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JID is a well-known American rap artist and songwriter who is associated with Dreamville Records and therefore is renowned for his intricate rhyme schemes and excellent lyrics. He’s widely regarded as one of hip hop’s young prospects, and each new song he releases expands his discography. JID net worth – Do you know how much he has?

The Atlanta rapper made rapping his full-time career in 2010 when he collaborated with the rap group Earthgang and released his debut mixtape. He has since released two solo albums, four collaborative effort projects, as well as four solo mixtapes.

JID’s exact net worth is unknown, but according to NetWorthSpot, it is estimated to be $5.03 million. According to some, JID is worth a lot more. When considering revenue streams other than Instagram, our team estimates that JID. is worth more than $8.04 million.

What is Jid net worth
What is Jid net worth

Moreover, JID has been making money from touring since 2016 despite his being a relatively new artist. Along with artists like Tory Lanez, J. Cole, and Logic, he has performed on tour and at numerous music festivals.

  • JID merch

JID moves his products through a legitimate store. T-shirts, hoodies, as well as accessories are available items. Although JID’s endorsement agreements aren’t entirely public, it has been affirmed that the rap artist recently struck agreements with the company Vans.

The emcee has received praise from critics as well as some recent record sales. Never, 151 Rum, and Off Deez are his gold-certified songs.

  • How much does JID earn?

According to reports, JID earns $1.01 million annually. JID has 1.1 million Instagram followers. For comparison, the typical Instagram profile has 150 followers. That implies JID has more fans than 7.35 times the average number of accounts. Each of JID’s posts receives about 86.51 thousand likes, far exceeding the average of 21 likes per Instagram account.

How much does JID earn
How much does JID earn

In comparison to YouTube, Instagram doesn’t really pay influencers for viewpoints. After all, Instagram celebrities with a sizable fan base can demand a high price for posting sponsored content. An Instagram profile information value is determined by its content, engagement rate, and fan count. The JID engagement rate is excellent at 0.0785%.

Accounts in this area may charge anywhere between $2 as well as $4 per thousand fans, possibly even more. Most excellent likely accounts with lower engagement rates couldn’t charge so much. Having such a large following allowed JID to charge $2.76k for a single change. However, in some circumstances, the rate could even be higher, rising to $5.51 thousand. If JID only posted one sponsored update per day, the profile might be earning $2.01 million annually.

Influencers rarely make their entire living from sponsored photos. They frequently run businesses, introduce original products, appear in advertisements, or promote original content. When our team considers these additional revenue streams, JID’s earnings, as well as net worth, are much higher than what NetWorthSpot is estimating.

Although JID’s actual net worth is unknown to the general public, our team estimates it to be around $5.03 million. JID is likely worth more than $8.04 million once our experts consider JID’s sources of income outside of Instagram. In reality, JID’s Instagram profile has 1.1 million followers. That suggests JID receives over 7.35 thousand times the typical account’s number of fans. Compared to the typical 1,261 likes that Instagram profile pics receive, JID’s posts averaged 86.51 thousand prefers each.

  • Early life

Carl Louis Route Jr. as well as Kathy Jean Route were the parents of JID when he was birthed in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1990. The rap artist, who is the youngest of his seven children, attributes Rachael for being the first person to take his music career sincerely.

Early life 12
Early life 12

Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, is where the rap artist was raised and was born. JID was brought up, particularly in East Atlanta. He was raised in the renowned Zone 6 neighborhood, where the legendary trap artist Gucci Mane resides.

Georgia’s DeKalb County is home to Stephenson High School, where JID studied. As a cornerback, he participated in varsity football here anyway. He was even awarded a scholarship to play for Hampton University at Division I level.

He will indeed play two distinct seasons after redshirting his freshman season before being dismissed from the team. The fact that JID met as well as moved in with Doctur Dot & Johnny Venus of Earthgang whereas in Virginia suggests that it could have been a blessing in disguise.

  • Career

JID debuted as a rapper in 2010 with the discharge of his mixtape Cakewalk. Prior to being recruited for local stage concerts, he paid for his ascent by delivering food as well as continuing to work at contact centres.

Additionally, in 2010, he collaborated with Earthgang, Hollywood JB, as well as JordxnBryant to create the rap group Spillage Village. JID released three tapes from 2011 to 2013 under the titles Cakewalk 2, Route of All Evil, as well as Para Tu.

JID Career
JID Career

JID has a strong passion for music and aspires to be a rap artist in the future. On May 18, 2010, he published Cakewalk, his debut mixtape. He previously established the Spillage Village in the year along with Hollywood JB, EarthGant, and JordxynBryant. On June 29, 2011, his 2nd mixtape, “Cakewalk 2,” was made available. The rap artist received great respect and love from his fan base, not only in America but also in the surrounding nations.

On June 25, 2012, his third playlist, labeled “Route of All Evil,” was made available. Famous musicians like Stillz, as well as EarthGang, made appearances on that album as guests. In the beginning, Route found it extremely challenging to raise money for his music industry. To earn some money to support his rap career, he had to work in call centers as well as pizza restaurants. Finally, the time arrived when he was scheduled for local live performances. At this point, the celebrity began to profit financially from his musical endeavors.

On October 22, 2013, Route was capable of releasing his next mixtape, titled “Para Tu.” JID decided to reissue the same song on December 29, 2017, after realizing how popular it was. The updated album made the audience happier than ever.

DiCaprio EP, JID’s first substantial group project, was released on January 26, 2015. Bas’ “Too High to Riot” tour as well as Omen’s “Elephant Eyes Tour” are both blessings for JID. On December 2, 2016, the song “Bears Like This Too Much,” featuring Bas and J. Cole, was released. Ducko McFli, Mac Miller, J. Cole, as well as Childish Major produced the song.

What exactly does JID stand for?

When he was a young child, The Spitter’s grandma gave him the nickname. JID sounds like J-I-D because JID was known for his “jittery” behavior.

Rapper JID
Rapper JID

JID introduced 3 collaborative tapes with his Spillage Village leading candidates to gain attention further. His full-length debut single came after he agreed to sign with J. Cole’s Dreamville label in 2017.

JID Album

The Never Story, which JID published on March 10, 2017, received many positive reviews. Production for the project came from J. Cole, Childish Major, and other artists. In addition, JID handled most of the bars by himself while still pursuing guest appearances from Earthgang, 6LACK, and Mereba.

JID broke into the public eye with songs like Lauder, Hereditary, and Never. Even though the album’s peak position on the Billboard 200 chart was only 197, fans still laud it.

JID Dicaprio 2

Using the momentum from being named to the 2018 XXL Freshman Class, the rap artist started releasing singles in advance of his second studio album. On November 26, 2018, Dicaprio 2 was published, and the lead singles were 151 Rum and Off Deez with J. Cole.

The project, which DJ Drama hosted, sold 16,970 units within its first week and debuted at position 41 on the Billboard 200 chart. A$Ap Ferg, Method Man, and Joey Badass were just a few of the many guests who appeared on the album.

  • Personal life

JID unsurprisingly drew inspiration from several legendary musicians. Sly and the Family Stone, Wu-Tang Clan, Outkast, and numerous others come to mind. His mom and dad’s collection of soul and funk tapes served as his introduction to music.

JID Personal life
JID Personal life

In reality, the rap artist was expelled from the university a few hours before graduating. Due to an old injury, he was compelled to live in his Pontiac G6 sedan after losing his full-ride athletic scholarship.

In the eyes of the public, JID is unmarried and childless. The rap artist, who is only 31 years old, has contracts with Dreamville, Interscope, as well as SinceThe80s.

JID is very forthcoming when discussing his professional life. Although he chooses to keep his private issues and trying to date discussions private. He has asserted in numerous interviews that he wants to concentrate on his professional life without getting involved in romantic relationships with women. His large family is something he enjoys doing in his free time. His plans currently do not include getting married.

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