Est Gee Net Worth: How wealthy is he?

American rapper George Albert Stone III, who goes by the stage name EST Gee, hails from the country. His newest album, “I Still Don’t Feel Nun,” was released, and it helped him gain popularity in the music business.

Gee is also famous for participating in Lil Baby’s #1 single, “Real as It Gets,” which features Gee. EST Gee’s net worth is anticipated to reach nearer to $1 million by 2022. Below is some information about Est Gee Net Worth.

  • What is EST Gee net worth?

EST Gee is thought to be worth $4.51 million in total. EST Gee’s net worth is unidentified, but our website generalizes $4.51 million relying on YouTube data.

what is est gee net worth
what is est gee net worth

Even so, we always use one source of income in our estimate. EST Gee may have a greater net worth than $4.51 million. With these additional sources of income, EST Gee might be worth more like $6.32 million.

  • How much does EST Gee earn a year?

It is estimated that EST Gee earns $1.13 million per year. Every day, there are about 626.73 thousand viewpoints on the EST Gee Youtube page.

A channel that uses ad campaigns as a form of revenue earns profit for each and every 1,000 video views. They might earn $3 to $7 for each and every thousand views of a clip on a YouTube monetization channel. These estimations allow us to figure out that EST Gee’s annual salary is $1.13 million, or $75.21 thousand for every month.

how much does est gee earn a year
how much does est gee earn a year

Our prediction, though, might be off. If EST Gee makes more money than average, the ad revenue could be near to $2.03 million annually.

However, YouTubers rarely depend on just one revenue stream. Successful YouTubers also have funding, and by trying to promote their goods, they could boost profits. They could also go to speaking engagements.

  • EST Gee career

Gee’s experience of life after being found guilty and receiving a sentence motivated him to become a rapper. When he was placed under house arrest, he spent his time observing the rapper Lil Baby undertook on TV. He decided to pursue a rapping career right away, deciding to emulate Lil Baby’s example.

Because of this, he began going by the name “Big Gee.” Later, he changed his surname to EST Gee, which initially stood for “Everyone Shines Together” as well as an acronym. His first song, “Stains,” was posted to YouTube on December 17 of that year.

est gee career
est gee career

After releasing his first single, Gee continued to record a few more songs under his name. He attracted a following in the region thanks to his mesmerizing performances. In June 2019, he dropped his debut mixtape, “El Toro,” and a couple of months later, “Die Bloody.” He did this in reply to the achievement of his earlier endeavors.

Gee, as well as the record labels Collective Music Group (CMG) & Interscope Records, came to terms on a recording deal. Later, he became even more well-known after attempting to appear in the melody “Real as It Gets” by rap star Lil Baby. It was the first time he had a song on the Billboard Hot 100, as well as the song peaked at number 34.

In 2021, he published “Bigger Than Life or Death.” The mixtape received a positive reception from the audience, which helped it climb the Billboard 200 chart to number seven, where it currently stands.

Additionally, Gee has begun posting updated versions of his music to his name-brand YouTube channel. On January 29, 2022, he made available to the public “Who Hotter Than Gee,” the clip for his most latest single. And over 1.4 million people have viewed music videos as of this writing. Among his other well-known creations are the videos for “Jumpout Gang,” “Bloody Man,” “Mistery Loves Company,” ….

  • Early Life

On May 11th, 1994, he was born in Louisville, which belongs to Kentucky. He was brought up by his parents, George Stone as well as Sheila Stone, inside the Clarksdale Projects. After a bit of time, he as well as his family moved into a new house on Ellington Avenue as well as Tubman Court.

He experienced a loss in March 2020 when his mother died from leukemia. Besides, his brother who also passed away in a firefight in Louisville. 

A football scholar to Indiana State University was subsequently won by him. There he began to perform.

early life est gee
early life est gee

Before actually trying to transfer to Stephen F. Austin University, he started his studies at Indiana State University and finished there for two years. He decided to leave college in 2016, but as a result, he could not finish his studies. Gee was alleged to have served four months in jail for his role in distributing illegal drugs.

  • Personal life

Regarding his romantic relationships, EST Gee hasn’t given enough details. He is, even so, a parent to two children, according to sources. However, no information is known about the mom of his two children.

personal life est gee
personal life est gee

While trying to film a video clip in September 2019, he has been shot 5 times, once in his left eye as well as four times inside the stomach. Gee’s brother, who was present during the shooting, was also wounded in the leg. After two weeks in the hospital, Gee was released with most of his eye’s vision still intact.

  • 4 unknown facts about the rapper

EST Gee was a footballer in the past

Gee used to be a three-sport athlete who participated in track, basketball, as well as football. But football was where he shone.

He was a standout linebacker through high school, and thanks to his outstanding performance, he was able to attend college on scholarships. He became the first member of his family to graduate from college.

The rapper claimed that making it to college sports was the only thing that mattered in Louisville, and he worked hard to succeed for his people, especially since he was don’t ever bad at everything. He never became a football player, which is either fortunate or unfortunate.

Charges of drug trafficking caused George to lose his scholarship for college football

The American rapper attended Indiana State University on just a football scholarship after finishing high school in 2012 and majored in communications. According to sources, he attended the university for two years before transferring to Sac City College. Later, the performer relocated to Stephen F. Austin University from Sac City, where he ultimately dropped out in 2016 after being apprehended by law enforcement with 12 pounds of marijuana as well as thousands of dollars cash.

His scholarship was ultimately canceled as a result, and his chances of graduating from college were likely also lost. Gee was initially facing a potential 10-year sentence, but with the help of his attorney, the charge was dropped to a class D crime, and a plea deal of 5-year probation was approved.

The rapper began making music while under arrest for drug trafficking and set up a studio in his restroom

For some people, being placed in solitary confinement can be a trying time, but for Gee, it was a time of self-discovery. Gee is believed to have begun recording and writing his songs within the confines of house arrest. The rapper was aware that his chance to play in the NFL was gone, and since he was also expecting a son, he had to find another job to provide for his family.

Gee was motivated to write songs about his life after seeing Lil Baby perform on television. Baby realized that, unless he tried, he might be able to make it in the entertainment business because he shared Gee’s upbringing.

On 17th of December 2019, he uploaded his debut song, Stains, to YouTube. He then used the next singles to expand his local fan base. His 1st and 2nd mixtapes, El Toro as well as Die Bloody, were published in both June and August of 2019.

Everybody Shines Together is his nickname

As shortly as the rapper made the choice to embark on a career in amusement, he chose the moniker Big “Gee” for himself. Later, he changed to EST, which stands for “Everyone Shines Together.” 2017 saw the release of EST’s debut track Big Gee, Stains. Despite his long history of success, his EST team has encountered several legal problems.

At least ten EST crew members have already been detained, including Gee’s supervisor Eric Mosley. The FBI searched Moseley’s hotel accommodation in September 2021 as well as discovered a kilo of cocaine, two firearms, as well as $100,000 in cash.

Similarly, the FBI claims to have apprehended nine EST affiliates as part of the “project safe Neighborhoods” inquiry, along with guns, drugs, a stolen car, and much more than $100,000 in cash. Police claim that EST is a criminal organization that transports heroin, fentanyl, and other drugs via Louisville in addition to being a music collective.

EST has been charged with a number of murders, including the death of a 3 years old girl.


That’s some information about EST Gee net worth. After his 3rd mixtape, Ion Feel Nun was released in 2020, he gained more notoriety. In the brief duration, he has been in corporate, he has found success, putting songs and records on multiple music charts.

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