Is Playboi Carti bisexual? Is it a scandalous rumor?

Even now, the challenges of his early life may be heard in the songs and way of life he leads. Carti’s stage name when he first started his career was Cartier. He erased practically all of his prior online material in 2012 after deciding to shift his artistic direction. Furthermore, he adopted the stage name Playboi Carti. He initially signed with the obscure Atlanta label “Awful Records” before subsequently switching to ASAP Rocky’s “AWGE”. But do you believe that Is Playboi Carti bisexual?

Who is Playboi Carti?

When he began his musical career in 2011, he first went by the stage name Sir Cartier (stylized as $ir Cartier).

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Playboi Caryi’s Early life

Playboi Carti was a member of his high school basketball team and had aspirations of playing in the NBA while still in high school. He did, however, frequently miss practice.

Playboi Caryis Early life
Playboi Caryis Early life

online content. He stopped playing basketball after having a disagreement with his coach and decided to focus all of his time on music. He focused on his music and worked at H&M during the days when he frequently missed class. In a previous interview, Carter disclosed that nobody attended his high school graduation since they were aware he would not receive a diploma because he seldom attended class.

Playboi Carti Personal life

Following a dispute with his then-girlfriend, Carti was taken into custody by the Los Angeles Police on suspicion of domestic assault in 2017. He reportedly dragged his girlfriend out of the airport somewhere at Airport with his luggage. The accusations were eventually withdrawn two months later.

Playboi Carti Music career

When Playboi Carti was a young youngster, he started posting his music online under the alias “Sir Cartier.” He decided to abandon Dad rather than join his independent musical company, “Terrible Recordings,” in 2012. Around this time, he started using the stage name “Playboi Carti” and deleted all of his prior

Playboi Carti Music career
Playboi Carti Music career

Two successful tracks, “Broke Boi” and “Fetti,” were released on “Soundcloud” by Carti in collaboration with American rappers Da$h and Maxo Kream. Thanks to the singles, he gained a lot of interest from the youthful audience on the internet platform. The smash song “Telephone Calls” from the hip hop group A$AP Mob’s debut studio album, “Cozy Tapes Vol. 1: Friends,” was released in 2016 after he left Father and transferred labels to the label run by A$AP Mob.

Carti’s debut mixtape, which he titled Carti, was published in April 2017 and debuted on the Billboard 200 at position number 12. He was known for multiple tours with famous rappers like Gucci Mane and Dreezy after his mixtape’s commercial success inspired him. Playboi Carti was selected as one of the top ten freshmen of 2017 by XXL magazine less than a year after releasing his self-titled debut mixtape.

Playboi Carti, who is well known for his distinctive fashion sense and sense of style, has also taken on a number of modeling jobs. The rapper would become one of the people who have massive influence, also be a professional fashionista, and inspire a lot of teenagers, those who love fashion and rap music he has received accolades from GQ. The way Carti dresses, which is reflected in his theatrical character, is also heavily implied by the way he behaves and looks. Balmain and RAF Simons are among his favorite labels. He cites Kanye West as an influence on his sense of style.

Is Playboi Carti bisexual?

Playboi Carti’s fans were undoubtedly excited about the release of his second studio album on Christmas day because it had been two years since he had put anything out. However, when Carti used Instagram Live to preview a song, he received criticism for his use of the phrase “They assumed I was homosexual” in the lyrics. On Twitter, the lyrics immediately became popular.

Is Playboi Carti bisexual
Is Playboi Carti bisexual

Internet Trolls Supposedly Create a Fake Image. Social internet trolls reportedly faked an Instagram story snapshot to suggest that Playboi Carti had come out as homosexual after rapidly appropriating his songs. Playboi Carti has not publicly acknowledged his sexual orientation despite fathering a kid with the rapper and model Iggy Azelia. However, it is clear from his songs that he self-identifies as heterosexual.

Rumors about gay dating are common. After that, Matthew Williams, the director of Givenchy, and Playboi Carti shared an Instagram story shot. This eventually gave rise to untrue rumors on Twitter by trolls asserting that Matthew and Carti were dating. 

A video of Playboi Carti and rapper Kid Cudi dancing to a leaked song was also subsequently discovered by online trolls. Kid Cudi was a featured artist on his album. A few people commented that Carti was staring at Cudi a little bit too intently.

When Playboi Carti’s album “Whole Lotta Red” was released at midnight, there was an internet uproar of dissatisfaction because of a build-up of bogus LGBT rumors, a phony coming-out photo, and internet trolls doing what they do best. The album is widely regarded as “crap” by many. It appeared as though being labeled as gay was a cause and effect that made it simple for individuals to board a hate train.

It’s crucial to realize that most of the justifications used for saying that Carti’s CD has “0 decent songs” are homophobic in nature. Many LGBT artists suffer from this, and many hip-hop fans fail to see past sexuality in favor of appreciating the music as a whole. Playboi Carti, regrettably, served as a prime illustration of that this time.

Despite the negative feedback on social media and negative press, Carti may still get his first career #1 record. Currently, Whole Lotta Red is expected to enter the top spot of the following Billboard 200 list. The controversial rapper’s new album is expected to sell a significant 125–135k copies in its first week, according to HDD’s projections, which might enable Taylor Swift to dethrone him as the number-one debutant on the chart the following week.

Is Playboi Carti bisexual 2
Is Playboi Carti bisexual 2

After discussing how homophobia caused unneeded and unjustified criticism of Playboi Carti’s record, we can only hope that things improve. Even though Carti has not explicitly said if he considers himself homosexual or even bisexual, it appears that his quiet has helped him in some way. Who knows whether other openly LGBT performers would ever be able to withstand a comparable onslaught? Gayes, what do you think?

Some admirers have speculated that Carti is gay in the middle of all of this because of his demeanor and sense of style. In a recent cover interview with Highsnobiety, Carti addressed these claims and claimed that he is just being himself. It goes without saying that Carti is unconcerned with your opinion.

“I’m going to put my crap upside down if your cross is straight,” Playboi Carti remarked. “If you don’t like cigarettes, then I’ll smoke as many as I can. I am opposed to everything. I do not deliberately want to attract attention by saying things like, “Oh, what the fuck’s Carti on? Is he homosexual or is he just playing games? I could care less, dude. I am being who I am. Wish I had entered in this manner. However, there are a few hints of such garbage if you look at my professional life. I could always see this, even when I was not dressed in all black and crap like that. It has always been me who says, “Oh yeah, dude out here, he on some whole other thing.

Is Playboi Carti dating?

Numerous famous people have been connected to the rapper. Blac Chyna, an American model, was his girlfriend in 2017. He began dating Australian musician Iggy Azalea in 2018, a year after they first met. Onyx Kelly, their son, was born to the couple in 2020. 

Since they first started dating, Iggy and Playboi Carti have had an on-and-off romance; she called it quits soon after giving birth to Onyx. Numerous times, Iggy has criticized him in front of the public for being a bad dad. They will never get back together, she says, since she simply wants him to be a part of their son’s life.

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