How Much Is James Cruz Net Worth?

James Cruz, an audio engineer from the United States, has experience working in the music business. James Cruz, the owner of Zeitgeist Sound in Long Island City, New York, feels the same way. He also has significant engineering abilities in the areas of professional instruments, audio engineering, audio post-production, dwell sound, and composition. Are you curious about James Cruz’s net worth?

James Cruz: Who is he? 

A sound engineer with a successful track record in the music industry is James Cruz, who is from the United States of America. James Cruz, the owner of Zeit Music Production companies in Long Island City, New York, connects it to Zeitgeist Sound Studios. 

In addition, he possesses strong technical expertise in composition, audio engineering, audio post-production, and Pro Tools. James Cruz, her family name, is also the name of a well-known American engineer. James Cruz started his professional career as an engineer after being born in the U.s. He belongs to the illustrious generation of engineers who are over the age of.

James Cruz
James Cruz

 James Cruz of Visionary Sound Studios in Long Island, New York, is an entrepreneur who holds a similar philosophy. He also possesses strong professional engineering abilities in songwriting, audio engineering, audio post-production, and Pro Tools.

New York, New York, is the city where James Cruz was born. When James was born is a subject of contention. According to numerology, he was born under the Capricorn sign. The names of an American audio engineer’s father and his other half have not yet been made public, which is similar to this.

Cruz has also stopped the media from knowing anything about his personal life. Once James has disclosed his details, we will enlighten you further about his family. When it comes to education, James Cruz is a man with a lot of knowledge. He started attending Five Towns College in 1990, where he completed his studies in 1992.

James Cruz is a reasonably physically fit and healthy individual based on his body dimensions. This person has not, however, provided any precise information on the sizes and dimensions of his physique. Once James discloses his physical measurements, we will let you know what they are.

Early life James Cruz

The United States of America’s New York City is where James Cruz was born. James’ precise birthday remains a mystery. He is an Aquarius, which is the sign of the water bearer, in astrology. The identities of the father and another half of an American audio engineer who is comparable to this have not yet been made public to the media.

Cruz has also shielded the media from the details of his life. As soon as James divulges his details, we will just let everyone understand his

background. James Cruz is a man with a strong educational foundation, to put it mildly. He attended Five Towns College in 1990, and he earned his degree there in 1992.

Early life James Cruz
Early life James Cruz

When the famous rapper was a small kid, he found that health was very important and that the boy was hard-working to exercise. Cruz has a physically fit and healthy body, according to measurements. However, this man hasn’t given any information on the exact sizes and measurements of his body. When James discloses his physical measures.

Married life James Cruz

James Cozy is a married man, therefore let’s talk about his romantic state. The audio engineer hasn’t yet given the media the name of his wife, though. James will share his knowledge after which we will learn about his wife.

The professional life of James Cruz

 1992 marked the start of James Cruz’s professional life. 1992 marked the start of James Cruz’s career. He worked at The Hit Manufacturing Company during its “golden period” under the guidance of Chris Gehringer, Herb Powers Jr., and Tom Coyne. He has developed statistical skills for musicians including OutKast, Lil’ Kim, Maxwell, Mary Mary, Toni Braxton, and Mary Mary. 

His employment at Sony Music Studio as a Senior Mastering Engineer began shortly after. Alongside Calle 13, Natasha Bedingfield, and Lil Wayne, he worked on an artist project. James, on the other hand, had a sizable clientele from all over the world, including people from England, Serbia, Japan, and Australia. He put through 9 years of work at Sony Music Studio.

The professional life of James Cruz
The professional life of James Cruz

In Long Island City, New York, James founded Momentum Music Production companies in 2008. His 1st Hispanic Oscar was awarded to him for producing Calle 13’s “Los De Atras Vienen Conmigo.” 

The “Entran Los Que Quieran” album by Calle 13 was created by James Cruz and released in 2011. It went on to be awarded a record-breaking 9 Latin Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year.

In addition, he established Zeitgeist Sound Studio in Long Island City, New York, in the year 2009. At the time, he had both the owner and mastering engineer positions at Zeitgeist Sound Studio. James did, however, function as a researcher at the School of Audio Engineering from 2014 to 2017.

 In a similar vein, he started working as a resident sound engineer at Perfecting Religion Church in 2018. More than 400 albums have been recorded by this person, several of them receiving gold or platinum certifications.

The Engineer Expert who was born is very likely the most significant individual on the planet. James Cruz has a significant social media following and is knowledgeable.

In the world of celebrities, James is a great influencer. He usually posts a range of personal photos and videos to communicate with her sizable online following because of his significant social media following. It helps to be well-established in order to become a social media personality, but he illustrates that you are required to have a personal or genuine touch in order to be successful on Social media such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Channel, and perhaps other platforms. Communicating with your subscribers is another must.

James Cruz Awards 

Jame Cozy, who won his first Latin Grammy in 2011, mastered the Calle 13 song “Los De Atras Vienen Conmigo.” Entren Los Que Quieran,” a career-high nine Hispanic Music Awards for Album of the Year, was planned and executed by James Cruz using a similar technique for Calle 13’s compositions.. The year 2000 saw James win “Grateful” the award for the Best Modern Soul Gospel Album. In addition, he was presented with a Grammy in January 2013 for Mary Mary’s Greatest Gospel Music.

James Cruz Awards
James Cruz Awards

James Cruz has also made a significantly large sum of money throughout his chosen profession. According to estimations, James Cruz’s net worth on online platforms is close to $1.5 million US. The audio engineer, however, has not made public in the media his exact earnings or salary.

When it comes to physical attributes, James Cruz is generally physically fit and in good health. This character hasn’t, however, provided any specific information on the dimensions and sizes of his body. When James shares his information.

James is active on Facebook and Instagram, to continue with the topic of social media. On Instagram, where he uploads underneath the username @jamescruz, he has 193 followers. In addition, he uses the name “James Cruz” on his Facebook account. 

How much money is James Cruz net worth?

Around $1.5 million USD is estimated to be  James Cruz’s net worth. On the other hand, the audio engineer is still holding back on telling the media how much money he actually makes.

Having mastered Calle 13’s song “Los De Atras Vienen Conmigo,” James Cozy was awarded his first Latin Grammy in 2011. The same goes for James Cruz, who was the creative force behind Calle 13’s album “Entren Los Que Quieran,” which set a record by earning a record-breaking nine Latin Grammy Awards for Album of the Year. James also won in 2000 for his album “Thankful,” which is categorized as Best Contemporary Soul Gospel. In addition, he received the Grammy for Mary Mary’s Best Gospel Song in January 2013. 

How much money is James Cruz net worth
How much money is James Cruz net worth

Throughout his professional career, James Cozy has also earned a considerable amount of money. James Cruz’s net worth is estimated in the range of $1.5 million. The audio engineer hasn’t yet made his exact income or compensation public, though.

In addition to being the owner of Future Audio Studio in Long Island, New York, James Cruz is a Music award Award-winning expert on sound dominance. He is a Producer, Editor, and member of the Sound Department.


 James Cruz net worth is a voice dominance expert who has been awarded a Grammy Award, as well as the owner of Zeitgeist Music Studios in Long Island City, New York. The reason why he said that is because he had to contribute a lot to the music path in the world. Not only that, people around the world were inspired by numerous music works of rappers. 

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