Big Scarr Net Worth 2023 – How much dis late rapper set to perform?

Read the full article to learn about Big Scarr net worth, his early years, his professional life, and his family, among other details.

Big Scarr’s net worth was estimated as of 2022 was $1.2 million, per several reports. Scarr, who recently made his rap debut, has much more than 300 million Views on youtube, a recording contract with Gucci’s New 1017/Atlantic Records, a well-known name.

In 2021, he achieved one of his career great moments when he reached the top spot on Rolling Stone’s Breakthrough 25 Chart. He was eligible for the XXL 2022 Freshman Class during that year.

What is Big Scarr net worth
What is Big Scarr net worth

Key Glock’s 2023 Glockoma Tour, that also includes fellow Memphis rap star Scarr, was slated to begin in March of the following year. Rapper Future, Lil Wayne, and Travis Scott will all be present at Rolling Loud LA, in which the rapper was also supposed to perform.

  • Early life

Big Scarr, a stage name for Alexander Woods, was birthed in Memphis, Tennessee, on April 7, 2000. He became well-known after his debut mixtape, Big Grim Reaper, was published on April 16, 2021.

Big Scarr early life
Big Scarr early life

Once rapping, he mainly uses American English. Only with track “SoIcyBoyz,” that also features Pooh Shiesty as well as Fogiano, Big Scarr became well-known. He also authored the next two albums inside the sequence, “SoIcyBoyz 2” & “SoIcyBoyz 3.” The 3rd episode features Gucci Mane, while the two and three episodes both feature producer Tay Keith. Big Scarr’s first charting endeavor was made possible by his first Hit in 2021. In the update from 2023, his estimated net worth is $200,000.

  • Career

Big Scarr is rapidly becoming well-known in the rap world. Big Grim Reaper, the rising star’s debut original mix, was recently published to positive reviews. He has reached new heights thanks to his song “SoIcyBoyz 2,” as well as other sources peg his net worth in good health $1.2 million.

Pooh Shiesty, Foogiano, as well as producer Tay Keith, are a few significant features that contributed to the success of this single. Since then, he has published two additional parts of the series, “SoIcyBoyz2” as well as “SoIcyBoys3,” both of which include Gucci Mane. It will be fascinating to see what more Big Scarr can achieve in his career, given his promising future.

Big Scarr Career
Big Scarr Career

On April 16, 2021, the rapper as well as producer Big Scarr released his debut mixtape, titled Big Grim Reaper. His solo album managed to sell 22,000 copies in its first week as well as reached the number 25 just on Billboard 200.

Big Scarr had already been shot inside the hip just a few months before the album’s release. His injury problems were so severe that they necessitated the withdrawal of his appendix and the reconfiguration of his right leg.

Despite these obstacles, he could still advance and produce a remarkable body of country rap music that connected with listeners worldwide! Rapper buddy Baby K encouraged Scarr to make music as well as release it. He launched his first track, Make A Play, in 2019.

Among the tracks that helped Scarr launch his career and gain a devoted following was indeed the YouTube video that garnered 50,000 views within a week.

Within a week of joining Gucci’s record label in 2020, Scarr issued his first remix, Big Grim Reaper, in April 2021. On the project, Gucci, Pooh Shiesty, and Foogiano all made cameos.

A deluxe version of Scarr’s soundtrack, Big Grim Reaper: The Return, showcasing Offset and Queez Ruthless, was launched in February 2022. The rap artist conducted at the Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash through 2021 as well as the Parking Lot Concert series in Atlanta through October 2020.

  • Personal life

Big Scarr is single and has never been married. He does have a girlfriend, though we don’t know her name. It was assumed that he died while with his girlfriend. In his previous relationships, he has started dating more men than women over the past ten years. Due to their privacy, we could not find much information about his former relationships.

Personal life 1
Personal life 1

Africans make up Alexander’s ethnic heritage. He comes from a family of American Christians, though. He hasn’t revealed any information about his parents, but he did say in an interview that he gets along well with his dad. In actuality, he also views his dad as his closest buddy. He has several eight siblings, according to his siblings.

  • Big Scarr’s total income

Big Scarr has made an amazing transition from an undiscovered rap artist to a rising star. Since its debut in December 2019, his Youtube page has amassed over 463,000 subscriptions as well as 327 million views, showcasing his talent and capacity to electrify an audience.

The figures for his greatest songs on the console, such as “SoIcyBoyz 2,” “I Would Keep Goin,” as well as “SoIcyBoyz,” with 46 million, 24 million, as well as 24 million plays, in both, even more remarkable.

Big Scarr total income
Big Scarr total income

Comparable success has been seen with his task on Spotify, where his most popular song has received 35 million streams, likely to result in 1.3 million hearers. Big Scarr’s net worth was estimated by other sources to be $1.2 million, which undoubtedly contributes to his rise to notoriety.

  • Future plans of Big Scarr 

Big Scarr was prepared to launch the largest tour of his professional life, which is why it was aptly called the “Glockoma Tour 2023.”

Fans of the rising Memphis rapper as well as Gucci Mane’s writing partner would’ve been able to see him perform with Key Glock on the 31-date tour as they journeyed from city to city.

Big Scarr tragically passed away in April 2023, just a few showcases before the tour’s end. Big Scarr had performed at Rolling Loud a month prior to his passing alongside some of hip hop’s biggest stars, including Nicki Minaj as well as 21 Savage.

Future plans of Big Scarr
Future plans of Big Scarr

Even though he didn’t live to see the conclusion of his own significant tour, his incredible legacy will allow his love of music to continue.

  • Death

The music industry is in disbelief following the sudden death of Big Scarr, an accomplished American rapper, Alexander Woods. Even though he was still very young—22 years old—by the time his debut mixtape, “Big Grim Reaper,” was released on April 16th, he already had a significant impact on his industry.

He worked with very well rap artists including Offset, who made an appearance on his track “Fantasy,” Pooh Shiesty, Foogiano, Tay Keith, and others.

This only serves to demonstrate how Big Scarr was obviously going to become famous quickly after amassing 980K Instagram fans thanks to his latest song “SoIcyBoyz.”

Unfortunately, the cause of this tragedy is still unknown because fellow Memphis resident Gucci Mane’s heartfelt tribute post with the simple caption “This hurt I’m going to miss you @bigscarr” was the only source of verification of his passing.

  • Big Scarr had a difficult childhood

The Magnolia neighborhood of his hometown had put Big Scarr to the test. But it had no effect on him; he was successful. Before his passing, Woods lived life to the fullest, finding early success as well as a rapidly expanding fan base.

With his high-caliber and successful trap music, the Memphis star made waves all over the world. In addition, he respected his own uniqueness.

Woods stated, “I’m just myself; I’m a result of the environment I’m from. “My music reflects everything, from the times I was shot to being careless in my youth. I want to motivate young people to act morally.

Big Scarr had a difficult childhood
Big Scarr had a difficult childhood

He was fired in the hip when he was 20 years old. He was required to have his colon removed as well as his right leg realigned after the bullet hit his spine.

Similar to how Woods was thrown through his friend’s car’s window in a car accident at the age of 16 years old. The incident, according to him, is where his nickname “Big Scarr” came from.

Together with his pal Baby K, he began performing. Gucci Mane, a fellow rapper, took notice of his song Make A Play and later signed him to his record label.

Big Scarr radiated a rare kind of candor and openness that elevated the listener’s appreciation of his music. He frequently made mention of his mistakes and flaws in his writing. Rod Wave, Boosie Badazz, as well as Kodak Black were some of his musical influences.

  • Big Scarr’s height

Big Scarr stood 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighed about 66 kg. He was an extremely tall man. He was of a slim build. He used to have a black dreadlock hairstyle that made him look dashing. He used to regularly visit the gym to stay in shape and be healthy.

His eyes were black in color. He used to have a smooth face without any facial hair. Dolph was a huge tattoo fan, and he wore intricate carvings on his left arm, right shoulder, as well as inner right arm.

  • Big Scarr’s interesting facts

  • His early years were spent at his grandmother’s house.
  • He showed up with his new nickname after getting into an accident at the age of 16 years old. He mentions the scars he received as a result of this event.
  • Boosie Badazz as well as Kodak Black are his rap idols.
  • Scarr started rapping after being encouraged to try it by a close friend.
  • He was fired in the hip in 2020.
  • And over 1.26 million people subscribe to him each month as of this writing.
  • He took part in the event alongside a number of well-known rappers, including Nardo Wick.
  • He likes to wear jewelry.
  • He hasn’t put out an album in his a whole rap career.
  • On the right arm of the man is a tattoo.
  • Does Alexander smoke? Yes.
  • Does he favor drinking alcohol? Yes.
  • On Soundcloud, he is followed by more than 69k people.
  • His title track from the SolcyBoyz 2 video clip is the one with the most views on YouTube.
  • He joined Twitter in April 2020 and currently has 650+ tweets as well as 90k followers.

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