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Pierre Delince, popularly known as JackBoy, is a 25-year-old Florida rapper. The rapper is most well-known for his collaborations with fellow rapper Kodak Black. JackBoy’s debut mixtape, “Stick Up Kid,” was set to release in 2016. As of 2022, what is JackBoy net worth? 

jack boy net worth
jack boy net worth

JackBoy amassed a massive net worth of $2.5 million as of 2022. Although he has no desire to become a rapper, he is content to provide his mother with a house as well as a car. He even expressed gratitude to his brother Kodak, telling him, “I got 3 cars, paid off. I won. I’m not going to post here and criticize my brother. The number might be higher if it weren’t for his numerous legal issues.

  • Early life

In Haiti, JackBoy was born on 27, 1997. Pierre Delince is his surname. At six years old, his parents relocated to the US. He resided in a number of South Florida cities prior to resolving in Pompano Beach. JackBoy is very proud of his Haitian heritage and belongs there. In reality, he wrote and published the song Spittin Facts on May 18, Haitian Flag Day.

Due to his upbringing in poor, JackBoy chose the criminal life. Even so, he has acknowledged that starting to grow on the street encouraged him to turn to crime. Once JackBoy was 11 years old, he was arrested for the first time for trying to break into someone’s home. He was only imprisoned for one day following his capture. JackBoy was detained at the juvenile detention facility because he kept engaging in criminal activity as he got older. He remained there until he turned 17 years old.

jackboy early life
jackboy early life

However, he kept getting into trouble also after leaving the detention facility. When he turned 18, he started committing additional crimes like aggravated battery, card fraud, and armed robbery. He was given the nickname JackBoy, which designates someone who robs banks. By turning 22, he had gotten into serious trouble and spent eight years behind bars.

He initially wants to play football. However, he noticed a change over time, primarily due to his family background. His early involvement in crime, in particular, prevented him from realizing his dreams. He was consequently imprisoned from the age of 13 to 17 years old.

  • JackBoy Career

He developed his patience and observation skills while incarcerated. While in jail, he aspired to be a rapper. JackBoy freestyled in the starting of his singing career. In 2016, he recorded his 1st freestyle song, which featured rapping over the song “Hot Nigga” by Bobby Shmurda. His debut mixtape, “Stick Up Kid,” with appearances from PnB Rock as well as his former friend Kodak Black, was released in December 2016.

jackboy career
jackboy career

He wasn’t taking music sincerely, even when the mixtape was released. After being sent back to jail, he considered turning to songs as his career. He realized that the rap could keep him from getting into further trouble while imprisoned. The most recent arrest JackBoy made was in August 2019 for marijuana possession and violating his probation. However, he was only imprisoned for a single day before being let out the next.

JackBoy’s best buddy Kodak sounds comparable to him earlier. But over these four years, he was able to create his unique sound as he invested more time in the studio. The song “Bipolar” from his 2019 mixtape “Lost In My Head” features his distinctive voice.

In April 2019, he issued his debut album, “JackBoy.” His album appeared on the Billboard 200’s 96th ranking. He has released 7 albums so far. On December 18, 2020, his most excellent recent album, “Love Me While I’m Here,” was made available.

  • Personal life

In 2020, JackBoy was seeing a woman by the name of Jolene. Because there are no rumors of him dating someone, he may be single. Recently, Kodak Black, JackBoy’s alleged closest buddy, tweeted about a person who was unappreciative, drawing attention to JackBoy. As soon as JackBoy realized the tweet was intended for him, he responded to the user with the songs to Kevin Gate’s song “Vouch.”

jackboy personal life
jackboy personal life

Although the two closest friends have been indistinguishable since they were young, something may have interfered with and caused them to have tense online disagreements. Later, JackBoy noted Kodak as his brother on Instagram Live.

How the age of Jackboy?

In October 2022, Jackboy will be 25 years old. He celebrates his birthday on August 27 annually.

Does Jackboy have a girlfriend?

Hip-hop artist single is. Additionally, there is no evidence that he has ever dated a woman. Presumably, he prioritizes developing his career and improving his social standing first.

How tall is Jackboy?

He measures 170.18 cm in height and weighs about 121.25 Ibs or 55 kg. Undoubtedly, Jackboy is a gifted and tenacious rapper. He is avoiding trouble by using his skill. He has been on his best behavior and performing the activities he loves most since his most recent release from prison. He has been Kodak Black’s close friend for a long time.

Owner luxury car

jackboy owner luxury car
jackboy owner luxury car

Like many other well-known celebrities, JackBoy enjoys driving luxuries and owns a number of pricey vehicles. He started spending $1,150,000 on a brand-new McLaren P1. In addition, Jackboy owns various cars, including a Lamborghini Aventador, Rolls-Royce Phantom, BMW, and others.

  • Jackboy has been arrested

Delince was birthed in Florida in 1997. Because he was raised in a rough part of the city, he was constantly exposed to the sale of drugs, the carrying of weapons, and other illegal activities.

Perhaps these influences began to impact him as a young child, leading to his beginning to engage in similar activities. He spent a lot of time incarcerated and released from jail as a teenager as a result. But he was familiar with Kodak Black and was aware of his fame. He received much support from Black, a primary motivator for him to start rapping.

jackboy has been arrested
jackboy has been arrested

He did precisely that after being let out of prison. In 2016, he gradually began to create high-caliber music, contributing to mixtapes such as Stick Up Kid, which also featured PnB Rock. He eventually joined the SniperGang record company run by Kodak Black, in which he later put out hits such as “G to the A” as well as “Bitch I’m Up.”

Even though Delince was released from prison in September 2019, he has yet to break his bad habits and is currently facing additional time behind bars. The Florida police had become dubious when they learned he was using marijuana, which led to his most serious crash. Due to the incident, he will now serve a 7-month sentence sometimes though he had already served and over a year in prison.

But Delince made good use of his time in jail, claiming in an interview that because one has all day to think, prison is where some of his best music is created. With a new beginning, Delince anticipates releasing new mixtapes as well as albums soon, with his most recent offering being the single “Lost In My Head.”

  • Jackboy and Kodak Black – What happened between them?

Fans, including both Kodak Black as well as Jackboy, think that the once close friends have split up.

Kodak popped up to be targeting Jackboy in a cryptic tweet. “Made A ‘M’ Off Lil Jack,” analyze the tweet. “Took Long Enough However Dat Businezz Should Be Stood On,” he continued.

He concluded by saying, “These N***as Ungrateful.”

Soon after, Jackboy replied to the tweet with the song’s lyrics from Kevin Gates, “Vouch.”

jackboy and kodak black
jackboy and kodak black

Put the people in my business; you’ve got to schedule court dates and hire attorneys. Damn, this is how we roll. They claimed copyright on my name and demanded $1 million. I had to pay out of my pocket because the label laughed in my face.

Fans made assumptions about what might have sparked the two people’s “argument.”

Jackboy finally spoke out on Instagram Live after keeping quiet for a while.

At the end of the day, he said this is my brother. Hey, I can holla at you if I see your number, as well as you. Unblock me on Instagram.”

“Those other things… Since Day One, everyone has known that Jackboy is an actual ass n***a. I won’t go into detail or try to explain anything to anyone. I don’t care. Instagram doesn’t interest me all that much.

“I never in my life would want to be a rap artist,” he continued. I likely began rapping three to four years ago,” he continued.

“This doesn’t mean much more to me. With this crap, I made millions. I’ve won already. I gave my mother a house. I won, purchased my mother a car, and paid it off. I have three vehicles that are all paid off. I won. I won’t enter this room and berate my brother.

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