Reveal: Archie Eversole net worth after the rapper death

Archie Eversole is a well-known rap artist from the Atlanta region who goes under our name. Archie has experienced great success since the discharge of his new album in 2002, trying to make him one of the most famous figures in the entertainment business. When a person is famous, questions about their relationships and wealth are automatically raised about them.

Archie Eversole adoring fans are no different from other fans in this regard; they are all guilty of looking up this kind of data about their favorite actor. The sum of money he has interests his fan. You must read this article if you’re curious about Archie Eversole net worth.

The Archie Eversole was a professional rap artist, singer, lyricist, and dancer, and at the moment of his passing, it was $3 million. Archie Eversole’s net worth is around $10 million in 2022. When Eversole was only a teenager, he started his career. The rapper’s best-known song is We Ready, a big hit from 2002.

What is Archie Eversole net worth
What is Archie Eversole net worth

Most of his wealth came from tours, concerts, album sales, as well as partnerships with well-known brands. The existing theme music for the Atlanta United football club, “United We Conquer,” was also written by Archie. Additionally, he was a part of Baby D’s 2002 song “ATL H*e,” which featured Pastor Troy and Lil Jon. Even though Eversole wasn’t making headlines for significant events, he still earned a lot of money for himself and his family.

  • Early life

Archie Eversole was brought up in Germany in 1984; he was 37 years old, as well as a German national at the time of his passing. Both his parents both served in the Army as well as the Navy, respectively. His siblings are both named Alexandre Kraus. He comes from a family of Christians.

He received a bachelor’s in university education from the School of Hard Blocks. He did graduate from his university studies as well as able to enroll in a leading university.

Early life 7
Early life 7

Rap artist Archie Eversole is the CEO of Evasocold Publishing and an established rap artist from Germany. The song “We Ready” made him the most well-known artist. His mom was a former Army officer, and his dad had been in the Navy. The rap artist died on April 13, 2022, shocking his family and followers.

  • Career

In the United States, Archie Eversole started as a hip-hop singer. Once Eversole was only 17 years old, his incredibly full album Ride Wit Me Dirty South Style has been published. Phat Boy Records as well as Break Bread Productions, 2 autonomous artists, issued the track in 2001. It was reissued by MCA Records in 2002, and as a result, it reached the rank of 83 on the Billboard 200. On the lone track “We Ready,” a check of the 1969 Steam music “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” could be heard.

Archie Eversole Career
Archie Eversole Career

The music was well-liked by sports fans notwithstanding the only peaking at amount 64 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. It was used in NFL advertisements, and it was played at Major League Soccer home matches for Atlanta United in moreover to the 2014 MLB Postseason once more for the Kansas City Royals. The track’s video clip was redone to feature Bubba Sparxxxx. Eversole’s battle song “United We Conquer,” that is dedicated to Atlanta United, was released in 2018. Eversole’s most latest song, “King,” was released in 2020.

  • Personal life

Archie Eversole has kept his private affairs private. He didn’t discuss his connection. But some reports claim that he is the father of five kids.

  • Archie Eversole death

On March 25, 2022, Eversole’s body was discovered murdered by shots at a petrol station in DeKalb County. In a picture, his brother is seen after supposedly being convicted of murder. Per the DeKalb County police commissioners in Georgia, Arthur Eversole, as well known as Archie Eversole, was shot on March 25 by his brother Alexander Kraus. As stated in the initial statement, the Atlanta-based artist passed away on April 13 at 37. However, the neighborhood newspaper asserted he died unexpectedly on April 3.

Archie Eversole death
Archie Eversole death

Following the incident, Eversole Kraus’ brother Alexander Kraus was detained as well as subsequently charged with aggravated assault. Eversole died, as well as his charges were raised to include murder. Jordan Hughley, Eversole’s nephew, confirmed the terrible news as well as praised his uncle as a wonderful and generous man. Eversole was a genuine gentleman with everyone’s best interests in mind.

After learning of Eversole’s passing, fans paid tribute to his legacy on Twitter. Following Eversole’s passing, a video of football players singing “We Ready” inside the locker room was posted to social media. Atlanta United fans shared images of Eversole having to interact with other soccer fans on social media even though they mourned his passing.

  • Social media links

Archie Eversole enjoys posting his videos and photos to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, as well as Twitter. On September 7, 2013, he started his own Youtube page, “Archie Eversole,” which currently has 1.86K subscribers. The channel has had almost 7 Billion views right now. He frequently updates his fans on his social media activities platforms. On Instagram, he has 1.4 million subscribers. He is popular and has a sizable online following.

  • 5 facts about Atlanta rapper

To his anthem “We Ready” from 2002, Archie Eversole was renowned for energizing crowds. He was tragically killed at age 37 after being discovered on March 25 with a shotgun wound at an Atlanta Chevron petrol station. He later passed away on April 3 in the hospital. According to Daily Mail, his brother, Alexander Kraus, 41, was detained at his house close to the petrol station on initial charges of assault that were later updated to murder. According to online charging documents, he is being held without a relationship at the Dekalb County jail.

Here are five interesting facts about Archie, who became well-known after his track from the early 2000s kept fans pumped and stadiums humming.

Archie Eversole Was A Rapper From Atlanta

Archie was genuinely born in Germany on July 26, 1984, while his army mom and dad were stationed there, despite his fame for having a bottomless Atlanta sound, style, and roots. He didn’t stay long, though, as the family soon relocated back to the United States as well as settled in College Park, an Atlanta neighborhood in which Archie was brought up. 

In 2002, he had a big hit with ‘We Ready’

Archie’s working life took off with the release of “We Ready,” which he co-wrote with Bubba Sparxx. He wrote the song at the age of 17 years old for his first full-length album, Ride Wit Me Dirty South Style. A 2001 impartial relaunch by Phat Boy Records, as well as Break Bread Productions, was followed by a 2002 publication by MCA Records when it hit its peak at #83 on the Billboard 200.

The song was well-liked in clubs and proved to be well-liked in the sports world as the perfect hype song for athletes and fans despite only reaching #64 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

The Song Expanded Beyond The Radio

The song was later used in advertising for the National Football League as its popularity increased, particularly for sports matches. Atlanta United of Major League Soccer also heard it when they played at home. Furthermore, the song became the official anthem of the 2014 MLB postseason Kansas City Royals.

In addition, the rap artist was selected in 2018 to write the song “United We Conquer” again for Major League Soccer team Atlanta United.

He Left a Few Suspicious Posts Before His Death

Before his passing, Archie posted on his social media accounts several times that were cryptic or mysterious, leaving fans to question what he was going through it or what, if something, the messages meant. Just a few days before the shooting, the rap artist posted a photo to Instagram with the caption, “U can f*** up the whole bond by telling lies to anyone U could’ve stated the truth too,” as well as the call me a hand, shrug, as well as grimace emojis.

Additionally, he shared a tweet from the comedic actor Lil Duval from February, which was close to the time of his passing. The post’s “#message” caption stated, “If you feel like your pals are supporting random people more than they are supporting you, then become a stranger.”

Many of His Fans Are Devastated by His Death

Despite the tragedy of his passing, many people have expressed their sympathies and best wishes while lovingly remembering his soul. In a statement released on Thursday, the Atlanta United team that collaborated with the rapper said they were “heartbroken” to learn of his passing. The group wrote on Twitter that Archie, “a mainstay in the Atlanta hip-hop picture, embraced Atlanta United before our first season as well as proceeded to be one our club’s greatest fervent supporters.” Furthermore, to his distinguished singing career, “We Ready” will forever be associated with Atlanta United matches in the minds of its supporters.

As former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III wrote on Twitter, “The man who tried to give us ‘We Ready,’ the best Game Day anthem already, has died suddenly at 37 years old,’ there were also a ton of tributes for the rap artist on social networks. Archie Eversole, please go in peace. He was sending prayers to his family and other loved ones.

Atlantan sports fans also expressed condolences by posting pictures of Archie, who frequently interacted with spectators while watching Atlanta United games. Archie Eversole, may you rest in peace. An unconditional man among the people” wrote one user.

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