previous training at the church as a pianist paid off, and he began to make beats for the rap artists, earning a respectable living.

He quickly began honing these abilities using online software. When he started making beats for the American hip-hop group Rich Kidz, he experienced his first taste of fame. Rich Kidz later signed a deal with Columbia Records, as far as we are aware.Their fame spread to London as a result.

London on da Track career
London on da Track career

Very quickly, London rose to fame, and other bands, as well as groups, began clamoring to use his compositions. The visionary London exchanged attention for cash. To establish connections and gain exposure, he offered his beats for free to anyone who requested them. After receiving radio airplay for the song he wrote and produced for Rich Kidz, Pieon, London had no intention of turning back. He aspired to be a music producer as well as frequently a songwriter.

In 2011, he began working with Young Thug. Curtains were his initial song with them. Even though he was on his period, he kept giving away his beats for free. Around this time, Cash Money Records, an American record company established by the Williams brothers, offered London his 1st label deal. He has generated beats for T.I., Rich Gang, as well as Tyga since signing this record deal, & his singles have appeared on the Billboard Hot 100.

Via his collaborative efforts with many famous artists, his career graph has since risen. However, most of his studio work is with his hometown’s Rich Kidz, a group of teenage sensations.

  • Personal life

The rapper was dating Summer Walker, a singer-songwriter. Due to their common connection, they first met in the summer of 2019. London and Summer worked together to create her self-titled debut album. Summer announced she was pregnant on November 21st, 2020, via Instagram.

london on da track and his girlfriend
london on da track and his girlfriend

In March 2021, London became the father of a daughter. His relationship with Summer, her ex-girlfriend, has been tumultuous. In a latest Instagram story, Summer criticized London and claimed that she had been alerting her close friends and family about her participation with some other man. Even worse, she calls her the devil’s Ghetto baby daddy.

She wrote, “You have to stop harassing people and tell him to thank you, fu****’ weirdo,” after the story. London has a boy and a girl from a former relationship.

London on da Track might be dating right now. The specifics of his new relationship have not been made public. The specifics of his new relationship have not been made public.

  • Facts about London on the Track that you may not be aware of

With 2.6 million followers on Instagram alone, London continues to live by the mantra: “When sh*t doesn’t pop overnight, recall that it takes 24 hours to create a Toyota as well as six months to create a Rolls Royce.”

Facts about London On Da Track
Facts about London On Da Track

In honor of the producer being showcased in REVOLT Summit x AT&T’s “Stay Close To Your Craft” conversation, we compiled a list of seven facts about the hitmaker that you may not have been aware of. 

London began as a solo artist before transitioning to beatmaking

It all began when a 16-year-old London joined the hip hop crew Dem Guyz back to the house in Atlanta and started rapping. He gained writing as well as piano skills in the church, and he soon began making his beats to rap over. The city unexpectedly discovered his production, and he’s never looked back. He even enrolled at Full Sail University to broaden his software as well as program knowledge.

Working with The Chainsmokers allowed him to branch out into different genres

London has made a name for himself by working to hip hop’s elite, but he has always wanted to break boundaries and work across all genres. Collaborating with The Chainsmokers gave him his big break, propelling him into the public eye and bringing his R&B and rap training into the pop electronic music industry. Since then, he has collaborated with everyone, including NAV and Noah Cyrus.

Summer Walker’s Over It album was executive produced by him

You’ve probably listened to Summer Walker’s Over It album countless times if you even remotely love R&B. In addition to personally contributing to notable songs like “I’ll Kill You” with Jhene Aiko as well as “Body,” he also put on his executive producer hat by tightly collaborating with the R&B star as well as encouraging her to be outstanding. He undoubtedly contributed significantly to the masterwork that Over It turned out to be, even though the two had a loving relationship.

London is not only a producer, but also a songwriter

A producer and a beatmaker are very different from one another, but London is capable of both. He infinitely contributes by trying to write tips and giving the game a few of the most complex beats. In fact, “Lifestyle” was written in the kitchen by him and Young Thug.

His surname London has nothing to do with the English city

People will likely assume he is from the city given his name, London On Da Track. The native of Atlanta points out that this is untrue because his real birth name is London. Indeed, the justification comes from his mother, a former model. She was supposed to visit London for a fashion show. So she gave her son the name London.

London has two producer tags from Young Thug and one from Kodak Black

Given that London as well as Young Thug have unmatched chemistry and also have produced songs like “Digits,” “Check,” & “Power,” it only makes sense for Thug to contribute vocals. We ended up getting London on da Track! It is a banger, so you understand once you hear it. Kodak Black is the thing you hear once you listen to the tag, “I’m in London and ended up getting my beat from London.” A tag from Skooly from the early days in Atlanta is also on him.

He cashed out on a lovely crib in Encino, California

You merit a manor house when you receive so many hits that you cannot count them. London bought his new home in Encino, California, just outside of Los Angeles, with his steadfast work ethic as well as passion. It cost $2.6 million. The 4,500-square-foot apartment includes five bedrooms, the main suite, two walk-in closets, an outdoor kitchen, a pool, a spa, and other amenities. There’s now a motor court and a two-car garage for his automobiles.


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