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Rapper Asian Doll, 26, is from Dallas, Texas, in the United States. She gained popularity in 2016 by releasing her song “Poppin.” Outtaspace (2016), as well as Project Princess, are among the songs in her discography (2017). You can find out everything about Asian Doll net worth right here.

Asian Doll has a $2 million net worth. However, a lot of estimates place Asian Doll’s net worth around $2,5 million. While a lot of websites claim Asain Doll net worth is $253.44k. Let us make it clear that no one else on the world wide web, apart from the individual in question, is aware of the facts before you draw any conclusions concerning Asian Doll’s net worth.

What is Asian Doll net worth
What is Asian Doll net worth

However, a lot of websites have reported that Asian Doll’s net worth is between $3 as well as $4 million. However, our database does not contain the precise amount of Asian Doll’s net worth.

However, if we consider her additional income, which includes handling PR, making guest appearances, and participating in those other digital events, Asian Doll’s net worth may exceed $3 million.

Rap artist Asian Doll’s primary source of income is music. Asian Doll is fortunate enough to earn millions of dollars from her music career; instead of giving in to her parents’ demands that she work a menial job to pay her bills, she chose to try her luck as a singer. Her conflict with her former best mates Cuban Doll as well as Bali Baby also caught the media’s eye.

  • How much money do Asian Dolls make per year?

Rapping brings in $161K a year for Asian Doll. You might be curious how Asian Doll makes $90K annually. Asian Doll’s projected annual income for 2020 was $19 million, while in 2019 was $30 million. In contrast, Asian Doll’s projected annual income for 2021 is $25 thousand.

How much money do Asian Dolls make per year
How much money do Asian Dolls make per year

After Asian Doll’s net worth, another of the most frequently asked as well as searched queries is how much money she makes each month and annually. Additionally, $6K and $161K are projected to be Asian Doll’s monthly and annual income, respectively.

  • Early life

In 1996, she was born in Texas. She was brought up in Park Row, a Dallas residential area in the initiatives, as the eldest of 4 kids. Her father frequently moved the family due to his incarceration, which served as an initial inspiration. Asian Doll was a difficult childhood growing up, claims In her 10th year of high school, she was ejected. She enrolled in a different high school, but she stopped attending after the 12th grade to concentrate on her working life as a rap artist.

Early life 9
Early life 9

One of Asian Doll’s music was recorded by her classmates. Shortly, her high school’s hallways were covered in it. She made the decision to drop out of high school following that because it had become so well-known. 

But because of a sizable social media following, she decided to focus solely on music. Asia Doll has come close to dying several times due to her fame. She earns a million dollars while performing what she loves most: producing music.

  • Career

The emergence of Barbie Doll Gang, her debut album, was published in 2015. Asia Doll was the brand’s 1st female artist, even though it only began operating in 2010. Asia Da Brat is now known professionally as Asian Doll. She believed that her name was too similar to others in the field. As an alternative, she went with the stage name Asian Da Brat, which really is allegedly an allusion to a Chicago rap star.

Music career

She started her singing career by releasing her newest album, Da Rise of Barbie Dol Gang Empire, through December 2015. After that, she issued “Drippin in Glo,” some other album, in 2016. She gained enormous popularity thanks to the album.

Music career 1
Music career 1

She published her musical EP, “Project Princess Vol. 1,” just at the end of 2016. She was approached by the well-known rap artist Lil Mister to work with him on several projects due to her rising popularity. After that, she collaborated on numerous albums as well as songs with Lil Mister. Outtaspace, her subsequent album, was published in 2017. In August of that year, she released Kill Bill, Vol. 1. She issued a mixtape called Doll SZN Reloaded in April 2020.

She dissed Compton rap artist The Game on May 30, 2022, about the name of his latest album, Drillmatic. She claimed the album’s name is strangely similar to the title of her upcoming album, Let’s Do a Drill LP, which she released on June 17. “Not the game going to drop on my day as well as his shit named drillmatric as well as my shit named let’s Do A Drill WTF,” Asian Doll decided to write in a tweet.

She faced criticism in the past for her music, which had a drill-inspired sound. Pioneer of Chicago drill Katie Got Bandz aimed her on Asian Doll, lauding herself the Queen of Drill. Later, the Chicago rap artist dropped Excuse Me Bitch as a diss track.

A group of New Yorkers started GoFund Me following a contentious online argument between two drill rap artists. The locals were trying to send her back to Texas, what other she did come from, after assisting her in leaving the Bikini Bottom Bronx Hopping by starting a GoFundMe. She decided to share a tweet a few days later with the words “moved back to Dallas it’s LITTTTTT.” in it.

Miss millionaire

Rather than turning controversy into professional life, Asian Doll never steered away from it. She commonly had public beefs with other rap artists, most noticeably her close classmate Cuban Doll and Bali Baby, which caused constant turmoil in addition to her continual flow of new music, according to Allmusic. 

Miss millionaire
Miss millionaire

Despite her high dropout rate, she was always aware of the importance of social media marketing and knew how to engage her audience. She received inspiration for many of her hits from her early years, and in addition to being a vast personal style, she is also very talented. She uses her social media accounts as an influencer to advertise products. Doll Gang, her clothing as well as accessory line, is also very successful.

Before making the historic decision to sign the Eskimo label, she was passed over by several labels. Even after suffering failure, she persisted in trying to succeed. Although some people find her brash antics excessive, these mistakes have helped define her professional life. Her 24-year-old million-dollar success is a result of her authenticity. She has never conformed to anyone’s idea of what or who she should be.

Instead, she follows her instincts. She took the risky step of quitting high school, and despite all the odds, her career has taken off. She’s had well-known romances as well as hit songs. Social media has acted as a catalyst for the majority of her career. The fact that Asian Doll is a skilled marketer is one of the main reasons she made her first million. She will reach her second million if she continues to act the same way.

  • Personal life

Public feuds

The track that Asian Doll believed to be hers was included on Stallion’s new album, Good news. She posted her outrage on social media for the majority of her career.

Personal life 2
Personal life 2

The production company Lil Ju Made Da Beat ultimately joined the argument. Da Beat allegedly stated in a since-deleted tweet, “I made that defeat for Megan. Megan forwarded her that beat in hopes of a remix. I don’t speak to Asian Doll, so I can’t send her beats.

Finally, Thee Stallion attempted to end the conflict but only enraged Asian Doll more. Rap artists began to join in more, and when it was all said and done, Asian Doll tweeted that it all started because of a remark she made about her appearance. This public conflict isn’t the only one. Asian Doll called out James Charles for demanding $150 for a makeup application. She kept the debate going for some time while getting a lot of media about it before adding a distinctive Asian Doll spin as well as ending it.

  • Tragedy strikes

Despite the heartbreaking but almost fatal years that followed, her career was still flourishing with the discharge of Doll SNZ in 2018. King Von, another rap artist, and Asia the Doll began dating the same year. 

Asian was very outspoken about her grief following his passing. She referred to him as her “first love” as well as “first real boyfriend” in the interview, as well as she firmly believed to be her “soulmate,” according to a Complex article. She received a tattoo of him after he passed away on her hand. A couple of months later, she released a song with varying degrees of success amidst public criticism. Many people believed she was attempting too hard to imitate King Von because the music was much more powerful than her previous songs.

In a car accident in 2021, she came very close to dying. According to, Asian Doll posted on her Instagram story, “I’m Hurt. No lie When the car rolled over, my brothers were bleeding from the head, and I had to crawl out first because everyone else was unconscious and bleeding. This very same car accident happened a few hours well before debut of her new line, Doll Gang.

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