Common net worth in 2023

What number is Common net worth? He is an American rap artist who has collaborated with some of the greatest rappers in the music business. He is also a musician, actor, and businessman. Along with his work in music, he has starred in numerous blockbuster movies across many different movie genres with some of Hollywood’s top A-list actors.

What is Common Net Worth
What is Common Net Worth

The musician, as well as actor from the United States, Common, is worth $45 million. “Like Water for Chocolate,” Common’s debut major-label studio album, was a huge commercial and critical success that established his international notoriety. A great career that includes activism, acting and endorsements has since been carved out for Common.

  • What does Common do with his cash?

Despite living in Beverly Hills, California, where some of the world’s most expensive homes are situated, Common is reputed to be secretive about how he spends his money.

He reportedly owns several SUVs, a Lincoln Navigator, a Range Rover, as well as a Cadillac Escalade in addition to these other vehicles.

Additionally, he allegedly spent more than $450,000 on a Rolls Royce Phantom, one of the priciest vehicles in the world.

  • Common’s early life

On March 13, 1972, Lonnie Rashid Lynn grew up in Chicago, Illinois. Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr. is his legal name. His mother, Mahalia Ann Hines, was a teacher, & Common’s father, Lonnie Lynn Sr., was an ABA basketball player who later transitioned into a youth counselor. He has two younger sisters, Renee Lynn and Patricia Lynn, as well as an older brother named Lonnie Lynn III.

Common early life
Common early life

Common was raised in the Calumet Heights area of Chicago’s South Side. At Florida A&M University, he sought a business administration degree. He attended the school for two years, which gave him a solid foundation in business principles. This helped him prepare for his upcoming career in the music industry.

  • Career

Beginning in 1991, Lynn began wrapping under the name Common Sense. In 1992 saw the release of his debut single “Take It EZ” as well as the album “Can I Borrow a Dollar?”. His sophomore album, “Resurrection,” released in 1994, marked the start of his business potential and critical acclaim. Rap artists Westside Connection and Common fought over his song “I Used to Love H.E.R.” in the middle of the 1990s. Westside Connection reacted to Common with their song “Westside Slaughter.”

Common Career
Common Career

The third album Common published, “One Day It’ll All Make Sense,” in 1997 led to a recording deal with MCA Records. His fourth album, “Like Water for Chocolate,” earned him his first gold certification, while one of the singles from it was nominated for a Grammy. The College Dropout, Kanye West’s new album, featured Common in early 2004. The majority of Kanye West’s successive album, “Be,” which went gold as well as received four Grammy nominations in 2005, was produced by him. The seventh studio album by Common, titled Trying to Find Forever, was released in July 2007. It was up for Best Rap Album at the Grammys, but Kanye West’s “Graduation” won.

Between 1992 as well as 2017, Common put out 11 solo albums, winning two BET Awards, two Grammys as well as eleven Grammy nominations.

Acting and other work

The majority of Kanye West’s successive album, “Be,” which went gold as well as received four Grammy nominations in 2005, was produced by him. The seventh studio album by Common, titled Trying to Find Forever, was released in July 2007.

Acting and other work
Acting and other work

In the crime drama “Smokin’ Aces” from 2007, Common decided to make his big-screen debut along with Ryan Reynolds, Jeremy Piven, as well as Alicia Keys. 

In 2008, Common co-starred with Morgan Freeman & Angelina Jolie in the movie version of the comic book “Wanted.” In 2009, Common also starred in the films “Just Right” as well as “Terminator Salvation.” He made an appearance in “Justice League: Mortal” in 2009, as well as the comedy “Date Night” featured him as a crooked cop the following year. He played a key role in AMC’s “Hell on Wheels.”

Common co-wrote the Oscar-winning song “Glory” for the movie Selma in 2014, as well as co-starred as James Bevel, a leader of the civil rights movement in the 1960s. In 2018, Common won praise from critics for his moving performance in “All About Nina.”

In October 2015, Common agreed to a two-year deal with HBO, which allowed him to launch his own production company, Freedom Road Productions. He collaborated with Amazon Studios and American Girl as an executive producer on the movie “An American Girl Story” in 2016.

Other ventures

In addition to promoting goods for Microsoft, Diesel, BlackBerry, as well as NBA 2K8, he served as a model for Gap in 2006. 2011 saw the publication of his autobiography, “One Day It’ll All Make Sense.” He published his third autobiography, “Let Love Have the Last Word,” in May 2019.

  • Activism

Common is a proponent of PETA as well as animal rights. He elevated vegetarianism in the documentary “Holistic Wellness” as well as appeared in the PETA print advertisement “Think Before You Eat.” The “Knowing is Beautiful” campaign, which promotes HIV and AIDS awareness, counts Common as an active participant. 

Common Activism
Common Activism

In 2007, he promised to stop writing anti-gay lyrics for his songs. To enable disadvantaged youth to make a difference and develop into capable leaders on a global scale, Common established the Common Ground Foundation, a non-profit organization. The foundation offers book clubs, educational advancement, creative expression, and leadership development programs.

In 2017, Common performed at many California state prisons, and the tour inspired him to find Imagine Justice. This non-profit organization promotes civic engagement, mental health, as well as wellness to empower communities & fight injustices. In reply to the COVID-19 pandemic, Common started a campaign on social media called #WeMatterToo through Imagine Justice in May 2020. The campaign’s main objective was to draw attention to the danger the pandemic presents for people who are incarcerated, both men and women.

  • White House controversy

He was the subject of a White House controversy in 2011 following Michelle Obama’s invitation for him to participate in and perform at a poetry reading. Due to a song Common started writing about a man who had been found guilty of killing a local state trooper, the New Jersey State Police opposed his invitation to perform. Just at the time, President Obama’s opposition to some of Common’s work was noted in a statement by the White House press secretary, Jay Carney.

  • Personal life

Among the most successful female tennis players in the world, Serena Williams has been romantically involved with Common. It was made official that he was dating actress as well as comedian Tiffany Haddish through August 2020.

  • 3 incredible lessons from Common

Now that you are fully aware of Common’s net worth let’s look at some of the most important lessons as well as takeaways from his life and work.

Rapper Common
Rapper Common

His accomplishments in the music and film industries can impart valuable lessons on success and support us in our artistic endeavors. The following are some of the most effective success lessons from Common:

  1. Improving your mental health involves bettering your whole self, not just your mind

Common firmly believes in the value of a holistic health approach that integrates mental and physical well-being.

This entails creating a wellness routine that combines physical exercise with mental and emotional growth.

  1. Among the most impactful things anyone can do is to tell their story

People look for inspiring stories wherever they may find them when they’re looking for answers about their life as well as their purpose.

Everyone has a unique life journey and a story to share that can enrich someone else’s experience, according to Common.

  1. Struggle leads to progress

Whether it’s mastering a musical instrument or becoming an actor in a Hollywood film, all progress involves some struggle.

Common has frequently urged others to improve themselves in any way possible because he believes education is essential to success.


With a $45 million estate, Common is a very wealthy man, but this isn’t the only area in which his wealth is abundant. His genuine concern for those around him makes him a kind and gentle man. He is highly talented in acting, modeling, writing, and rapping. This has made him wealthy, but money is not a concern to him. He has the insight to recognize the suffering of those around him, as well as he responds with kindness to help those in need and truly improve their lives. He does this by contributing to special aid programs and acting and volunteering his time and efforts.

His success as a rap artist was the foundation for his enormous wealth, which then appeared to spread into various fields. He acts as a powerful role model, inspiration, as well as motivator for those who are him. While some gifted professionals struggle to establish themselves in a single industry, Common has excelled in several fields. Without a doubt, he has spent a lot of time and time into getting to where he is today. He has merited his position, in our opinion. He is one of the few famous people who make becoming wealthy seem too simple.

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