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Rapper Hopsin is from Los Angeles, California, and is American. Hopsin began concentrating his attention on rapping at 16 while participating in James Monroe High School. He decided to leave school as well as continue pursuing a career in music in 2004.

This American rapper is well-known for sporting colored contacts, which he selected because, in his opinion, they help him stand out from other African American artists and make an impression on his audience. And how much Hopsis net worth is the question.

Marcus Jamal Hopson is Hopsin’s real name. In his rapper professional life, the gifted rapper has made a sizeable fortune. As of December 2022, Hopsin has a whopping $4 million worth.

How did Hopsin amass such wealth? In actuality, Hopsin’s wealth began to increase as soon as he signed with Ruthless Records and issued his debut studio album. He became one of the well-known hip-hop artists with a sizable fan base in California due to numerous collaborative efforts with some of the most famous names in the business. Remember that he also started Funk Volume early on, which also had an impact.

what is Hopsin Net Worth
what is Hopsin Net Worth

He has made a fortune from his five album tracks, 44 singles, 48 music videos, and two mixtapes. Additionally, he earns money from tours, concerts, and other live performances. He also made a good deal of money by working with prestigious companies and well-known public figures.

Earning from album sales

Hopsin’s music career has contributed significantly to his rise in net worth. In November 2010, Hopsin published the album Raw, which featured the piece music “Sag My Pants.” The album sold over 500,000 copies. Then he published Pound Syndrome via Warner Bros. Records as well as Funk Volume.

The album reached its highest point in the United States at position 17 on the Billboard 200 as well as four on the Billboard Hot 100.

Knock Madness, an album by Hopsin, was published on November 26, 2013. It sold 12,000 copies within the first week and debuted at position 78 on the Billboard 200. Through his album tracks, songs, performances, as well as tours, he has made millions of dollars.

Earning from tours

hopsin earns from tours
hopsin earns from tours

Hopsin began a two-month nationwide tour in 2011 to support his album Raw. Hopkins as well as other Funk Volume musicians, then performed 58 shows over 60 days on a three-month world tour in 2012. He embarked on the Knock Madness album tour at the beginning of 2013.

Earning from movies and TV shows

Hopsin has popped up in ten different series, movies, and short films. His net worth has increased as a result of his acting career.

Paradise City, Seven Bucks Digital Studios, as well as Fame, are some of his best creations. Check out Hopsin net worth in various currencies:


Net worth


€ 3,583,160
Pound Sterling

£ 2,980,980

Australian Dollar

A$ 5,701,416

Canadian Dollar

C$ 5,093,980

Indian Rupee

₹ 299,944,000


฿ 108.37

  • The early life of the rapper

In 1985 saw the birth of Hopsin in Los Angeles, California. He grew up with two brothers and grew up in Panorama City, a Hispanic area in northwest Los Angeles, California before his wealth became a hot topic. He took special education classes nearby James Monroe High School, and many of his music videos reflect his passion for skateboarding.

hopsin early life
hopsin early life

The incident from 2004 in which Hopsin and a few friends were detained for desecrating James Monroe High School property is a story that is frequently brought up. The plan was for it to be a school trick, but they were all charged and are now being held on a $20,000 bail. 

Since being arrested, Hopsin dropped out of school earlier then and spent one year in the Los Angeles County Jail. After being freed from prison in 2005, he started exploring a music career, bought a microphone, and set up FL Studio (then known as FruityLoops) on his computer. He attributes his initial interest in hip-hop music to Eminem, a rap artist.

Due to his outspoken nature and eccentric appearance, particularly his use of colored contact lenses, he is pretty well-known. Hopsin is a talented rapper with many different skills. He has achieved international fame thanks to his talent for writing songs with memorable lyrics.

  • Hopsin’s career


Hopsin’s debut single, “Pans in the Kitchen,” which was released on May 27, 2008, resulted from his initial signing with Ruthless Records. The next year, his latest album, Gazing at the Moonlight, was published. Even so, Hopsin was compelled to leave the business quickly due to low pay, artist support, and promotion.

Hopsin career
Hopsin career

Hopsin established his label, Funk Volume, with Damien Ritter. A mixtape called Haywire was launched in June 2009. He released his first album, “Raw,” in 2010. Many people were interested in a song from of the album which was a diss song aimed at Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Drake, as well as Lupe Fiasco.

He founded the Undercover Prodigy record company in 2016. While his primary occupation is music, he also achieved great success as an actor and gained global acclaim. He has recorded 5 studio albums.


Hopsin is best known for his singing career and for significantly contributing to the music industry, but he is also a talented actor.

He made his film debut with Max Keeble Big in 2001. Ever since he has demonstrated his acting prowess in movies and TV shows like That’s So Raven and Fame.

He also made an appearance in the Malcolm in the Middle sitcom. He appeared in an episode of the TNT television drama Murder in the First in 2015 as “Fatty B.”

He played a significant part in the musical drama Fare. He rose to new heights of fame due to all of his television appearances.

  • His personal life


hopsin girlfriend
hopsin girlfriend

The rapper has amassed a sizable fan base and fortune, enabling him to maintain his opulent way of life. He had a child with Alycia Maddin, with whom he was engaged. The couple, however, had a rocky relationship and decided to split up.


Hopsin considers himself a traveler and enjoys seeing the most stunning cities on the planet. The rapper is a frequent traveler who loves to go places. Hopsin has been pictured unwinding on beaches in various nations, including South Africa, Thailand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and California. He rarely appears in public, but he still leads a whole life.


Hopsin is incredibly kind and giving, and he values reciprocity. He has made donations to several charities and nonprofit groups.

The rap artist has a soft spot for children and teenagers who are drug addicts. Additionally, Hopsin has assisted several kids with their school supplies and funded their education.

Likewise, he regularly attends fundraisers and auctions. The rap artist keeps his charity donations out of the public eye and avoids boasting about them.

  • Hopsin’s houses and cars


Hopsin, a rapper, and actor, has a whopping $4 million in wealth as of December 2022. Hopsin leads a somewhat understated life. He hardly ever shares any information about himself. Therefore, it is still being determined where the rapper currently resides. However, Hopsin said he would prefer to travel to Australia when he was set to retire from rapping in 2014.

Car collection

Hopsin cars
Hopsin cars

Hopsin enjoys driving and owns a few of the most expensive vehicles. Additionally, he recorded purchasing a Lamborghini and uploaded it to his over 1.4 million-subscriber YouTube channel. The rapper has also been seen driving a Lexus and a Bentley.


Hopsin has a whopping $4 million net worth as of December 2022. Hopsin is clever enough to direct his money flow in a way that it flows in his direction.

He has a profitable portfolio thanks to his wise stock investment decisions. He owns several production companies and record labels, including Funk Volume and Undercover Prodigy.

Undercover Prodigy is another clothing line owned by Hopsin. On the online clothing store, he offers for sale shirts, hoodies, hats, bennies, pants, skateboards, and other items.


The rapper has acquired numerous sponsorship agreements throughout his active career. Hopsin has given his endorsement to a variety of goods, including colognes and beverages.

Additionally, he has made some good money by endorsing a few shoe companies, such as Puma, Nike, and New Balance.

The rapper has been spotted wearing several different fashion labels on his Instagram. His numerous sponsored posts bring in a sizable sum of money.


That’s all about Hopsin’s net worth. To sum up, Hopsin is an American rapper who went by his stage name rather than his real name, Marcus Jamal Hopson. Even though music is his primary career, he made a name for himself as an actor and released five studio albums. You now understand why Hopsin is a name you should remember if you didn’t know more about him. There are certainly celebrities with greater and lesser net worths, but our choice for today was the successful rapper as well as the founder of Funk Volume. We advise you to play Ill Mind of Hopsin 5, so you can briefly enter his head.

Since he was young, Hopsin has been impacted by music. He even quit college to focus on his music career. The well-known rapper has composed a perfect collection of his songs and established a name for himself as a genius in the entertainment industry.

Throughout his career, Hopsin has encountered numerous difficulties. Whatever the situation, he always bounced back more powerfully and effectively than before.

Hopsin started in poverty but is now among the most well-known rappers. He hasn’t won any prizes for his acting or rapping, though. 

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