Big Pun Net Worth 2023 – How many assets did the rapper have?

Did you realize that after his debut single Capital Punishment debuted at No. 1 on the hip-hop/R&B charts, Big Pun was the first Latino rap artist to reach platinum status? Pun was a devoted Puerto Rican who rose to legendary status in his hometown. Why did he pass away, and how much was Big Pun net worth?

At the time of his passing, Big Pun, a Puerto Rican-American rapper and actor, had a $3 million net worth. One of the greatest MCs of all time, Big Pun, first appeared in the underground hip-hop scene of New York City in the 1990s.

What was Big Pun net worth
What was Big Pun net worth

In 1997, the Knobody cover version of his song “I’m Not a Player” with Joe, titled “Still Not a Player,” gave him his first mainstream hit. His debut solo album, “Capital Punishment,” released in 1998, went platinum. It was the very first solo Latino rap album to be certified Platinum. He had a heart attack in 2000 and passed away. Two months after his passing, his second album was released, and he achieved Platinum status. In 2001, a new album was made available.

  • Big Pun’s early life 

Christopher Lee Rios, known as Big Pun, was his name when he was born on November 10th, 1971. He is of Puerto Rican descent and was born in the Bronx borough of New York City. With one brother as well as two sisters, he grew up. At age five, he suffered a broken leg while playing in the park in 1976, and the city later paid him a sizable settlement. 

Rios was allowed to use this cash to marry his high school crush and buy a home, which was particularly lovely for Rios, given that he was homeless in the late 1980s.

Big Pun early life
Big Pun early life

Despite his early academic and athletic prowess, he eventually left home at age 15 because of his difficult family situation, as well as dropping out of high school.

He became interested in breakdancing as well as rapping. He struggled, though, because he occasionally had nowhere to call home. He rapidly grew a sizable fan base and became prominent in Puerto Rican society.

After some time, Big Pun and Liza, his childhood sweetheart from junior high school, had their first child. He reportedly ate more as a response to life’s stresses and put on weight due to the pressure of being a new father.

  • His career

Rios founded the underground group Full-A-Clips in the late 1980s when he started writing rap lyrics. He used the stage name Big Moon Dawg then, but in 1995 he switched to Big Pun. He met a friend, Puerto Rican rapper Fat Joe that same year, and Fat Joe invited Rios to make a guest appearance on his second album, “Jealous One’s Envy.”

Capital Punishment (1997–1998)

Around a specific time, Big Pun started recording his tracks for his new album, “Capital Punishment.” He began collaborating with the producer Knobody after the latter remixed Big Pun’s song “I’m Not a Player.” The resulting song, “Still Not a Player,” became Big Pun’s first mainstream hit as well as helped him gain more notoriety before his album was released. Published in 1998, “Capital Punishment” reached its highest point on the Billboard 200 at number 5. 

big pun career
big pun career

In 1997, Sean C, a producer with producer Knobody, used his new position as A&R at Loud Records to perform Knobody’s tracks on Big Pun. The rap artist recruited Knobody to remix “I’m Not a Player” after being suitably impressed. The remixed track, “Still Not a Player,” showcasing Joe, became Big Pun’s first significant mainstream hit and a significant breakthrough for Knobody. Following in 1998, the full-length debut Capital Punishment was the first solo Latino rapper’s platinum-certified album.

The Terror Squad collaboration album (1999–2000)

After the success of his album, Fat Joe’s crew of New York rap artists, the Terror Squad, recruited Big Pun to join them. Despite not doing well commercially, the group’s 1999 collaborative effort album “The Album” received favorable reviews from critics.

Big Pun joined the Terror Squad, a group of rap artists based in New York that Fat Joe founded. The majority of the group’s roster was provided by the now-defunct Full-A-Clips, who released their debut album, The Album, in 1999. The album was intended to lay the groundwork for removing all subsequent solo projects by other Terror Squad members.

  • Singles list

In 1997, he issued “I’m Not a Player,” his debut single. In the US charts, it reached its peak at position 57. He released “Still Not a Player,” an excellent single, the following year, in 1998. After that, he released other singles that were incredibly popular in the same year.

In 1998, he dropped a brand-new single titled “You Came Up.” Additionally, his songs “it’s So Hard” and “100%” were made public after he passed away in 2000. These two releases were huge successes. And these two songs propelled him to fame. His efforts and abilities were also acknowledged.

big pun Singles list
big pun Singles list

Later in 2001, after his passing, he dropped the gorgeous song “How We Roll.” Thus, his brilliant single “Lyrically Fit” was finally released after a long time had passed since his passing. In 2014, this wonderful song was released. Additionally, the general public has given this song a lot of positive feedback.

In the same year, Big Pun makes money in various ways, Wisin and Stitches work incredibly hard and make a lot of money.

In addition, he has the single “Off The Books” and the song “Watch Out.” Along with his outstanding performances, he has released his music videos. He works with other famous people to increase his wealth and popularity. Big Pun was featured in many music videos and included a lot of top-notch musicians. He is unable to show where his illness originated.

  • Personal life

In 1990, Big Pun wed Liza Rios, his high school crush. Star, Vanessa, and Christopher Jr. are their three children together. Big Pun’s weight constantly hampered the artist’s life. He was 300 pounds by age 21 and gained weight throughout his adolescence. 

Many of his family members and friends expressed concern about his weight and urged him to try to live healthier. After enrolling in a weight-loss program at Duke University, he lost 100 pounds, but he left the program early and ultimately put the weight back on.

  • Health problems and death

Rios has battled weight issues all of his adult life. At the age of 18, he weighed 180 pounds (82 kg), and at the age of 21, he did weigh 300 pounds (140 kg). In the early 1990s, his weight fluctuated between obese as well as morbidly obese. Rios joined a Duke University weight-loss program in 1999, where he lost 80 pounds (36 kg). However, Rios abruptly left the program and eventually put the weight back on. Rios, as well as his friends, would frequently argue about his weight, to the point where Rios would avoid eating in their presence.

fat joe big pun
fat joe big pun

Rios pulled out of a scheduled Saturday Night Live concert with Fat Joe as well as Jennifer Lopez on February 5, 2000, citing illness. Two days later, he had a heart attack and went into respiratory failure whilst also staying with his family inside a hotel in White Plains, New York. He was rushed to the hospital, where he passed away at age 28 after paramedics failed to revive him. When he passed away, his weight peaked at 698 pounds (317 kg). Liza, his wife, as well as their three children, Star, Vanessa, & Christopher Jr., survived Rios.

  • Posthumous works

Big Pun was producing his second album, “Yeeeah Baby,” at the time of his death. The album was finally completed after he passed away, and it was published in April 2000. Within three months of its publication, the album achieved gold status and peaked at number three on the Billboard charts. In April of 2001, a most excellent hits album was made available.

Big Pun’s most well-known songs could be found on this album, “Endangered Species,” along with some of his best verses that had been remixed. The album scored its highest point on the Billboard charts at number 7. He can also be heard on Fat Joe’s album “Duets: The Final Chapter,” which includes music by the recently deceased The Notorious B.I.G. The second album from Terror Squad, “True Story,” also features Big Pun.

Posthumous works
Posthumous works

The New York City Council postponed plans to rename a small section of Rogers Place in honor of Big Pun on May 2, 2001, because they disapproved of the lyrics, which “include profanity as well as references to drugs and violence dealing.”

A 2nd posthumous album of music by Big Pun was expected to be released by Sony Music Entertainment in 2006. The production company John “Jellybean” Benitez, who currently owns the publishing rights to a number of the song that was supposed to be included on the album, was the source of the disagreement that caused the release plans to be shelved.

While the rap artist was initially from the Bronx, a street intersection in the Bronx neighborhood of New York City was titled “Big Pun Plaza” in his honor in March 2021. His friends and relatives came to a ceremony that was held.


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