Latto net worth 2023

What is Latto net worth in 2023? She worked as a professional singer to support herself. She appeared on television in 2016 just on competition show The Rap Game, where she took first place in the inaugural season as Miss Mulatto. After Latto’s song “Bitch from da Souf” was issued in 2019, she became well-known.

The song debuted just on Billboard Hot 100 in August 2020 as well as peaked at number 95. After collaborating with hip hop artists Saweetie and Trina on such a cover of a track, Latto released the follow-up only one “Muwop” with Gucci Mane through 2020.

What is Latto net worth
What is Latto net worth

Latto, an American rap artist, has a $2 million fortune. After winning the first season of the reality tv show “The Rap Game,” Latto first gained widespread attention in 2016. Exactly three years later, with massive hit “Bitch from da Souf,” she made her public debut. Now since the time, Latto has experienced increased success with tracks like “Muwop” and “Big Energy” from her sophomore album and new album, “Queen of Da Souf,” in both.

  • Early life

Latto, for whom real surname is Alyssa Michelle Stephens. She was born in 1998, in Columbus, Ohio, to Shayne as well as Misti. She identifies as an American and practices Christianity as her faith.

Mr. Shayne Pitts, an entrepreneur by career path, is Latto’s dad, as well as Mrs. Misti Pitts, a housewife, is her mom. Her two siblings are. Josh Hyland is her brother, as well as Brooke Hyland, is her sister.

Latto biography
Latto biography

She was brought up in Clayton County, Georgia, after her parents moved there when she was just two years old. At ten years old, Stephens started creating her hip-hop music. She participated in drag racing as well. She was a teen and went to Lovejoy High School. Her skin tone, which is a mixture of her white mom’s and her black dad’s, was often made fun of by her peers. Stephens adopted the racial designation of “mulatto” as her nom de guerre even before she started rapping professionally. This was later abbreviated to Latto.

She has not yet submitted a college admissions application. Since she was a small kid, she too have always placed a higher priority on acting as well as other extracurriculars than on her academics.

Latto is a lovely young woman with an endearing and endearing personality in addition to a sweet smile. Her slim body shape & impressive physique metrics make for a stunning physique.

  • Career

Latto began her professional career only recently, in 2016, on the top-rated television program The Rap Game. She was successful after winning the show. However, she declined the So So Def Records offer due to the lower compensation. Later, she started doing independent artistic work. In 2017, she issued a mixtape titled Latto Let ‘Em Know. It was successful because it contained some well-known songs, including Response Diss.

Bitch from da Souf, her debut single, which she dropped in 2019, was a big hit. She received a recording contract from RCA records as a result of her achievement. Queen of da Souf, her debut album, entered the public eye in 2020. Her album was a huge success and produced the immensely popular single Muwop. Her sophomore album, 777, was published in 2022.

Latto Career
Latto Career

The album’s lead single, Big Energy, launched on the Billboard Hot 100 at third spot. Additionally, Latto has made numerous tv appearances on programs such as Love & Hip Hop: Miami, Wild ‘n Out, etc. Latto has won awards from of the Georgia Music Awards as well as the BET Awards. She has also received numerous award nominations.

Latto has been nominated for four awards, and she has won the last two of them. MTV as well as the Georgia Music Awards both gave her awards. Both the MTV Video Music Awards and the Georgia Music Awards have nominated her.

Mixtapes and first singles

Stephens’ debut song, “No More Talking,” was made available at the start of 2016. Afterward, she worked on the song “Tough on the Internet” to Lil Niqo, a further “Rap Game” contestant. Stephens received the Youth Hip Hop/R&B Award just at Georgia Music Awards after the release of her debut mixtape, “Miss Mulatto.”

Mixtapes and first singles
Mixtapes and first singles

Through April 2017, she published “Latto Let Em Know,” her 2nd mixtape. Track by Silentó, Lil Key, as well as Crucial was featured. The song “Response Diss,” a diss song aimed directly at fellow “Rap Game” player Young Lyric, was a standout on the mixtape. After this, the pair continued to trade trash songs for a very long time. To close out the year, Stephens issued an EP titled “Time and Pressure.”

Breakthroughs in the mainstream

In 2018, Stephens’ legitimate stage name changed to Mulatto, as well as she eventually released a mixtape under that name. She decided to release “Bitch from da Souf,” that also topped the charts at 95 just on Billboard Hot 100 and was certified Gold by the RIAA, earlier in the year.

Latto subsequently released her 2nd EP, titled “Big Latto,” in June. She published her third EP, “Hit the Latto,” in December and also had success with her cover version of “Bitch from da Souf,” which she worked on with fellow rap artists Trina as well as Saweetie.

First studio album and subsequent singles

Latto signed a contract with RCA Records in March 2020, primarily due to “Bitch from da Souf’s” success. Later that month, she published “No Hook,” an advertising single, as well as the month after that, “He Say She Say,” some other advertising single. “Muwop,” a hit song by Latto featuring Gucci Mane, was issued in July.

First studio album and subsequent singles
First studio album and subsequent singles

She later removed her debut album, “Queen of Da Souf,” in August. In December, a lengthier version became available. It contained five brand-new songs, such as the Lil Baby-featuring single “Sex Lies.”

Latto altered her stage name to Latto in May 2021, the same month she also released a new song titled “The Biggest.” She released “Big Energy,” the top-spot single from her anticipated second album. Whenever it reached its peak position of number 42 just on Billboard Hot 100, it’s become her top song to date. “Southside,” Latto’s most recent single, was issued in November.


Latto has worked with a wide range of many other performers all throughout her short career. She worked on the famous “Bitch from da Souf” cover version with Trina as well as Saweetie, as well as the NLE Choppa single “Make Em Say.”

Latto and GloRilla
Latto and GloRilla

Along with City Girls and Doja Cat, Latto appeared on the cover version of the Chloe x Halle song “Do It” in September 2020. She was featured on the G-Eazy song “Down,” also published that day. Additionally, Latto has worked with artists like 2 Chainz, Janelle Monáe, Jacob Latimore, as well as Future.

  • “The Rap Game”

Stephens joined the ensemble of Queen Latifah as well as Jermaine Dupri-produced reality show “The Rap Game” on Lifetime in 2016. The exhibition, which was organized like a boot camp, accompanied aspiring rap artists as they competed against one another over eight weeks in various tasks.

Stephens, using the alias Miss Mulatto, won the competition, and So So Def Records then extended an offer to sign her to a record deal. Stephens declined the offer as she was dissatisfied with the remuneration arrangement and opted to pursue a career as an individual artist.

  • Personal life

Latto is not currently married. She hasn’t started dating anybody yet. She had also dated Key Glock in history. In terms of business, Latto launched her Pitstop Clothing establishment in 2017. Georgia’s Jonesboro is home to the store. Latto was apprehended for a theft she didn’t commit in 2019 after being mistaken for another woman. She unveiled the song “Fuck Rice Street” to express her rage over the event.

Personal life
Personal life

Since May 2019, Latto was detained for theft after being misconstrued for another woman. In the song “Fuck Rice Street,” she published, she proclaimed her innocence and vented her rage at the police.

Stephens began writing rap songs when she was ten years old because she wanted to be a rap artist. Before having to decide to embark on a career in songs, she competed in drag racing.

Stephens used the stage name Miss Mulatto once she began her music career because she had been called “fair-skinned” in class, which led to her use of the term.

  • Latto Assets

Home: Latto is a well-known American famous person who began her career in Atlanta and has won praise from critics. In her career, she has achieved several milestones. Latto frequently resides in her home in Atlanta.

Car collection: Latto owns a sizable number of automobiles. She enjoys driving and has always been a big fan of automobiles. Latto owns a Range Rover, a Mercedes Benz, and numerous other vehicles.


That’s all about Latto net worth. Latto is a very well-known and big name, as well as her career is predicted to soar to great heights. The fact that Latto has never disappointed her fan base is her best quality. She has a solo album and numerous singles under her belt. The majority of her works are wildly successful and well-liked. Her flexibility and love of hip-hop are undoubtedly in a league of their own.

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