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American Underground rap artist and emcee Gillie Da Kid hails from Philadelphia. He gained notoriety for issuing the King of Philly mixtape sequence. In 2015, Gillie released his Welcome 2 Gilladelphia debut studio album. He additionally a co-founder & member of a hip hop group Major Figgas. This post will discuss Gillie The Kid net worth, career, relationship status, presence on social media, and much more.

American rapper, podcast host, and actor Gillie Da Kid have to have a $5 million fortune. The Philadelphia rap music group Major Figgas, which he co-founded and performed with, and the talk show “The Million Dollaz Worth of Game Show,” which he co-hosts with his cousin Wallo, make Gillie Da Kid most well-known. Many record labels, such as Roc-A-Fella as well as Warner Bros., courted Gillie when he was a young rap artist, but his relationships with both labels deteriorated. 

What is Gillie The Kid net worth
What is Gillie The Kid net worth

After eventually signing with Cash Money Records, in which he wrote songs for Lil Wayne as a ghostwriter, he ultimately left to found his own record company, Figgas 4 Life Entertainment. Later, he worked for Warner Bros. as well as Roc-A-Fella. The band’s sole album, “Figgas 4 Life,” was published in 2000 and featured the top-charting song “Yeah That’s Us.” Da Kid later started a solo career.

  • Early life

Nasir Fard, better known by his stage name Gillie da Kid, was born in 1984 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He attended Ben Franklin High School when he was a teenager and Cabrini College afterwards when, where he majored in business. Da Kid ran track as well as playing basketball in university.

  • Career

Music career

Da Kid, as well as his friends Ab Liva & Wallo, co-founded the rap music group Major Figgas in 1999. They gradually added more team members, among them Dutch, Ressy Rolx, Bump J, Spade-O, as well as Bianca. Before publishing their album “Figgas 4 Life” on their own, Major Figgas in Philadelphia issued several underground tapes. 

Music career
Music career

The song was enlarged and made available on the label in 2000 after the group signed a contract with RuffNation Records. Yea That’s Us, the album’s lead single peaked at number 2 on the Hot Rap Songs chart. In the end, Major Figgas split up in 2001.

Within a week of his time with Major Figgas, Da Kid decided to join Cash Money Records in New Orleans to further his career as a singing recording artist. But despite the fact that his writing was never accepted for publication, he is said to have kept writing as a speechwriter for the record company. 

The 2007 mixtape “The Best of the GDK Mixtapes” was posted by Da Kid after he later inked a deal with the independent record label Babygrande Records. The song “Get Down on the Ground,” which Soulja Boy frequently covered, became his next big hit. Da Kid went on to release the albums “King of Philly” as well as “I Am Philly” over the ensuing years. His albums “Welcome to Gilladelphia” as well as “Million Dollars Worth of Game” were later released after he parted ways with Babygrande Records as well as joined Relumae Records.

Throughout his recording working life, Da Kid has worked with and did contribute to the creations of numerous other artists. He was one of the many artists who contributed to the hip-hop mix tape “Off da Chain Volume 1” in 2000. 

Acting Career

Along with his musical career, Da Kid has also appeared in a number of television shows and films. Before making an appearance in “The Wrath of Cain,” he featured in the 2010 fictional suspense movie “King of the Avenue.” Inside the 2013 action-crime film “Force of Execution,” which also starred Steven Seagal, Danny Trejo, as well as Ving Rhames, da Kid played a character. Approximately four years later, he made a cameo appearance in “Blood Brotha.”

Gillie The Kid and Wallo
Gillie The Kid and Wallo

In 2017 and 2020, da Kid appeared in several episodes of the television show “Chase Street.” Throughout that time, he also appeared in the television movie “The Probe.”


The radio show “The Million Dollaz Worth of Game Show,” of the kind that Da Kid, as well as his cousin Wallo, started in 2019, features discussions about social media as well as reality TV. The podcast also features various visitors, comedy, as well as music.

  • Personal life

Gillie Da Kid is wed to Gene, aka Tudie, a makeup artist. On his podcast, the rap artist disclosed that he frequently refers to his wife by the name Toot. His wife Tudie made an appearance as one of the visitors. Their two sons go by the names YNG Cheese and Mac. In 2021, his two sons, who are both musicians, collaborated on the hip-hop soundtrack Macc N Cheese.

Gillie Da Kid and Tudie
Gillie Da Kid and Tudie

In 2014, Gillie and Soulja Boy got into an online argument over the fact that older rap artists were taking the limelight away from younger rap artists. Damon Feldman, a boxing promoter, then recommended that Gillie and Soulja settle their conflict in a ring. Although both rap artists had signed contracts, Soulja ultimately withdrew from the competition.

Da Kid has lately spoken out against those who circulated videos as well as footage of the October 31 shooting death of the rap artist Takeoff in Houston. Additionally, he posted an Instagram story describing the individuals as “clowns” who pull out their phones when a tragic event involving a Black celebrity occurs and record, upload, and post videos to social media.

  • Ten things about Gillie Da Kid you didn’t know

1. He is Philadelphia people

Gillie Da Kid is proud to add his name to the list of notable and creative individuals born in Philadelphia. He was delighted to represent Philadelphia because he was brought up there. We believe he still resides in the region.

2. He’s done a little acting

Gillie Da Kid is mainly remembered for his rapping, but he has also made other contributions to the entertainment business. 2010 saw him make his acting debut in the film Caged Animal. He has appeared in a few different on-screen roles over the years. He will likely continue to build his acting resume in the upcoming years.

3. He was shot

Gillie Da Kid had a difficult childhood, and the region he is from is known for its hardships. Gillie suffered three gunshot wounds in the warmer months of 2006. He was struck in the stomach, foot, as well as wrist. The attack has been “suspected to be an effort on his life,” according to an essay from XXL.

4. He was almost punched Beanie Siegel

Because hip-hop is a competitive genre, it can be challenging for artists to get along. Gillie, as well as fellow Philadelphia rap artist Beanie Siegel, got into a fight a few years ago. It ultimately reached the point where a battle among them was almost inevitable. We went through certain s**t,” Gillie said when telling the story to Revolt TV. 

On the phone, we were conversing while Power 99 was playing. Everyone saw that s**t. We crossed paths on South Street, as well as Beans tried to sneak me away. But he’ll tell you that I slipped a sure shit like Floyd Mayweather. Although slow, the punch was tough.

5. He backed the “All Lives Matter” movement

Several factors made 2020 a very intense year, as well as racial tensions in the US, reached a breaking point. Many of Gillie’s admirers questioned his silence regarding the Black Lives Matter Movement as well as his lack of public support. Finally, speaking on the subject, Gillie stated that he opposes the motion and that All Lives Matter should be used instead. Most of his fans were upset, and they started requesting his cancellation.

6. He had beef with Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne and Gillie Da Kid once had a close working relationship. But if you were a rap fan in the early 2000s, you probably recall when the two had a heated argument. Wayne, as well as Gillie started making fun of one another in songs after Gillie claimed to be a speechwriter for Wayne. Wayne refuted the assertion, but Gillie is unwavering.

7. He enjoys boxing

Gillie places a high value on maintaining his physical fitness, and boxing is among his favorite forms of exercise. He frequently uploads videos of himself practicing in the ring, as well as his fans appear to enjoy the material. But it appears that he still requires to box in a contest.

8. He isn’t afraid of a test

Over the years, Gillie Da Kid has experienced plenty of ups and downs. But he never lets any of it keep him down for too long, no matter what type of challenges come his way. The reality that he doesn’t back down from a challenge is one factor in this. He is the kind of person who likes to challenge himself.

9. He enjoys contributing to the community

Gillie is a very proud native of Philadelphia, as was already mentioned. He wants to use his platform to assist those in need presently that he has established a name for himself. He wishes to inspire others with his work.

10. He would rather not talk about his personal affairs on the program

Gillie has worked in the music business for a long time, but he’s never been the person who enjoys having his personal life on display. There is only a little public knowledge about him that is personally identifiable. We do, even so, know that Regina, a woman with whom he is seriously involved, is his girlfriend. 


This is all about Gillie The Kid net worth. You can better understand this famous person with all these facts. Read more other rapper’s net worth:

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