Big30 net worth, personal life, and career

His name has digits. However, not as much as his bank account. Currently working is among the best songwriters and singers of rap music. Big30 has a well-known track record of successful collaboration. He became outstanding for starting a hip-hop record company with a solid reputation. He is famous for being a success in 2 distinct genres. Big30 net worth, which is this topic today.

Big 30 would prefer to be referred to as the CEO as well as co-founder of “head” rather than as a songwriter and singer who has written a song for himself while also providing lyrics for other rap artists.

Are you aware that Big30 has 2 singles that are in the Top 100? The Billboard Big30 has been nominated for a Grammy.

big 30 net worth
big30 net worth

The wealthiest rapper in the world, “Big30,” has to have a $1 million fortune. A few sources online, such as Wikipedia, Forbes, and IMDB, also estimated like that.

Big 30 has just begun his career. Big30 was relatively new, and his music has a sizable shelf life. Big 30 is just starting in the music industry, but he will make a lot of money in many different ways. He has our best wishes. Big 30 owns a small piece of land in Alabama, but he currently resides in a Miami apartment. Watch this space for more celebrity news.

  • Biography

Big30 was born on 28, 1999. The Soul City of folk music (Tennessee) is where the rapper was born. Big30 never paid much attention to country music, but he’s always had such a soft spot for hip hop. Just so you realize, his real surname is not Big30. His name is Rodney Lamont Wright Junior. The specifics of his upbringing are unknown, but he claimed in an interview that he had a typical childhood similar to any other child his age. The particulars of his time in high school are currently unknown. Whatever difficulties he encountered growing up seem to be behind him now that he is an adult.

Big30 grew up in a moderately violent neighborhood, but music kept him alive as a youngster. You might be interested to know that Big 30 once resided in a neighborhood that would later produce a significant hip-hop superstar.

big 30 biography
big 30 biography

Despite having a very early start in hip-hop, Big30 didn’t perform professionally until 2021. In 2021, when he was 22 years old, he issued his first mixtape as an expert. Strangely, the pandemic kept everyone inside during the publication of Big30’s album, resulting in the ideal time to target the audience that mainly uses social media.

Early life

In 1999, in Tennessee, Rodney White became known as Big30. He hasn’t provided any basic details about his early years, parents, or academic background. Big30 has recently been captivating music lovers with his beautiful songs. Thus, he must have developed a passion for music early on.


In April 2020, Big30 released his debut single, “Murda Day.” The song also features Lil Migo, a rapper. He gained early fame and success thanks to the song. On April 3, 2020, the song’s actual trailer made its debut. Over 3.5 million people have watched the music video on YouTube so far.

“Just Wait Til October,” his next single, was published on 2020. Over 1.4 million people have watched the song’s music YouTube video.

In July 2020, he experienced the career high he had been anticipating. In his song “Allegations,” on which they collaborated, he included Phooh Shiesty as a featured artist. The listeners were completely enthralled by his song. Over 33 million people have viewed the song’s music YouTube video since this writing.

big 30 career
big 30 career

After the publication of several pop hits, Big30 kept producing hit songs. He issued the song “Opp Pac” on October 3, 2020. Over 5.6 million people have watched the song’s songs video on YouTube. On October 10, 2020, he released “First Day Out,” another number-one single. Over 8.2 million people have watched the song’s music video on YouTube.

Big30 decided to drop yet again another bomb only with publication of his brand-new melody, “Shots Out The Vette.” The centerpiece of his songs has always been his distinctive singing style. He once more worked with Pooh Shiesty and DeeMula to create the song “Neighborhood Heroes.” The song received over 15 million YouTube views and became a big success.

Perc Talk, his most recent song, was published in December 2020. And over 7.4 million people have watched the song’s music video on YouTube.

Height, Weight & Measurements

Big30 is currently 22 years old, stands 170 cm (5 feet 7 inches) tall, as well as weighs roughly 75 kg (165 pounds). His chest, arms, and waist measurements are unknown at this time. The very same shade of black can be found in both his eyes and hair.

  • Personal life & more relationship 

Regarding his personal life, Big30 has stayed quiet. Since there is no proof that he is currently dating anyone, it is assumed that he is single. On social networks, he has been going to gain a sizable fan base. As of this writing, he has 751K followers on his official Instagram account, ceobig30. On Instagram as well as Youtube, The Wrapper Big30 has a sizable following, but it doesn’t appear to be successful on Facebook & Twitter.

He was taken into custody on felony drug offenses by Brookside police officers through October 2020. The day he was arrested, Big30 was already traveling from Atlanta to Memphis. He was discovered to possess a stack of Glock 40 handguns, about $17,000 in cash, and synthetic drugs like codeine and promethazine.

big 30 personal life more relationship
big 30 personal life more relationship

Before being a well-known hip-hop artist, Big30 gained popularity on social media. Big30 does have some legal problems because he did grow up in a community that was very violent. Big 30 has served three separate prison terms in 3 different states.

His privacy preference outweighs his preference for money. We respect his privacy and refrain from disclosing any obscene details about his romantic life. It’s exciting that Big30, a well-known rap artist already, aspires to become a fashion designer. He has decided to enroll at Georgetown University for a course in fine arts.

According to rumors, Big30 is seeing his girlfriend, Aarena. On August 15, 2021, he made a statement regarding the birth of his daughter, Ryleigh Armani Wright. Big30 has not yet made enough disclosures about his romantic life.

In addition to being well-known for his songs, he also has made headlines for getting into fights and having legal issues. In June 2020, the rap artist Gucci Mane called him out for allegedly repeatedly posting him to his official Instagram page. Gucci didn’t find his posts amusing because they had only recently met. Big30, however, did not comment in response to Gucci’s assertion. After a bit, the issue was resolved when Big30 appeared on Gucci’s 2021 melody “Shit Crazy.”

  • Legal issues

He was detained for trying to fire in an apartment complex in January 2018 before he could launch his music career. The same year, he was persuaded to support himself in the recording booth by his childhood friend Pooh Shiesty. When Big30 first started rapping, Pooh Shiesty played a crucial role. They first connected when they were both about 13 years old.

big 30 legal issues
big 30 legal issues

Big30’s career was put in jeopardy within a few months of signing a deal with Bread Gang as well as N-less Entertainment after he was detained on drug-related charges in Alabama in October 2020. He was actually discovered to have 17,000 Glock 40 handguns, as well as packs of allegedly for sale marijuana, codeine, as well as promethazine.

Big30 is being detained pending a federal arrest warrant despite pending state and federal charges from Tennessee. He is facing additional federal charges in addition to the possession charge of first-degree marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and possessing a firearm by a felon.

The US Attorney’s office, as well as federal law enforcement agencies, are supporting Brookside Agents in this case. There isn’t any more available information for publication right now.

He is a skilled multitasker because, in addition to tackling this issue, he worked hard in the recording studio to create his first mixtape.

Wrap up

That’s all about Big30 net worth. Rap music has changed significantly over the past ten years, and a younger breed of rappers is aiming to keep the genre alive for another ten. One of them is Big30, on the fast track to stardom. Big30 will earn the respect of individuals in the industry. Even though he hasn’t found much mainstream success yet, he’s developed a devoted following. Although he hasn’t put out a lot of music, his raw and genuine style has shown that it can still draw listeners in. Big30 hopes his name will be mentioned alongside the legends one day as the expectation for his debut album grows.

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