Chinara Butler net worth – How much money does the late-rapper Pimp C’s wife have?

Chinara Butler is wife of rapper Pimp C. She and his son have a property dispute after the rapper’s death. So, what is Chinara Butler net worth?

American author, executive producer, as well as CEO of UGQ Chinara Butler. The late Pimp C was her husband. Pimp C, a rapper, was born in the US on December 29, 1973. He was a rapper, singer, and producer who was brought up Chad Lamont Butler in the United States. He is most well-known for his work only with Underground Kingz, of which he was a founder member. Astrologers claim that Pimp C’s zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Chinara has served as the CEO of UGQ, a retailer of books, cosmetics, and other goods, since 2005. She served as executive producer on several Pimp C’s projects, such as “The Naked Soul of Sweet James,” published on October 5, 2010, by Rap-A-Lot Records.

Chinara Butler
Chinara Butler

Chad Butler married Chinara while he was incarcerated for eight years for violating his probation. Chinara spoke of the encounter as follows:

“I was 23 or 24 before having my daughter Christian. So, getting married and swearing an oath to God seemed really scary. I do think I pretended not to hear him and continued speaking. That was simple. I also needed to marinate. Then Christian entered our lives, and his arrest was just like, yeah. I’m going to stick by him and offer any assistance I can. We eventually made the choice to wed.

Chinara mentioned how safe and at ease she felt around Chad. She gave an account of a time when he saved her life.

“I passed out while taking a shower as he was about to depart to go on the album tour. I awoke. I got dressed before falling asleep once more. On a stretcher, I was. When I awoke once more, I was in a hospital. I had an ectopic pregnancy, as I already mentioned. I had only been alive.”

Chinara had a son named Dahcory as well as a daughter named Christian with Pimp C.

  • Chinara Butler net worth – The late rapper Pimp C’s son filed a petition to have his stepmother Chinara Butler removed as the executor of Pimp C’s estate

The late rap artist Pimp C’s son, Chad Butler Jr., is battling for regulation of his father’s estate. A report claims that after learning of the widow’s alleged financial mismanagement, Butler Jr. filed a petition to have his stepmom Chinara Butler removed as supervisor of Pimp C’s estate. Butler Jr.’s request was approved by Judge Gerald Eddins at a proceeding on October 26.

In 2007, Pimp C was discovered dead from a heroin overdose in a hotel suite. Chinara Butler, the mom of his younger son, was named as the executor of Pimp C’s estate because he left behind three children but still no will. Based on the report, Pimp C’s home and cars have been seized, and Chad Butler Jr. notified the judge that he hadn’t received any financial assistance from the estate. Josh Heinz, Butler Jr.’s attorney, also made a claim.

Chinara Butler and Pimp C
Chinara Butler and Pimp C

Before being reinstated as administrator afterward, Chinara Butler was initially rejected from the property in 2010, mainly due to her “misapplication” of $150,000 worth of jewelry. Butler’s representative declared to Bossip, “Mrs. Butler is excellent with the judge’s decision. She has been the sole bearer of all obligations as well as responsibility for the estate’s company for far too long.

Pimp C’s estate outsold the rapper’s son by releasing his third post-mortem album, Long Live The Pimp, on December 4, 2015, the eighth anniversary of his passing. Among many characteristics on the album, Lil Wayne, Ty Dolla $ign, as well as Bun B are just a few. Juicy J played a significant role in the project’s production.

  • Chinara Butler was fired as the executor of the estate

Rapper Pimp C’s son voiced concerns about how his father’s finances have been handled since his death, and a Texas judge eliminated the rapper’s widow from her position as the supervisor of his estate.

The oldest son of the rapper, Chad Butler Jr., was represented by an attorney who informed the court that his father’s Port Arthur home was in foreclosure, that pricey jewelry had gone missing, and that numerous bills had not been paid, according to the Beaumont Enterprise.

In a court proceeding on Wednesday, Chad Butler’s lawyer Josh Heinz proffered financial records that showed Chinara Butler, Pimp C’s widow, had spent over $80,000 over the previous two years and $150,000 of the estate’s income between 2011 and 2013.

According to public documents, the property owes a former supervisor $5.1 million and is subject to a $7.2 million federal income tax lien.

Heinz asserted that no one has received any cash. “These kids have nothing, and yet she walks the red carpet in New York City and Los Angeles.”

Stepmother of Chad Butler Jr., Chinara Butler, claimed that she never stopped Pimp C’s relatives from using his image to generate income.

Chinara Butler, the mom of Pimp C’s youngest child, declared, “I haven’t yet abandoned (Pimp C’s) kids. “I tried my best to retain Pimp C relevant as well as decided to invest my possess money into this estate.”

Pimp C, real name Chad Butler, was a founding member of the groundbreaking rap group Underground Kingz. He passed away in December 2007 after accidentally overdosing on drugs.

Father of three, age 33, passed away without having left a will.

chinara butler pimp c
chinara butler pimp c

When Chinara Butler began promoting “Long Live the Pimp,” one among 3 posthumous albums created since his father’s passing, Chad Butler Jr. claims he became growingly irritated.

Chinara Butler alleged that the three albums offered her little to nothing.

Ability to manage the estate was difficult, according to Chinara Butler’s manager Cherrell Rene. They claimed her client did not object to the judge’s decision.

Chinara Butler had earlier been relieved of her duties as an administrator in 2010, following a judge’s finding that she had misapplied jewelry valued at $150,000 and could not account for only certain estate assets.

The widow of Pimp C expressed her relief at the judge’s decision to remove her from her role as the executrix of her late husband’s estate now since her stepson accused her of mismanaging it.

Just after UGK member’s oldest son, Chad Butler Jr., claimed that his stepmother was already “grossly negligent” in managing the estate, a Texas judge on Wednesday eliminated Chinara Butler from managing the UGK player’s affairs. Butler Jr. claimed she had misplaced money and jewelry worth $150,000 and had not given Pimp C’s possessions to his heirs, successfully disinheriting them. Afterward, the judge will name a new administrator for Pimp C’s estate this week.

Chinara Butler was fired as the executor of the estate
Chinara Butler was fired as the executor of the estate

Butler, who spent years managing the property by herself, said that the news was welcome since it allows her to devote herself entirely to upholding the recollection of her late husband, who passed away in 2007.

According to her representative, “Mrs. Butler is fine with the judge’s decision.” For far too long, she has been the sole bearer of all responsibility and obligation for the estate’s company.

According to a Butler spokeswoman, the widow presented the judge with evidence that she contributed funds to Pimp C’s estate to maintain his reputation and pay off accusations that, in her opinion, were untrue.

The estate was heavily in debt once Mrs. Butler assumed this position, as her attorney has demonstrated, the representative said. This corporate reorganization is exactly what the property needs and allows Mrs. Butler to concentrate solely on upholding her husband’s legacy.

Chad Jr., Butler’s estranged stepson, who refused to comment, recently released a new song, “Trust Nobody,” in which he expresses his thoughts on the family’s legal dispute.

He raps, “The very same ones out over here tryin’ to knock your grind, the same ones telling they keep hoping that you shine.” I can’t trust anyone because “same n****s that speak they’ll cut for ya are the same hoes trying to say f**k, Chad Butler.”

  • Pimp C’s estate is mired in debt

As one-half of the legendary rap group Underground Kingz, Chad “Pimp C” Butler earned millions of dollars, although he was not a financier.

According to court records from Jefferson County, Butler, a native of Port Arthur, passed away approximately nine years ago with much more debt than wealth.

A lawyer for Chinara Butler, Pimp C’s widow, said: “Everyone thinks there seem to be all of these huge amounts of money, but it doesn’t exist.”

Pimp C estate
Pimp C estate

The Butler estate owes the Internal Revenue Service, as well as a former manager, millions of dollars.

The Butler residence on Oakmont Drive in Port Arthur, estimated to be worth $309,000, was put up for foreclosure by a bank in May.

Records indicate that his estate owes more to the house than it is worth, as well as the revenue from music sales since his passing is merely a drop in the ocean.

Chinara Butler orchestrated the cancellation of a posthumous album the year before, but it had little impact on the debt.

Pimp C “didn’t choose to die near to broke,” Schexnaider claimed.

“The rainbow’s end does not lead to a pot of gold. Not even a rainbow is present. There isn’t much at all. There are more bills than anyone else, and this was done before (Pimp C) passed away.”


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